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Private Jets, How To Buy A Single Seat?

Private Jets, how to buy a single seat?

SINGLE SEATS ON PRIVATE PLANES- A plethora of options are here. You now have a wide range of options. More travelers like to upgrade to a private seat on-board a Luxury Jet. Brokers and Operators are eager to capture your business. However, they are struggling with uneven demand and high operational costs.

Upstart crashes litter the runways, firms simply do not have the financial resources to make it work without full flights. Commercial carriers use demand curves to forecast costs and revenues. Private Plane owners are unpredictable. Don’t make an investment before you read the fine print! Lawyers can be expensive.

Current rules and regulations established by the FAA- conflicts, and complications

THE FAA ESTABLISHED DIFFERENT RULES FOR SCHEDULED AIRLINES AND CHARTER OPERATORS: The FAA rules for Commercial Airlines provide the airlines with the ability to sell seats on scheduled flights.

The Charter rules (FAA PART 135) are designed for Jet Charters by a single party or entity. None of the current rules address the consolidation of individual travelers onboard Private Jets. Operators and brokers need to ensure that the flights they promote will be booked to capacity to cover the high costs of charters. Crowdsourcing deployed to book the first passengers on a jet flight. Due to lack of participation, this flight may be canceled—unless the firm subsidizes the flight with funds collected for memberships and flight fees.

Gulfstream Jet 14 seats

Some Jet Starts are making it work.

Other companies such as Surf Air, JetSmarter, JetSuiteX and Blade are succeeding in their efforts. Be prepared to invest in membership fees and recurring fees.

Proceed with caution

JET SUITE has converted a number of Commuter Jet (Embraer 135) with JETEX services in Northern California and from Burbank to Las Vegas. Rates range from under $100- to $1,000 plus for peak time flights.

View flights on the JetBlue website. SURFAIR is an excellent choice for road worriers. You will be able to secure special offers and membership discounts at


DEPART FROM PRIVATE AIRPORT LOUNGES, BIG TIME SAVINGS, AND A HASSLE FREE FLIGHT EXPERIENCE. No lines at airports arrive 15 minutes before departure–your flight crew members will be in the lounge to await your arrival. Time savings range from 4-6 hours per day–no need to connect at hub cities. Fly to over 4,000 airports–many are not served by commercial airlines.

Meet and Greet Services on the tarmac- Vegas Express Jet

Your options:

Before you plan your next Private Jet Charter take some time to research your options. If you proceed with a single seat option, please understand the up-front costs for Membership fees plus the charges for your flights.

For short flights under 1 hour, consider your commercial air options. F

Private Charter, Private Jet Charter, Private Jet Hire, Private Plane Rental or Lease options. Take advantage of a series of No Risk options to secure the information you need.

  • Jet Quotes- “Flexible quotes” with your plane and schedule,
  • Private Jet Charter estimates will be customized with our BOTS and pricing systems. The information you need to compare.
  • All your flight schedules are displayed in local times, this includes the mileage flown and hours flown
  • Your rate quotes will include special offers for “Open Legs” with savings from 30-60% plus a cash discount of 4%
  • Perks to provide you with better options at lower costs.

Express Jet options for Group Travel, Weddings, and Sports events

Our “Flexible Quote” form lets you select the schedule. Do include the number of passengers in the request form. Options include Commuter Jets with 30 seats or Boeing 737 with 58 business class seats. optionally you may select a B737 or Airbus 319 with up to 160 seats. We suggest you plan and book early!

Deploying the Latest Technologies/BOTS to provide you with the best-priced options. Serving the Las Vegas Resorts, Orlando Attractions and Disney. Private Departure Lounges at Atlantic, Signature and the Henderson Executive Airports. Airport P.702-336-7345

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