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Private Jets- Cancel At Anytime

Private Jets- Cancel at anytime

Private Jets- Cancel anytime

Traveling Private allows you to be secure and safe and avoid large crowds- we are here to address your concerns and provide you with time savings options, lowering your risks for cancellation fees or last minute charges. Take a moment to explore your options and avoid costly mistakes!

Vegas Express Jet has protected all current charter bookings–Private Jet flyers will be able to cancel their contracts at any time up to 7 days before departure for any reason. No need to worry ever changing circumstances. Like you,  we continue to monitor updates from health experts and Government warnings pertaining to travel.

Flying Private may be one of the very options your should consider:

Flying Private may be one of the best options you should consider— Remember you will be leaving from a Private Airport Lounge. No waiting in long lines–very limited person to person contact.

It’s not like flying a commercial jet, you do not share your space with a vast number of other travelers who may have flown from at risk area’s.

We are here to assist—-answering your questions:

We have been working all your messages and addressed the following questions, we share the issues we addressed most recently:

  • Will my Travel Insurance policy cover my travel cancellation fees?- The answer is yes, provided you purchased your policy before the Corona Virus arrived in China.  For those who purchased a policy most recently the insurance firms provide no protection. 
  • If I purchase the Travel Policy De Luxe programs which for provides cancellation options for other reasons–the insurance coverage will not include the Coronavirus.
  • All our clients have been provided with direct phone contacts for the insurance firms–this to ensure that you receive the most accurate information directly from the underwriters of your policies.
Citation 3, with six seats, your best option for flights under 2,5 hours. Support (1)702-336-7345- please text or call our airport desk. Get your quote.

How should you proceed with future bookings?

Make certain that your rate quotes and Charter Agreements allow you to cancel your flight without any cancellation fees or charges when the US Government, Homeland Security places a destination on the do not travel advisory list.

Do not pay for your Private Jet Charter in full, make a small down payment of 10% and pay the balance shortly before departure. Most our Alliance (50 Plus) operators have been willing to make adjustments in their charter agreements. 

Operators are eager to keep their aircraft and crew members in the air—they are fully prepared to make concessions.

Your Best Options–Cancel Anytime

Your Charter Quote requests are always welcome–please ask us for a quote. Take a moment to share your preferred flight times and aircraft options with the seating you require. This allows you to provide you with a tailor made quote.

Each quote includes your flight schedule in local time, aircraft details includes photos of the aircraft interior, seating and details pertaining to WiFi and other services.

Charter rates are fully detailed by hourly flight times, taxes, fees and charges. Vegas Express Jet extends a 4% cash discount.  Your charter costs are fully guaranteed–to benefit from the lowest possible costs we ask you to pay A”The OPERATOR DIRECT”.

Our “Hitchhiker rates” are included in all charters departing within 3-13 days before your flight departure. Savings range from 30-60%.

Benefits you enjoy at no extra costs:

All Jet types with seating for 4-18 Travelers. Special options for Party Jets and upgrades at Hotels. Contact us at P.702-336-7345

You can fly like you travel with Uber or Lyft–on demand charters are a best buy! No need to purchase annual memberships or make a large investment in a Prepaid Jet Card to secure the lowest possible rates and best aircraft options.

In addition to a Team of flight planners you benefit from a Air Concierge Group– special Perks are yours which include upgrades at hotels, complimentary limousine services and special catering for flights of three plus hours.

Updates on travel, tour and cruise brochures visit us at Royalty Travel US. Grab a brochure and ship for your next journey. Our Travel Team offers special rates for Premium and Business Class Seats on major airlines–save thousands and take advantage of last minute travel deals and options.


Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet and Travel Portal with 50 Plus Alliance Partners who compete for your Private Jet Business and Luxury Travel. We deploy leading edge technologies and only deploy aircraft operators with the ARG/US Gold and Platinum ratings.  Vegas Express Jet is based on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor and has served the Resort/Casino Industry for 20 years. 

All charter agreements are issued by FAA Part 135 Authorized operators–all contracts meet exceed the terms and conditions are required by DOT.  Vegas Express Jet sources all aircraft on behalf of our clients- we do not own or operate aircraft. All transactions are fully confidential- we do not share your private information or flights schedules without your prior/written approval.

We are locate at 5132 Tennis Ct East, Las Vegas NV 89120-1333 USA, Phone (1)702-336-7345 please phone or text us. E:mail.







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