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Your “Google Search” will introduce you to a bewildering series of pages with endless options. This is what you need to know before you start packing:

  • About 50% of the listings and firms are brokers which do not own or operate any private jets. —make sure you understand with who you are dealing!
  • Operators (FAA Part 135 Authorized Operators) will offer you direct quotes. Quotes will be based on the aircraft owned or managed by the Operator. This may limit your choices—but could lower your costs since you deal directly with the supplier of the Private Jets.
  • Hybrid Operators will offer you their own aircraft first—however they may outsource aircraft from other airports to save you money and time.  Vegas Express is a General Sales Agent for Aero Jet and also outsources aircraft to 50 plus alliance partners to save you costs.
  • Experienced frequent Private Jet flyers will benefit from some of the membership programs with guaranteed availability. This includes programs like “Wheels Up”. A great option for the person who is in a Private Jet at least 100 hours per year. To join this type of program expect hefty membership fees and hourly charter costs.
  • A Best Buy and Best Value for the person who is a casual Jet Flyer is the “One Demand Charter”. You only pay for the charter hours and have no ongoing expenses.

How much will it cost me?

Rates fluctuate, this means that operators are free to establish their own rates and deals. Some operators charge fees for fuel surcharges. All charters are subject to a 7.5% Federal Tax and a segment fee of $4- per person. Be prepared to pay for a minimum number of flight hours–most companies charge 2 hours.

  • The Turbo prop (twin turbo like the King Air) will accommodate from 4-8 passengers. This is a great option for travelers who depart from smaller airport. Rates range from $1200- to $1600- per hour. Aircraft in the group may be operated by a single Pilot—–(a second pilot will be available at an upcharge—highly recommended!
  • The Very Light Jet (The Phenom 100) is a better choice with a range of 1300 miles. The Cabin interior is designed by BMW. The cabin feels large and comfortable. Rates range from $1995- to $2200 per hour.
  • Light Jets Like the Lear 35 will have seating for up to 7 travelers. This is a fast jet with a very compact interior— rates start at $2,100.
  • Most business and leisure travelers prefer the Midsize Jets with ample cabin space. The Lear 60 is a fast and comfortable aircraft with up to 7 seats and WIFI. Super Midsize Jets like the Challenger 601-604 series accommodate up to 12 passengers. This is the preferred choice for group meetings, Las Vegas Strip Parties and Weddings. Rates range from $3500- to $4500- per hour.
  • The Gulfstream IV/ V/ 650 are the Long Haul Jets with a range up to 1400 hours. This aircraft group is well suited for trip to Europe, China and Korea. Rates for a 14 seat Jet start at $6500- per hour. The newest G650 will cost about $10,000 per hour.

Tips, Advise you need to consider:

Make certain that the quote you receive is fully transparent, you should be able to determine the costs for the charter hours, landing fees, fuel surcharges and handling fees. Pay via bank wire to save the upcharges of up to 4% for credit cards. Make certain to review your charter agreement and schedule.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, operators should have no difficulties show-casing your aircraft during the downtime period of your Charter Plane.

After you make your charter payment you will be receiving a “Trip Ticket- Flight Plan” with the airport information, names of your crew members and phone contacts. No need to arrive early—no TSA lines—this will be a great experience.

We are here to assist:

Asks us for quotes, or call us for a friendly chat at P.702-336-7345. For disclosure we represent Aero Jet Services and partner with over 50 operators. It’s our goal to help you secure the most efficient aircraft for your mission. If we are unable to provide you with a solution we will suggest your best options including commercial air.


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New Gulfstream 650, 14 seat Luxury Jets for travel from LAX to Shanghai- Nonstop 11 hours. Celebrating the Co-production of movies in the USA and China.



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