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Private Jets, Group- Incentive Travel

Private Jets, Group- Incentive Travel

GROUP- INCENTIVE TRAVEL: We take you and you associates to a different place–away from conference tables and places where PowerPoint takes your team members on an extended sleep period.

TEAM BUIDLING STARTS: With a private plane for 19,- 30 passengers. Take a scenic flight and arrive in the midst of hundreds of wineries. You will be landing  in Central California at the Paso Robles or Napa Airports.

MAKE IT A DAYTRIP:  A totally different experience will introduce your team to the fine art of wine making and tasting. The challenges of nature and long lasting effort for branding, distribution and relationships. Like your business, your team will be focused on solutions in a totally casual environment.

INTRODUCE SPECIAL AWARDS FOR TOP PERFORMANCE: Encourage your team to focus on a changing market environment with new technologies and higher levels of customer services which driver higher levels in market share.

FINISH YOUR EVENING: with a joint meeting on an outside terrace with custom crafted pizza and a short presentation. Know your customer and the expectations in the World of Amazon and a Healthy Lifestyle.

WE ARE HERE TO ASSIST: Expect highly competitive rates for your Private Jets (Charter Jets) and affordable dining options with great receptions at wineries. We take care of all your ground arrangements from the time you arrive at Private Airport Lounges. Use a casual messages to foster new ideas to grow and expand your business. Make it a fun–an out of the of the box day! We customize your journey—ask us for itineraries and options

SIZE MATTERS: Don’t oversize your group. This to ensure that each team member enjoys personal attention. We have the tools to guide you to an award winning day with cost efficient solutions.

WE HELP YOU SEARCH FOR A WIDE RANGE OF OPTIONS:  In addition to visits to wineries we offer race car driving,  jeep and desert tours. We are an unlimited resource for Incentive and group meetings with all types of aircraft to take you to any place in the World.

For support contact us at P (1) 702-336-7345 or ask us for a quote

Be smart charter a 30 seat jet with the lowest cost per seat of any jet type. Call Vegas Express Jet at 702-336-7345

Be smart charter a 30 seat jet with the lowest cost per seat of any jet type. Call Vegas Express Jet at 702-336-7345


Vegas Express Jet, P.702-336-7345 Atlantic, Signature, Henderson, Van Nuys, John Wayne, San Diego, Napa Airport, Paso Robles Airport, Scottsdale, Eberly Winery, Opolo Winery, Templeton.


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