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Private Jets, Best planes to Rent

For first time Private Jet flyers it can be challenging, finding the best plane to charter or rent. We receive a vast volume of travelers who ask us one single question. How much does it cost to Rent a Jet. It was our decision to assist you by sharing the preferences and experiences of our customers. This may serve as a guide and help you take a look at all your options, making certain that they work for your budget plan. Charter costs are based on your flight time and the size, type of plane you select. To manage your budget and charter costs take a look at our fleet.

You will discover that Vegas Express Jet will be 30% less Than Jet Cards & Fractional ownership. No need for Pricey memberships. You will have total freedom of choice without the many restrictions and risks associated with jet Cards.

 Please take a moment to visit our fleet, follow-the-link here. This will give you an overview of your Best Planes to rent. Please lets us help you discover how to find the best jet to rent–please read on.

Private Jets, Best Choices

Cessna Citation M2, 5 seats with an interior by BMW

The Cessna Citation is one of the newest Very Light Jets with seating for 5 travelers. There is a lot to like with an interior designed by BMW. The seats are comfortable with pull-out dining tables. This aircraft is equipped with a WIFI entertainment system. Ample baggage space is here, this plane does have a fully enclosed washroom, a convenience for family travel. With range of 3.2 hours, you will be able to take this jet from John Wayne to Scottdale or fly from Vegas to San Diego

This is the perfect jet for a round of Golf at Pebble Beach via the Monterey Airport. Or for a trip to the California Wineries. It’s the number one choice for a Vegas Weekend from Travelers for Van Nuys, Bob Hope, John Wayne, Carlsbad and San Diego to the Vegas Strip. They save 8-10 hours by avoiding the freeways.

Private Jets, Great choice the Hondajet

Hondajet, Great Choice

The Hondajet is known for the over the wing Jet Engines. This five seater has large panoramic windows with a spacious cabin. FREE WIFI is yours to enjoy with a fully enclosed washroom- You will be able to take this plane from Las Vegas to Love Field Dallas. You will not be disappointed selecting the Hondajet—more travelers will continue to charter this plane after their very first flight–this is one of the premier options you should select. Please visit our fleet–here.

Phenom 300 Very Light Jet, seating for 7 guests

Private Jets, best pick the Phenom 300

The Phenom is the most preferred business jet in the Very Light Category. This aircraft has a total of 7 seats.  For longer flights we suggest that you limit the 6. Don’t use the seat at the front entrance door. You will be delighted with the standup cabin–a very unique feature of this aircraft. It feels like you are in a large, midsize jet with a fully enclosed washroom and a forward bar setting. This plane has a very spacious baggage compartment, great for sports equipment or sales materials. Compare the Phenom 300 with a Midsize Jet like the Lear 60 and save over 20% in your charter costs. The Phenom 300 is a great option for your Business Trips.

This jet is available at all LAX airports for trips to all Airports in Texas, Nevada and Arizona. 

Private Jets, Phenom 300 interior

Vegas Express Jet will provide you with a detailed seating chart with each cost estimate. This six seat interior with the standup cabin is a great layout for a conference meeting before you arrive–or time to plan your vacation. This plane has a forward bar compartment and includes a wide selection of cocktail mixes and miniatures. Fruit Juices, Soft Drinks, Wine and Bier are included in your charter costs. Optionally we will be delighted to provide you with menu for all types of fruit, seafood platters and hand-crafted sandwiches. After you approve one of the charters quote our Air Concierge Team will be contacting you to coordinate all the details of your flight.

Better prices for Jet Charters

You will experience the difference once you request a charter quote from Vegas Express Jet.  The firm is a Charter Portal which secures the very best rates and aircraft options from over 80 Plus FAA Authorized Operators. The Team Members at Vegas Express Jet will identify the vey best options and deals with you. It works as follows and is fully transparent:

  • Ask for a quote–all it takes is your flight plan, date and time and how many seats you need.
  • Vegas Express Jet will share the very best quotes secured from 80 Plus Operators. View the best aircraft options, seating charts and details such as bar services, WIFI and cabin details such as you washroom. Charter Costs are displayed side by side with hourly rental fees, taxes and landing fees.
  • You may select any of the options and receive a charter agreement directly from the operator- you approve or may ask for more quotes. You always pay the operator directly.

Best Plane to rent for a trip to Las Vegas

All Private Jets are 30% Less Than Jet Cards or Fractional Ownership. You fly in the same way you take a ride with UBER or Lyft and only pay for your charter hours.

Airplane TypeSeatingRange TimePrices fromto
Turbo Pilatus PC 1263 hours$2000$2500
Citation M3, Honda Jet53.2 hours$2700$3200
Phenom 30073.5 hours$3,900$4,500
Challenger 601-604195.5 hours$5,500$6200
Prices are higher on weekends and holidays. Use the prices as a guide only. Visit us here to compare the total costs for a Private Plane Charter will all taxes and fees. Visit us here.

Great deals on the best Private Planes

Did you know, that 70% of all charter flights are now with the Very light Jet group–this includes the Hondajet and the Cessna Citation M2. They are more affordable and are fuel savers. The ownership costs are reflected in the lower costs for Charter hours. just in case you need to make a longer trip feel free to contact our desk for options and costs. For the very short trips, don’t overlook the low budget priced Pilatus  PC 12. Availability may be limited in certain markets.

Best Private Jets, support 702-336-7345

No need to worry, you will not make a mistake when you contact our Airport Desk- we have a team of full time Flight Planners, an Air Concierge and Travel Planner on our Team. Our Wedding Consultant Joni is here to provide you with free Consultation for weddings—or for those who celebrate the unhitching experience. Do ask us about customized itineraries with Hotels on the Vegas Strip or Maui beaches. No request is too small.

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