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Private Jets–Day Trips

Private Jets–Day Trips

Luxury Travel with most preferred jets- Vegas Express Jet P.702-336-7345


Your private plane makes it work–enjoy a short vacation without the need for long road trips or lost time and commercial airports—experience the very best of a Day trip with your own private jet charter—-

The ultimate gift or excursion you selected for that very special person–or an extravaganza for yourself. A not so trivial reason to live and celebrate life. Some of our guests have taken friends and family on a surprise journey which started at the airport with a Champagne Toast.

None of our Jet Journeys are developed from a Cookie Cutter design–we custom design each day excursion or weekend. You start it all with a casual phone call and visit with one of our Concierge Team Members- P.(1) 725-696-4012.  No obligations or risks on your part.

OUR JOURNEY WITH OUR FURRY FRIENDS:  A day to Huntington Beach CA with a morning at the Dog Beach–unleased dogs enjoy the freedom of the waves and the ocean. Local citizens worked very hard to make it work. Make a donation at the booth and don’t forget to clean up after your pet . We trust that you will pick it up—– This is the beach to meet many dogs and people who love to walk run with their pets. We include the treats in your day package—-

We take care of your flight with a King Air Twin Turbo and a Pet Friendly Crew. From the Vegas Strip is takes about 45 minutes to Newport Beach. Leave in the early morning and return around 5 PM. We will have a rental car waiting for you and your family—-how much about $7,000- for the day for up to 8 travelers and your furry friend.  Walk the streets in Huntington Beach with lots of sidewalk restaurants which are dog friendly.  Let us know if we need to include a surf board—-

WINE LOVERS DAY OR WEEKEND TO NAPA OR THE CALIFORNIA CENTRAL COAST: A trip by car or with the train  will take from 7-9 hours. The King Air Twin Turbo will take you in an hour to Paso Robles—you arrive in the midst of 100 plus wineries. A limo bus will be waiting for you at the airport–driving and wine tastings limits your enjoyment of a great day. Explore the finest wineries with a wine picnic and pizza. Your driver will make certain that you enjoy the finest wines. 

Make it a day journey or weekend, our Air Concierge Team will provide you with a suggested itinerary which includes all the details. We make it budget friendly from $9,500- for 8 passengers.

NATIONAL PARKS- SPA VISIT CUSTOM CRAFTED FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY:  You simply share your wishes, schedule and places- Our Concierge Team will take it from here. Call P (1) 725-696-4012. no obligation or risks on your part.  Vegas Express Jet will provide you with a complete itinerary proposal.  Like it, enjoy!

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A TEAM OF JET EXPERTS AND AIR CONCIERGES: Our Jet Portal provides you with unmatched support for your next journey, in the air and on the ground. Please explore your options:

  • A Jet Portal with the services and aircraft of 50 plus alliance partners
  • Wide selection of all types of  aircraft- select a Twin Turbo with hourly charter rates from under $1,700 per hour (2 hour minimum) or a Light Jet with rates from $1,995- per hour.
  • For longer trips upgrade to the Midsized Lear 60 with up to 6 seats or the Super Midsized Gulfstream 200 with 9 seats.
  • Need a larger aircraft for business meetings, wedding parties. Consider the Challenger 601 with 12 seats or the Beechjet with 19 seats.

You have more time to enjoy your day trip or weekend with your Private Jet Charter- no waiting and lines at airports. Instant “Wheels Up” allows you to spend more time to visit places. If you wish you will be able to visit multiple places for a weekend–start your trip with a visit to Napa and stay overnight in Santa Barbara with a beach party. You options have not limits.

We are here to defy your expectations, worry less since we help you select the very best combination of great places to visit with your Private Jet.

Plan your weekend Holiday now and we will provide you with a complimentary limousine ride to the airport—the details will be included in your itinerary and rate quote for the air and ground services. Feel free to ask us for a quote.

Airport Desk P.(1) 702-336-7345


Vegas Express Jet, Over 50 Alliance Partners provide you with options and quotes. No request is too small please do not hesitate to ask us for a quote. Departures from Private Airport Lounges. Las Vegas Strip Atlantic, Signature and Henderson Executive Airport. Van Nuys Signature East, West. John Wayne SNA, Carlsbad-Palomar and San Diego.

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