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Private Jets I New 2020 Options

Private Jets I New 2020 Options


Introducing you to a new series of Private Jet and Charter options with a wide range of aircraft from 4-30 Seats.  You may select from the “Budget Friendly” family of very light jets with rates under $2,000 per hour.  For longer flights from from Chicago, Dallas and Seattle to Las Vegas Consider a Midsize Lear Jet with 6 seats. Business Travelers prefer the Super Midsize Jets with seating for up to 12 seats. New for 2020 a series of special services provided by our Air Concierge Team–“Special Perks” and benefits for you and your guests. All detailed in your charter quote— Feel free to call us for a quote at P(1)702-336-7345 or share your request for a flexible quote.

Vegas Global Jet 14 seats

Helping you select a Charter Plane for your journey:

How much will it cost to fly private, over 80% of all our inquiries are asking this question- please compare aircraft and costs–we will be here to assist– need help, call our Airport desk at P(1)702-336-7345. (Optionally you may text us)

  • VERY LIGHT JET, The Phenom 100 provides seating for up to 4 passengers. This Jet has an interior designed by BMW with a spacious cabin. With a speed of up to 380 Mph, select this plane for trips under 1,300 miles. Hourly Charter rates from $1.995- to $2,100.  Should you need more seats may we suggest the Cessna CJ3 with up to 7 seats and price range up to $2,400 per hour. The Phenom does not have a washroom. Just in case we will always quote the lowest rates available.

Phenom 100 Very Light Jet with interior designed by BMW

  • LIGHT JETS: This type of jet has a longer range for nonstop flights and more seating for up to 8 passengers. Consider the Lear 31A, Lear 35, Lear 45.  Charter rates from $3,200 to $3,500 per hour.
  • MEDIUM JETS:  The Lear 60 with up to 7 seats is well suited for flights up to 3.5 Hours.  For example this includes trip from Tyler TX to Las Vegas, Dallas to LAX or Las Vegas to Seattle. This Jet has a fully enclosed washroom and charters for $3,300 to $3,600 per hour. Expect a fully enclosed washroom and entertainment options with WiFi.

Party Jet with 14 seats- share the costs and save big

  • SUPER MEDIUM JETS:  This Jet type is the preferred option and solution for business travelers.  Well suited for Coast to Coast (LAX/LAS to New York or Miami. Cabins are spacious and are “standup size” with a forward galley and bar.  In this category you will be able to select the Gulfstream 200 and the Challenger 604 with 10-12 seats.  Hour rates range from $4,400 to $4,900 per hour.
  • HEAVY JETS–LARGE CABIN PLANES: The Gulfstream IV, V and 550 series will fly non-stop from LAX to Hong Kong, Paris, London, Milan with up to 16 seats.  The interior is spacious with lay flat seats (overnight) for up to 7 guests. Hourly rates from $6,000 per hour. This type of Jet is frequently deployed as a Wedding or Party Jet for Hawaii or the Caribbean. A great and highly recommended option for Business Incentive and Group Travel.
  • COMMERCIAL JETS WITH UP 160 SEATS: Ask us for quotes for B737 or Airbus Jets. Availabile for US Domestic, Hawaii and European destinations. Also available special prices for Business Class Air on major airlines at great price reductions. 


Flexible Rate Quotes allow you to select a plane.  Share your flight schedule and indicated the number of seats your need. It’s a risk free process to compare rates and options–

  1. Detailed flight schedules in local times, with distance and flight times are yours.
  2. View aircraft photos with interior and exterior photos. seating plans and entertainment systems, WiFi.
  3. Pricing which includes flight hours and costs, charges for Federal Taxes of 7.5 and all other fees imposed by airports.  You may request multiple aircraft options–this may include an upgrade from a Very Light Jet to a Midsize Lear with 7 seats.
  4. With each quote you receive look for special “Perks and Upgrades” for free catering options with our partners at “Whole Foods“. Enjoy custom crafted sandwiches on flights from the Las Vegas Strip.


You need to know- Vegas Express Jets are sourced from 50 Plus Alliance Partners with the highest quality and safety ratings ARG/US Gold and Platinum. None Better!  The Charter Agreements you receive include “Guaranteed Rates” and availability.  We ask you to pay the operator direct– saving Middle Man fees is the very best solution for your charter needs.  All your requests and bookings are fully confidential.  N o flight information is shared without your written approval with other parties.


Airport Phone (1) 702-336-7345, please call or text us. Via EMail to For quotes please visit us at.  

Visit our Air Concierge Travel Department for News Updates at  Do you need a Personal Jet Advisor, may we suggest you visit “” a new way to secure the advise you need to make an intelligent decision for your Private Jet flights.


Vegas Express Jet is a Technology Portal which provides Private Jet, and Luxury Travelers with flight information and rates. All information is derived from leading edge technologies developed by the Charter Industry. Rate quotes are extended based on the availability of aircraft. All quotes are “Unbiased” since Vegas Express Jet does not own or operate aircraft. Our firm is based on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor. For Vegas Show, Tours and Sightseeing please visit Las Vegas Terrirory.

Admin offices Ph.702-336-7345 please text this number. Royalty is a fully registered TRUE Office. All employees are CTC Certified Jet and Travel Advisors. 

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