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Private Jet

Private Jet

Private Jet Prices, how do I find the Cheapest Private Jet. Manage your costs.

PRIVATE JET COST OR UNDER YOUR CONTROL: “on Demand Charters are like Uber or Lyft. You only pay for the flights. Avoid memberships or pricey prepaid cards which require up-front payments of $5,000- to $25,000.

CHARTER THE PRIVATE JET WHICH MEETS YOUR NEEDS: You may be tempted to charter a large jet. Take time and search for the Plane which has the seats you need, Light Jets, may be a best choice for flights under 1500 miles (about 2,5 hours flying time are a great choice. As a matter of fact over 70% of all flights are under 1500 miles.

Phenom 100 light Jet

RANGE- AVOID COSTLY LAYOVERS AND FUEL STOPS: Is the Jet you select capable of covering the distance NON STOP? Fuel stops and layovers may increase the costs for your flight hours. Will the aircraft accommodate all your baggage and sports equipment. Make certain to ask!

Up to 14 seats, Vegas Express Jet. For a quote

JET PRICES: The Price for your Charter Jet is based on the hours flown- this includes the flight from the home-base to your departure airport. Flight hours are also charged for the return of the plane back to base! Hourly rates for a 4 Seat Phenom 100 will start at $1,995-. Mid range Jets with 6 seats will cost you about $3,400- per hour.

AIRCRAFT QUOTES: Each quote you receive from Vegas Express Jet is fully transparent- no hidden fees or upcharges when you “Click and Buy”

  • View and update your flight schedules–all in local times
  • Photos of the aircraft, interior and exterior
  • Expect multiple plane options—just in case you like to up or downgrade to meet your budget plans
  • View all charges and costs- always included your charter hours, Federal Taxes of 7,5% and other type of fees
  • Special Perks such as Complimentary Limousine Services
  • Optionally–feel free to ask for special ground services, Hotels with room upgrades, complimentary breakfast etc

CHEAP CHARTERS: Do you have a “Flexible Schedule”–you will be able to save from 30-60% on open legs! Flights operated without passengers now available within 3-13 days before departure.

You will experience a full suite of customer support from our Jet Concierges. Special catering options, travelling with your “Furry Friends” is very much encouraged. Details are full addressed in your quote—or you may text us for support at (1) 702-336-7345.

phone 702-336-7345 meet our Flight Support Team


Vegas Express Jet, Located on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor since the Year 2000. Private Airport Lounges at Atlantic, Signature and Henderson Executive Airports. LAX at Signature East, West, John Wayne SNA Airports

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