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Welcome on Board Vegas Express Jet. Shopping for a Private Plane can be challenge, time consuming and pricey. We will be here to help you secure the very best options on Jet Rentals, Charters and Leases. Some travelers may be tempted to make substantial investments in pre-paid jet cards. At this time over 150 Jet Cards are available. You will learn that the steps you can take are big money savers without the need to compensate for Luxury and Safety. Need a quote?

Private Jet

With a wide range of private jets available, you should consider which type of Jet Rental meets your needs and your budget. Before we consider any type plane due consider the following:

The newest Private Jet Category is in the group of Very Light Jets. Aircraft in this group are designed to accommodate over 70% of all Jet Trips which are under 1,500 miles–or about 2.3 hours. Aircraft in the group are priced between $3,5 to $5 Million. Beyond the lower investment costs this type of Jet is very fuel efficient and offers a very comfortable cabin, speed and performance.

How much is your Private Jet

Take a moment to compare the newest Private Jets in the “Very Light Jet” category. Compare hourly rates, seating and range.

The newest, and budget friendly Cirrus Vision is a great aircraft for trips under 900 miles. This Vision Jet is loaded with the newest technologies which include a build-in parachute and a self landing system. Just in case. This aircraft with seating for 3-5 passengers will take you from LAX to Santa Barbara to San Jose. The aircraft can be operated by one or two pilots. Hourly charter rates from $1,900 to $2,300 per hour.

Cirrus Vision Jet- 3-35 passengers

The Hondajet is one of the most preferred Jets for Business and Leisure Travelers. This Jet has seating for 5 travelers and is operated by two Pilots. The range is about 1000 miles. This aircraft has a fully enclosed washroom, complimentary WIFI is yours with each Jet Charter. Expect hourly charter rates from $2,300 to $2,700. Higher rates apply on weekends and special events.

Hondajet Cabin, Spacious and Comfortable.

The Cessna, Citation M2 has 5 seats with an interior designed by BMW. Passengers rate this jet as Five Star Plus. Operated by a Captain and First Officer this jet is sure to meet your highest expectations. A weekend charter from the LAX Airports (Van Nuys, Bob Hope and John Wayne) will be priced at $14,000 to $14,500. This sample pricing includes all Charter Hours, Landing fees, Taxes, Fuel surcharges and handling fees.

Each quote, includes a copy of the Seating Charter for you Jet Rental.

The Phenom 300, Lear 35, Lear 60 are all in the Midsize Category. This aircraft type offers seating from 6-7 passengers. The range of the Midsize Planes is 4 to 4.5 hours. Flyers are eager to avoid fuel stops and will opt for the midsize aircraft for trips from Chicago to LAX or from Houston to Vegas. Expect hourly charter rates from $3,500 to $4,100 per hour.

The Phenom 300 is one of the few aircraft in the midsize group which offers a standup cabin–this jet with a interior designed by BMW is the most preferred business jet in this group.

Rent a Private Jet

Before you decide to charter a Private Jet for Business or Vacation Travel, take a moment to consider your options and budget. Consider the Very Light Jets for shorter trips under 2 hours, or use a Lear 60 or Phenom 300 for trips for flights of 3-4 hours. Ask for a quote, we will do all the work for you.

  • Click One–ask for a quote, include your dates of travel, destination and number of seats you need.
  • Click Two— watch you e-mail messages for a quote from Vegas Express Jet. You will be able to view photos, seating charts of several aircraft. Compare baggage, WIFI and washroom data. Best of all compare side-by-side pricing.
  • Click Three– You like one of the quotes, update us and the Operator will send you a Charter Proposal with Guaranteed Rates and Confirmed flight schedules. No payment required to hold the plane with your credit card. Payment is charged 24/72 hours before your flight.

What’s included in your charter costs. The charter costs are based on the number of hours the aircraft and crew has to fly to take you to and from your destination and return to base. Charters are subject to a 7.5% Federal Excise tax and fuel surcharges. All costs are detailed in your charter quote.

Private Fly

Support is here at (1) 702-336-7345 from our Team Members at our airport desk. We will be here to provide you with additional quotes or update you on the availability of Open Legs and One Way Charters.

Our Team of Air Concierges will be here to assist you with transfers, hotel accommodations and customized travel. Need more charter options, visit us at Fly Private Vegas and our European Site at Vegas Express Jets.


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