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Private Jets- Discounts

Private Jets- Discounts

Global Jet 14 seats, need a quote? Understated elegance from Vegas Express Jet

Flying Private on board your own plane or Charter Jet, you won’t be surrounded by scores of other passengers as you would be a typical commercial jet. In fact the number of travelers on a private jet is an average of 4.12.

You’l have the time to get your work done–or meet with your partners before you attend a critical business meeting. You will be departing from a Private Airport Lounge, no TSA no lines. Simply an instant departure when you and your guests arrive. The Captain and First Officer will be at the airport at least one half hour before your flight—just in case you arrive early.

Advantage yours with savings from 30-60%. Private Jet Discounts are yours

Fly a Private Jet in luxury and save from 30-60 when you take advantage of an open leg. Open legs are flights without paying passengers to meet and greet private jet flyers for a departure or return flight. Flights will be posted from 3 days to two weeks before departure. You select a flight and we help you negotiate the very best deal! Open legs are a great choice and option for travelers with a “Flexible Schedule”. Visit us for details or text us at (1) 702-336-7345.

Support is here:

  • Detailed quotes with your flight schedules, photos of the interior of your aircraft. Fully transparent prices which include all taxes and fees–plus a 4% discount.
  • Special perks include complimentary limousine services, upgrades at Resorts which include Wynn, Cosmopolitan, Aria and 4Seasons.
  • Custom crafted hotel packages for you and your family, day trips and weekends to Disney, Lego Land and wineries. Share your desire and our Air Concierges will provide you with a detailed proposal. Drop us a note and we will take your dreams to the places to enjoy a lifetime experience.
  • Need special assistance?–Bringing you furry friends on your flight–yes we can help. We make a Great Travel Journey- “Better”
  • Call our text us at P(1) 702-336-7345

__________________________________________________________________________________All Aircraft are operated by FAA Part Operators with the ARG/US Gold or Platinum ratings. Departure Lounges Atlantic, Signature, No. Las Vegas, Henderson Executive Airport. LAX, Van Nuys, Signature East-West. Our Admin Offices on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor. Airport Phone (1) 702-336-7345

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