Private Jets and the Environment

The transportation industry, this includes you car, trucks and Commercial Air and Private charter flights generate 23% of all carbons. The Aviation industry is responsible for 2%. To learn more about carbons and options to offset your Carbon Burns please visit here.

A Private Jet also contributes the Carbon Burns—France is the leader in the development of aircraft which will operate on hydrogen-powered planes. The firm Airbus is in the development of a carbon neutral airbus A320 replacement by 2035.

Commercial Jets, Conversions to reach Net-Zero with Hydrogen Powered Engines.

Private Jets and the environment, how can you avoid fewer greenhouse gases.

  • Whenever possible charter one of the newer Very Light Jets, they are fuel efficient and as a bonus offer you much lower charter costs. Our Team Members will include this option with all our quotes if this option is a good choice for our client. May we suggest you compare aircraft options and costs side-by-side.
  • The Carbon burned by the aircraft remains the same if the aircraft is occupied by two passengers or a total of five. You indirectly reduce you carbon footprint by using all the available seats.
  • Don’t buy a bigger jet, more seats than you actually need.

Private Jet Flight “Share Connect”

Vegas Express Jet introduced this program to lower the costs of a Private Jet–encouraging more travelers to join a posted flight and allow us to advance our joint accelerated efforts to make aviation greener. We know that our contribution may be limited—we hope that others will join. Major airlines like JetBlue pledged to reach net-zero by 2040.

Private Jets and BIO Fuel

Indeed, existing jet engines can run on biofuels, especially bio-kerosene without any modification. This is good news both for airliners and any private jet owner. Whenever we have the ability we will include a BIO fuel option in our quotes. Subject to availability and owner approval this option will be displayed and priced in our quotes. Bio fuel is still an expensive option. Expect a cost increase of 20-30% in the overall Charter Costs.

Regretfully, the availability of BIO Jet Fuel is very limited at most airports and FBO’s.

Vegas Express Jet, will include BIO fuel options in quotes-subject to airport availability with pricing.

Private Jets- how to make better decisions for the environment. We will be here to address your questions and concerns. Tel:702-720-2449

As a members of the Aviation Industry we are engaged to ensure that we provide you with more options. We like to thank our frequent flyers who have been asking. We are eagerly awaiting new technologies which remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the use of BIO fuels. None of us are experts in this field–however a greener world is essential for the growth of tourism. You feed back is always appreciated.

Flight “Share Connect” let’s you share a seat.


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