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Cessna Light Jet 7 seats from Vegas Express Jet


#Private Plane Charters, Rentals can be pricey.  We can help you with big savings from 30-60% plus we have some recommendations  you can use to manage your budget!  You always benefit from big time savings, departures from Luxury#Private Airport Lounges and the convenience of your very own Charter Jet.  You set the schedules and your destination.  Our Team Members handle the rest. Feel free to contact us at P.702-336-7345 e:mail

Citation Light Jet- 6 seats at Vegas Express Jet.
Citation CJ3 Jet is a light plane, great option for flights under 2 hours. Our Airport desk is here to assist at P.702-336-7345- ask us for a quote here:


Over 70% of all charter flights are under 1,500 miles.  This means that you will be able to use a very light or light jet.  Charter costs are based on flight times from airport to airport. A Phenom 100- seat Jet with an interior designed by BMW will cost you from $1,900 to $2,100 per hour.  Upgrading to the 7 seat Cessna will increase your costs by about $300 per hour. 

Vegas Express Provides you with #Private Plane Charters, Rentals from 50 Plus Private Jet Operators who are here to compete for your business.  The savings are yours with the ability to view a number of quotes–You compare your rates and aircraft options- side by side.  We provide you with the tools you need.  Plus you will be able to ask us for a Charter Agreement which includes Guaranteed Rates and Flight Confirmations.  


Understand how rates are quoted–substantial cost savings are yours–plan ahead:

  • Hourly charter costs are based on the time the plane and crew is in the air to serve your charter. Using a local airplane saves you $$$, this means no costs for an empty flight for your pick-up.  
  • About 20% of your added costs cover Federal taxes of 7.5%, local airport charges, landing fees and parking charges.  


Don’t fly with empty seats–share the costs with friends and family.

Take advantage of our “Hitchhiker Rates” with savings from 30-60%.  Open legs which are available within 3-13 days before departure.  Understand that flights in this category are based on flights which are operated to meet clients at other airports–or flights returning to base without any revenue travelers.  Operators are eager to sell empty legs to generate some extra revenues. The savings are yours. Well suited for last minute travelers with a “flexible schedule”


No need for credit cards or payments, receive a detailed quote which includes the following:

  1. Your flight schedules, airports and distance flown. All in local times
  2. Take a look at the aircraft, inside and outside pictures are yours.  Also detailed  are washroom facilities, bar and galley information.  Plus WiFi and entertainment options.
  3. Fully transparent pricing- this includes the costs for flight hours, taxes and fees.  A “Bottomline” discount of 4% is offered for payment via Bank Check.
  4. Special “PERKS” are included for your flight.  This includes Plane-side boarding, complimentary limousines, dining options and upgrades.
  5. Just in case, you may wish to purchase trip-cancellation policy options.


New for 2020: Call us at P.(1)702-336-7345

  • Buy single seats on Private Jets with 30 seats between Burbank and Las Vegas. Other markets are subject to availability
  • Our 2020 Hitchhiker fares with savings from 30-60%
  • Business Class Tickets to Europe on board major commercial airlines, Big Savings $$$$.


Need to know! Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet Travel portal with 50 Plus FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter operators who compete for your business- you compare multiple quotes and decide. The Concierge Department is managed by Royalty.

Quotes are yours, Free of Charge
Get a Charter quote, call 702-336-7345




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