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Private Jet To Las Vegas I Seats On Private Jets

Private Jet to Las Vegas I Seats on Private Jets

Private Jets to the Las Vegas Strip!

Introducing you to the best options for a trip to Las Vegas with a Private Jet.  From a totally Private Jet (The airplane is all yours) to individual seats you reserve on a “Upgraded Private Commuter Jet”  flight with seating for 30 passengers.

Let’s take you on a flight and compare your options!

Each option provides you with substantial time savings, it’s OK to arrive up to 15 minutes before flight departure–when you fly commercial you may need to spend up to 3 hours for the TSA and long lines at the gates. Departing from a Private Airport Lounge is a real pleasure, you’l appreciate a uncrowded reception in a Luxury setting. That’s why our guests love to fly Private!

Before we “welcome you on Board” we make the assumption that you will be leaving on a late Friday afternoon from the Burbank Airport for the Las Vegas Strip and Return on Sunday Afternoon.

We welcome your “Pets” please update us on the needs of your Furry Friends–we will be pleased to update you on seat availability and comfort for you as the Pet Parent!

Consider your options- go ahead and ask for a quote from Burbank, John Wayne, San Diego Airports. Benefit from the exclusive use of your own charter jets–no strangers on board!

Your own Private Jet, Option #1 “The plane is exclusively yours”

Your totally Private Jet for your exclusive use would include a Citation CJ3 with 7 seats, all the seats are your to share with friends and family. You will be able to determine the flight times and leave from LAX/Van Nuys, Burbank, John Wayne, Carlsbad or San Diego. The total costs for your plane will range from $9,900 to $11,000.  The cost per seat (pro-rated over 7 seats) is $1,414 to $1,571 per person.  You will depart from a Private Airport lounge with on-site valet parking.  Enjoy complimentary miniatures and a generous supply of snacks. 

We will be here to help you plan for sandwiches, fruit plates at market rates.



Embraer Jet 30 seats
Embraer 30 seat commuter jet converted to a Private jet with flight attendant services, complimentary refreshments and snacks

Charter Seat Option #2, Embraer ERJ with 30 seats. You are sharing seats with up to 30 passengers! 

Departures from a Private Airport lounge at the Burbank airport, the 30 seat jet is designed to provide you with the Luxury Private Jet Experience—however your privacy is now shared with up to 30 other passengers. Flights from the Burbank airport are schedules at 8:30A, 10:30A, 12:30P, 2;25P, 4:30P, 6:50P and 8:30P.  The flight time is One Hour and 10 minutes to the Las Vegas Atlantic Private Terminal located on the Las Vegas Strip at Tropicana and Swenson (Across the street from the MGM). 

Return flights from the Vegas Strip for Burbank depart at 8:30 A, from here the flights depart each two hours.

Roundtrip Friday-Sunday prices range from $718- to $1,158-  per person. This price includes your taxes and fees. No charge for alcoholic beverages and a snacks with full cabin services by a flight attendant.  This aircraft is operated as a all inclusive tour charter and requires you to sign and approve a participants agreement.  Vegas Express Jet will be here to assist and process your booking(s)*


Most travelers will opt for the Privacy of their very own plane charter, it’s like comparing your own limousine and other forms of travel with folks your don’t know. 

The shared seat option is a smart move for travelers who are budget focused and save funds for hotels and dining options on the Vegas Strip!  We understand!


Your own Private Jet Charter–the plane is exclusively yours!

Feel free to ask us for a Private Jet quote, simply visit our “Flexible Quote Request” and share your preferred flight schedules and preferred aircraft. Expect a fully detailed quote with pictures of your plane and a fully detailed pricing sheet. With your quote, receive special options for cash discounts, upgrades and complimentary breakfast services at the Wynn and Cosmopolitan when you book your hotel stay with our Concierge Desk–plus we cater special custom crafted sandwiches from Whole Foods on your return flight from the Vegas Strip or the Henderson Executive Airport! Special meet and greet services are included! Please ask us for a “Flexible Quote”

For shared seat options—-

Planning to buy individual seats on the 30 seat Jet–please contact our Air Concierge Desk at (1) 702-336-7345.  We need the names of all the passengers as shown on your Driver’s License or Passport. We will handling all your bookings and provide you with a flight schedule and costs. We need your credit card to process the Shared Seat Private Jet booking.  A charge of *$50- will apply as a handling fee per passenger.  We also provide you with options for cancellation and medical insurance—just in case. Pay with your credit card— 


For Private Jet quotes, please visit our “Flexible Quote Request” or text us at P.702-336-7345.  All inquiries are Private–we do not share your names or pictures. For charters to Las Vegas or any of the 4,000 airports.  Aircraft options for 4-30 seats. 

For individual seats on the 30 seat jet, please ask for air concierge desk–we need the names as shown on your Driver’s License or Passport. Please cal. P.702-336-7345

Reach our Travel, Wedding and Air Consultants for deep discounted Business Class Air Fares to overseas destinations. E:Mail us.  Vegas Express Jet offers destination packages to Disney, The California Wineries- Napa Valley, Central California and Santa Barbara. Day Journeys and Weekend Trips are customized by our Travel Advisors.  


Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet portal for over 50 Plus Private Jet Operators. All aircraft types with seating for 4-30 Passengers.  Our Concierge Team provides the services from a fully accredited IATA Agency with Business Class Ticketing for all International flights at Amazing Rates. Please visit Royalty for up to date travel news. Based on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor flights arrive and depart from Atlantic, Signature and the Henderson Executive Airports.


Vegas Express Jet is Pet Friendly, please share your needs
We work hard to ensure that your Pets are comfortable during your flight–please include the weight of your Pet(s) in your message. For details, please call our airport desk at (1)702-336-7345. No request is too small.










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