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Private Jet Charters From Vegas Express

Private Jet Rental


Over 90% of all travelers are searching for the best deals on Charter Flights.  It can be a challenge to seek the information your need and compare offers with last minute fees and charges .  The option is your to seek the support from a Technology Company which sources quotes from 50 plus FAA Certified Jet Rental and Charter firms competing for your Private Jet Business.


A Private Plane, Jet Charter and Rental Technology Platform which provide you with Multiple quotes from over 50 Plus FAA Part 135 Authorized Private Jet operators. We handle hundreds on Charter requests weekly—. Flight operators compete for your business. Get a quote here:


FREE quotes are yours to compare aircraft types, prices and special “Perks” extended to you by Charter Operators who compete for your business. You will be able to Fly Private, it’s like a trip with UBER or LYFT. You only pay for your Charter flights. 

It takes minutes to share your flight schedules and number of friends who will be joining you:

  1. Visit our “Flexible Quotes” and include your departure time and arriving airport.  Yes you will be able to fly to over 4,000 airports. Indicate the city and we will include a convenient airport.
  2. With our simple quote form, you select the aircraft which has the number of seats you need.  Or our Team Members will provide you with several options. 

Do include any special requests you may have, will you be traveling with your furry friends? Need Ambulance services for travelers with special needs?

Better deals and Perks for 2020, plan ahead and shop now
Special Cash Discounts with Vegas Express Jet (1) 702-336-7345, please call our text us


Jet quotes you need to compare and make an intelligent decision.

  • You will be able to view you flight schedules in local time. This includes the distance and flight times.
  • Aircraft types with Interior and Exterior Photos
  • Detailed- fully transparent rates which show you the Charter Hour Costs, Taxes and Fees.

Plus you receive details for Bank Payments of 4%.  Opt-in for our Hitchhiker fares (open legs with discounts from 30-60%.



We are confident that you like our quotes and special Perks, ask us for a Charter Agreement, issued by the Charter operator.  Review and approve and you are on your way.  No worry–we do not have any “Pushy Sales People” who will be promoting Jet Cards or Memberships.

Gulfstream 200 with 10 seats, for quotes call or text us at (1) 702-336-7345

Contact us:

FOR QUOTES, please use our Flexible Quotes  airport desk 702-336-7345

HITCHHIKER FARES- OPEN LEGS, yours at 3-13 days before your flight date. Email.

BUSINESS CLASS FARES TO EUROPE/ORIENT, Big savings $$$ on all commercial air tickets, please ask us for quotes. Call our airport desk at 702-336-7345 for travel news visit our Concierge Team at Royalty Travel US.


Based and Best from the Las Vegas Strip- A Private Jet portal with leading edge technologies and solutions for Private Jets and Business Class Air Travel. We are located on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor. Aircraft departures from Atlantic, Signature and the Henderson Executive Airport.

Private Jets Worldwide Vegas Express Jet for quotes contact us at (1) 702-336-7345





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