Private Jets, Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing for Private Jet Could Double Your Costs

The Bottomline costs for Private Jet have been based on hourly charter-rental charges for the various types of aircraft. For instance Operators will show costs of $1,900 per hour for a very light Phenom 100 Jet, or $2,300 per hour for the Citation M2. Mid-Sized Jets would start at $3,500 per hour. “Explore how a rate quote for a Falcon 2000 increased trough Dynamic pricing from $4,900 to $8,000 per hour!Download information to ensure that you do not overpay for your Private Jet.

Dynamic Rates, have a direct impact on your Charter Costs

Dynamic rates, or yield management used by the commercial airlines will change the costs of your Jet Charter based on the overall consumer demand. It may be based on Peak Holidays such as July 4th—or a specific event which takes place at your destination such as Sports Events, Concerts. Since the Pandemic Charters have been in high demand. Expect this to continue since travelers need to save time and like to avoid long lines at Under-Staffed airports and gates. A shortage of pilot time also impacts the ability of operators to maximize aircraft utilization.

Falcon 2000 Jet- 10 Passenger Super-Mid-Size-Jet, Vegas Express Jet LLC

Dynamic cost impact, sample quote. Secret Sauce?

Sample quotes confirm that a rate for a Falcon 2000 is advertised by the operator as $4,900- per hour is modified to $8,000 per hour for a July 4th visit to the Vegas Strip. Other rates for Light Jets show increases from 30-50% for peak holidays. Operators use smart technologies to determine on which days upcharges apply- this information is the “SECRET SAUCE” used by operators, all date is managed by secret and intelligent software intelligence.

How Much is a Private Jet- the impact of Dynamic Systems- Steps you should take to control costs.

Since Dynamic information is proprietary and based on a number of circumstances not available, determining the actual prices for each charter will be a difficult task. You should consider a number of steps you can take to avoid substantial “Upcharges” with Charter prices.

  • For leisure travelers–with a flexible schedule–, request a charter quote for a range of days.
  • If possible avoid peak travel days such as weekends
  • Consider a Midweek departure and return, or make it a daytrip you avoid all deadheading costs.
  • Lower you costs by using a Very Light Jet, this includes the Citation M3 with a published hour rate staring at $2,300 per hour—extend the range of your jet by making a fuel stop. Over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles–or 2.3 hours.

Solutions are here, we can help, free support at our airport desk at Tel: 702-336-7345

Each quote you request will provide you with “MULTIPLE AIRCRAFT” and Pricing options. The advantage is your:

  1. Receive photos, of several aircraft allowing your to view floor/seating plans
  3. Compare aircraft side-by-side with flight-distance times
  4. Compare rates and charges side-by-side
  5. Your Charter Agreement, available at any time provides you with Guaranteed rates and schedule information. Valid for 24-72 hours
  6. You pay the operator “Direct” saving the middleman saves time and money. The FAA Part Charter Operator issues your flight ticket with the names and contacts of your crew members. All operators are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated–amongst the highest safety and quality ratings in the Private Jet Industry.
Resorts World on Las Vegas Strip–A new Hilton Property

Full disclosure of your Operator and Registration of your aircraft. Paying the Operator Direct is safe and secure!

Plus the security of paying for your Jet Charter with a credit card–or optionally pay the operator directly by Bank Wire Payment. Vegas Express Jet “Will not ask you for personal or Credit Card Information”. Our firm has served the Las Vegas Resort Corridor and VIP Casino Travelers for 17 plus years.

Protecting you;

Vegas Express Jet LC and Vegas Jet NV is a Private Jet Technology Portal.  Quotes are sourced on behalf of our clients from 50 Plus Alliance Partners.  All firms are FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators.  In partnership with Vegas Express Jet LLC.  Full disclosure of Aircraft and Operator data in accordance with DOT and FAA Regulations.

Vegas Express Jet LLC  is not an aircraft operator or a direct air carrier and is not in operational control of aircraft. Flights will be operated by a direct air carrier or direct foreign air carrier, as applicable, which will have operational control of the aircraft

DOT and FAA requirements are followed with details pertaining to the Aircraft Registration and full disclosure of the Aircraft operator. Please consult your Charter Agreement for full details….

Payments for Charter Rentals, are collected by the FAA Part 135 Authorized Operators—please pay by Credit card and consider a travel protection policy is available from our Concierge Team.

Ground Services provided by our in-house Concierge and Signature Agency. Benefit from Special Perks such as upgrades and bar and boutique credit.  Visit us for Hotel Reservations and Signature Upgrades. Please visit us at Royalty Travel NV

Vegas Express Jet offers an Extra Layer of Security in partnership with “Bedrock Special Projects”. Please visit “Bedrock Special Projects”. For free consultation call tel:702-996-7111

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