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Private Jet Vegas

Hands down, we have a better way for your to search for Private Jet Charters on your next visit to the Vegas Strip. You may have experienced this quickly, Jet rentals can be complicated with Brokers and Operators competing for your charter business. You’re invited to explore and download the information and prices you need to compare, aircraft and prices side-by-side allowing your to make an intelligent buying decision. Before you start your Jet shopping follow a couple of steps. This will get you more Jet for less money! Take a moment to explore and save hours, if not days planning this Vegas Private Jet trip.

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Private Jets Vegas prices

Keep it simple by understanding that Private Jets are offered in different sizes, seat capacity and range. The time they can fly from departure to a specific destinations. One of the newest groups include the Very Light Jets. This group should be included for your next trip. As a matter of fact over 70% of all Private Jet Trips are under 1,500 miles. On average about 2,3 hours and typically fly with three to 4 guests. Don’t overbuy on a bigger jet with more seats that you actually need. Make a smart move and save, place the following jets on top of your shopping list!

  • THE CESSNA CITATION M2- This Very Light Jet has seating for 5 passengers and a range of about 1,000 miles. This jet has a luxury interior designed by BMW, comfortable wide seats and a fully enclosed washroom. The entertainment package includes IPad services. Your Jet is operated by two Pilots and comes with a bar and beverage package with a wide selection of cocktails and a generous snack package. Our clients take this Jet on weekend packages to the Vegas Strip from Bob Hope, LAX and John Wayne Airports. Leave for a Vegas weekend on a Friday and Return on a Sunday. All five seats are yours for $14,000 to $14,750. This includes all taxes and fees and saves you up to 14 hours of travel on the congested freeways. Hourly charter rates range from $2,300 to $2,700 per hour. The higher rates are for peak weekend holiday periods.
Citation M2- Interior designed by BMW
  • THE PHENOM 300, UP TO 7 SEATS AND A RANGE OF 4.5 HOURS This Luxury Jet is one of the most preferred jets by Business Travelers. This Jet will take you in comfort from Carlsbad, John Wayne, California to Chicago or Houston. This plane has a wide standup cabin which a large interior. This is the plane you should select for longer trips up to 4.5 hours. Hourly charter costs will range from $3,500 to $4,000. This Jet is in very high demand, early bookings are suggested.
Seat Map for the Phenom 300, washroom is in the back, up front is a mini bar. Ths Jet has ample baggage space and operates at a speed of 380-420 MPH. Questions 702-336-7345
  • CHALLENGER JETS- SUPER MIDSIZE 9-12 SEATS. Need to make a business trip to New York or Ft. Lauderdale. The Challenger is one of the most preferred aircraft for Coast to Coast travel, Maui Hawaii. It’s the most chosen plane for Weddings and family parties. This aircraft is available for One Way Charters and Open Legs. The perfect option for larger groups. Expect hourly rates from $4,400 to $5,200 per hour. Ask us for floater one way prices which let’s you save big on long haul trips, coast to coats.
Challenger 9-12 seats Series 300-405

How much is my Private Jet to Vegas?

Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. Follow our three Click program and we do all the work for you. Receive multiple quotes, with rates for several planes, displayed side-by-side. A Vegas Express Jet exclusive. Our Team Members review each quote and my include some recommendations and minor schedule changes to provide you with bigger savings: No charge to you, no need for a credit card!

  • Click One, ask for a quote.
  • Open you mail, The quote is here with several aircraft options with the details you need. WIFI, Bar and Beverages and Catering. Plus you will be able to view and compare jet charter costs side-by-side.
  • Booking your Jet, it’s fully transparent receive a Guaranteed Price Quote directly from the FAA Part 135 Charter Operator with your flight confirmation. Use your credit card to hold your Jet flight or ask us for more quotes. Final payment for your charter is due 24/72 hours before your flight departure.

Private Jet Prices

You will discover that all prices and details are here for you to compare, no hidden costs or charges. Charter hours, taxes and fees are shown in your quotes and charter proposals. For support feel free to call 702-336-7345. Do explore our aircraft fleet options, tours and packages to the California Wineries and Golf at Pebble Beach.


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Vegas Express Jet is a Jet Portal which secures rates and flight confirmation form 70 plus FAA Authorized Operators. Travelers receive direct quotes from the Jet Operator. Vegas Express Jet is not a direct or indirect charter operator- the firm does not own or operate aircraft. All ground services are provided by RoyaltyNV TRUE 99901760 registered.


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