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  • DO YOUR HOMEWORK- Explore all your options and schedules- consider Commercial Airline options and the needs of your guests. Make certain that all your friends agree with the plan.
  • SET A BUDGET- How much money will you be spending on your vacation journey- do you have a budget for the Private Jet Experience?
  • START YOUR RESEARCH- Ask for quotes from operators, brokers which are closely located to your departure point. This keeps your rates low. Make certain that you ask for the number of seats you need and detail your flight schedules and destinations
  • CONTROL YOUR COSTS- Stay at your destination for a short period, this allows the operator to keep the aircraft at your destination for the return. For longer stays you will be required to pay for two roundtrips since the aircraft needs to return to base after your drop-off. Ask for lower priced one ways—or Open legs may be a cost efficient solution.
  • CON’T OVERBUY–DON’T BUY TOO SMALL- Most complaints include the concern that the cabin of the Private Jet was too small. For flights over two hours upgrade to a Midsize Jet—a Very light, our Light Jet will not be comfortable. Pay a little extra and enjoy larger seats and more space.
  • PRICE IS CRITICAL—However a turbo prop may not be your preferred way of traveling. Multi stops for fuel take time and cost you charter hours and increases your costs
  • IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST PRIVATE FLIGHT, CONSIDER THIS–Conduct your research with a  operator who is willing to provide you with meaningful aircraft options and prices—do ask for multiple options. You should be able to secure fast estimates and hard quotes which detail all costs, fees and charges.
  • BE AWARE OF HIDDEN COSTS– Understand that some deals require you to purchase pricey memberships or prepaid jet credit cards in exchange for lower prices. Your best buy and best value is a “On Demand Charter”. You only pay for the hours your fly. That’s all no obligations or responsibility from your side.
  • WE ARE HERE TO ASSIST– In the event we do not have a specific aircraft or availability we will not hesitate to refer you to one of our competitors. Expect detailed transparent quotes which include the quality rating and aircraft details for your review.
  • GO AHEAD–Contact us for a casual chat at P.702-336-7345 or ask us for a quote.

Vegas Express Jet offers pre-packaged Jet Vacations with Private Aircraft including World’s Largest B777. Tours range for 19-27 days and include Around The World Air and Wine Cruises. Please ask our Concierge Chef at P.702-458-5191 for details.

Vegas Express Jet has been the trusted supplier for the Las Vegas Resorts for over 14 years. All booking transactions are fully confidential–No request is too small. Our Travel Team offers special rates on Business and First Class Seats on major commercial air carriers. Space is subject to availability at time of travel.


Vegas Express Jet, departures from Atlantic, Signature, Henderson Executive Airports. California Van Nuys, Burbank, LAX, John Wayne, Carlsbad-San Diego. Representing Aero Jet Services LLC. P.702-336-7345

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