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Private Jets

Are you looking for a better option to fly, are you tired pf search engines with different deals and options–we may be able to help. Avoiding Commercial Airports, Cancelled flights and long lines may be on top of mind during these unsettling times. We take you to a place where Flexibility Takes Flight. Would you consider a Private Jet Rental, in the same way you take a ride with UBER or Lyft where you only pay for the cost of your trip. This without any up front charges or membership costs. Can we help!

You will be able to avoid Pricey Jet Cards or Memberships which are aggressively being marketed by some brokers and charter operators. Renting a Private Plane should be a simple process without the need to spend long weekends on search programs. We discovered from travelers like you are looking for full transparency and meaningful information. The pricing and aircraft details you need to make an intelligent decision. Please read-on.

Before you plan your flight, don’t overlook your ability to take charge of your budget. As you first step, consider the newest group of Private Jets. Designed to conserve fuel and provide lots of luxury features which will make you flight more enjoyable and budget friendly:


Over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles. A typical flight departs with 2-3 passengers and takes about 2,2 hours. The new Hondajet with seating for 6 passengers will take you on a 2.3 hours flight at a speed of 380- to 400 miles per hour. Or you may consider the Cessna Citation M2 is a great option with seating for 5. Expect rates for the M2 from $2,300 to $2,600 per hour. The costs for the Hondajet are slightly higher–for this you benefit from an extra seat and a great interior.

Make it weekend trip to the Vegas Strip from the LAX airports. Leave on a Friday and Return on Sunday afternoon and avoid a long trip by car which make take you a full day. Expect prices from John Wayne, Carlsbad, Long Beach, Bob Hope and Van Nuys from $10,000 to $12,000. This for all the seats on your plane.

Private Jet Rental

When you rent a Private Jet, you fly in the same way and manner when you take a ride with UBER of Lyft. You only pay for the travel time and distance. Total flexibility to select any aircraft without the need to stay within the rules and regulations of Jet Cards and Membership organizations.

Explore how Vegas Express Jet is different! As a Private Jet Portal and Technology Portal Vegas Express Jet secures quotes from 50 Plus Alliance Partners. Each firm competes for your business and offers the lowest possible bids and flight availability. Our Leading Edge Technologies share the very best options with you. You will be able to compare different aircraft types. View seat maps and photos of the aircraft interiors.

Your quotes will be fully transparent with detailed prices, taxes and all applicable charges–no hidden fees or last minute upcharges.

Citation CJ3 Luxury, for quotes call our airport desk at 702-336-7345

How much is a Private Jet?

You’re invited to take advantage of our Three Click System, it safe and secure. No need for Credit Card or your Private Information. We do all the work for you, saving you many hours and may leave you totally confused.

  • CLICK ONE: Takes you to our booking request. Please share your flight schedule and number of seats you need. Our system will automatically secure quotes from 50 Plus Operators. We share the best quotes, values with you
  • CLICK TWO: Open your e:mail: Vegas Express Jet has done all the work for you. You will be able to compare aircraft photos, seating plans and rates. View the prices side-by-side to compare and start you trip planning.
  • CLICK THREE: After you like any of the quote: The operator you select will provide you with a Guaranteed Quote and Flight schedule. The Charter Proposal details the Aircraft Registration and name of your flight operator. You will be able to accept the quote with a credit card, or pay via a Bank Wire Payment. Credit cards will be charged 24/72 hours before your flight departure.
Disneyland Excursions from the Vegas Strip

Private Jet Charter

A Team of Flight Planners and a Certified Travel Planner will be in touch with you to coordinate you flight departure and request the names of all the guests. At the same time, feel free to ask us for menu and catering options.

Carefully review your quotes for special Perks! This includes complimentary transfer services, hotel upgrades at the 4Seasons and the Wynn-Encore. Our Travel Network connections allows you to enjoy complimentary breakfast services, hotel credits and the services from our Air Concierge Team. Please explore:

  • Custom Crafted Jet Vacation packages to the National Parks, Bryce, the Grand Canyon and Zion with a Private Luxury SUV with Guide-Driver
  • Our weekly wine journeys to Napa Valley, The Central California Coast and Santa Barbara. Weekday departures (Tuesday-Sunday).
  • Golf Trips to Pebble Beach via the Monterey CA airport- early morning departures from the Vegas Strip and most So. Cal airports
  • Day or weekend excursions from the Vegas Resorts to Disneyland via the John Wayne Airport. Early bookings are encouraged since park – entrance tickets may be limited.
  • Please feel free to contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345. Contact us via e:mail


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Vegas Express Jet is a subsidiary of Vegas Express Jet LLC.  Vegas Express Jet is not a direct or indirect “Air Carrier”.  Vegas Express Jet is a Technology Private Jet portal which provides quotes and aircraft information for aircraft operated by FAR Part 135 and 121 Operators.  Fully transparent Charter Agreements are issued by the Charter Operators in accordance with DOT and FAA Requirements. Ground and Concierge Services Provided by RoyaltyTravelNV.  Registration TRUE #99901760

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