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Private Jet Sharing of Seats

Sharing a Private Jet can be a big money saver. It’s also a good move to travel environmentally friendly. You carbon burn is based on all the seats of your Private Plane Charter or Rental. Please allow us to introduce you to our Private Jet Sharing options. Flying Private means that the entire plane charter is yours. Welcoming other guests may be an important safety consideration. Cost savings may be paramount in your decisions. Consider your options, you decide.

How do I share the price of my jet

The choice is yours, over 70% of all charter flights are under 1,500 miles. About 2,3 hours. Typical departures are with 2-3 passengers. The newest group of very Light Jets will accommodate up to 5 guests. You will be able to travel with at least one other couple.

Hondajet, seating for 5 passengers, range 2.3 Hours, speed 380-400 MPH.

Hourly charter rates for the Hondajet range from $2,300 to $2,700 per hour. When you ask us for a quote the costs for your flights are fully transparent. It will show you the Taxes of 7.5% and all other charges that may apply. No hidden charges of fees.

  • Vegas Express Jet will show the entire costs for your charter and the pro-rated costs for each seat.
  • Helping you use all your seats is our mission, this will include the posting of your available seats.
  • Travelers who are departing to your destination within a 72 hour period, will receive a special message which details your flight schedules, type of plane and costs for each seat.
  • Vegas Express Jet will fully protect your privacy. For the Charter Clients, this is an opportunity to verify that the additional passengers have your prior permission to join your flight.
  • Throughout the seat sharing process, expect full transparency. As the Charterer your fully authorized to invite other participants. Most FAA Part 135 Operators are “Not Authorized to Consolidate Private Seats”

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