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How ill it work for me?


Our story- travel will be a pain!

Like you it has been some time since I traveled on-board a full B737 Jet with about 150 travelers. It was a normal time with every seat occupied, pretzels and peanuts and a delay of about 15 minutes. I remember my Lyft  driver who was waiting for me at the third floor of the Garage.  The Political folks in Las Vegas have not been helping the Ubers and Lyft folks–that’s Vegas!

After 9/11 I did get use to the TSA folks and lines, boarding by up to 10 groups and airplane seats which seem to get skinnier! 

After the extended March lock-downs I eagerly await the good olden days of full planes and low fares which helped me travel to more places, close deals and make new friends.

It changed and Warren Buffett sold all his stock in Delta, United and American.

Travel bookings are down by 98%, the typical domestic flight leaves the gate with about 12-13 passengers. Those who need to fly experience frequent flight changes and may be required to make stopovers at the Hub Airports likes Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Detroit and Minneapolis.  Looks like we have been on a trip in time.  The Airline industry is in the worst condition, ever.  Airlines will be struggling to keep the flight crews proficient since they are not making the number of landings in accordance with FAA rules. Airline will be furlough a large number of employees. As a part of the Government loans extended by the US Government airlines need to retain most employees during this summer. In the meantime, Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway was selling all of his major holding in the Airline Industry with American, Delta, United and Southwest!

What should you do if you need to travel!

For disclosure I was lucky to work for American Airlines as a director on the Leisure Vacations department.  Since my retirement I have associated with the Private Jet Industry as a Consultant. I handle VIP Travelers on the Las Vegas Strip with Luxury Jet transportation from their hometown to the Las Vegas Strip.  The Strip is totally deserted with some Resorts scheduled to open this June.  The Executive Team at the Wynn is leading the Casino industry with a wide range of enhancements to keep the travelers safe.  The Resort Industry has a lot to loose when a mini Pandemic surges on the Las Vegas Strip.

In the meantime, with stringent crowd regulations I don’t anticipate shows, sports events and conventions to return in the very near future.  Some predict that this will happen after we have a vaccine for all of our citizens.  The recovery will be very painful and make take years!

Private Jets- Compare with commercial air!

Medical experts continue to focus on distance control, this may be a challenge onboard a 100 plus seat commercial plane. You never know your risks, it could be one person seated next to you. You could stay at home—–or restart your business, meet with clients. Face to Face business concepts have not changed! The decision is “Yours”

Should you consider a Private Jet Charter? We will very hard to earn your business with quotes from our 50 Plus Alliance Partners.

  • Operators are here to keep the aircraft deep-cleaned with stop-over disinfection which includes the interior cleaning, seats and tables and screens.
  • Operators keep flight crews together, temperature checks are the new norm. 
  • Flying from a Private Jet airport is a very enjoyable experience, it’s OK to arrive 10-15 minutes before flight departure. No TSA lanes, a member of the flight crew will verify your ID.
  • It will cost less to take a private jet during 2020.  The Federal Government does not require the payment of 7.5% Excise Taxes. The Private Charter business is very slow, operator will be eager to make a compelling offer!
Phenom 100, seats 4 with hourly charter rates from under $2,000 Contact us at 702-336-7345

Smart moves you can make, more Jet less money!

Over 70% of all Private Jet flights are under 1,500 miles. You will be very pleased with a twin turbo for flights under one hour, a very light will be a great option for flights of 2.3 hours. 

  • A King Air Twin Turbo with up to 8 seats is a great option- travel from smaller airports and avoid a long road trip. For flights under 2,3 hours consider a Very Light Jet like the Phenom 100 with seating for 4 passengers. 
  • Hourly rates for the Turbo from $1,400 to $1,900.  A very light jet will be priced from $1,900 to $2,100. 
  • Upgrade to a Midsize Jet, this includes the Lear 60 for flights from Houston or Chicago to LAX or Las Vegas. Bigger jets are more expensive with rates from $3,400 to $3,700 per hour.
  • How much will it cost to fly private?.  Aircraft Owners and Charter Operators establish rates and upcharges for special services. 
  • Vegas Express Jet will provide you with a series of quotes and aircraft types. You can compare rates side by side.  Plus whenever possible you will benefit for ‘Open Legs” with savings from 30-60%.


Perks and Incentives are yours!

When travel is no a choice–but a must.  We hope that you ask us for a quote.  Our rates are sourced from 50 Plus Private Jet Alliance Partners who compete for your business. Receive complimentary transfers with a luxury limousine and catering options. This includes Italian Sparkling wines and hand crafted sandwiches “just prepared” in time for your private jet departure.

You receive a number of aircraft options and quotes, all our quotes and unbiased and allow you to make an intelligent buying decision. You will appreciate the fact that Vegas Express Jet does not require to make any capital investments in the form of Memberships or Pricey prepaid jet cards.

Ask for a “Flexible Quote“:

No need to a Credit Card, let us know when you like to leave and your destination, the number of passengers and pick a Plane. (We will provide you with additional options you may consider.)

You compare aircraft options and pricing. The tools you need to manage your budget.

Take advantage of special “Perks” included in your quote. Complimentary catering, limousine and upgrades at the most desirable strip hotels.  Your option includes Mansion stays with more flexibility for families with pools and a personal chef.

Feel free to call our Airport desk at P.(1) 702-336-7345 or contact us a

Planning a vacation, or may we provide you with Amazing Rates for Business Seats on Commercial Air to Europe- please visit our Concierge Site at “Royalty”



PrivateJet-Advisor serves it’s clients in the sourcing of Private Jet Quotes and options from fully certified FAA Part 135 Operators and IATA Carriers. PrivateJet-Advisor is not a direct air carrier or indirect air carrier and does not own or operate aircraft. PrivateJet-Advisor secures quotes from 50 Plus Operators for client review and considerations.

Charter agreements are issued by the operator, in accordance with DOT and FAA requirements the aircraft details disclose aircraft tail numbers and or ownership details. If the reader of this message is not the intended  recipient or an employee or an agent responsible for delivering the message to the intended recipient you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by calling the telephone stated above and return the original to us by mail. All quote and booking information is confidential. Flight information and in formation is not shared with other parties and is fully confidential.

Our offices are located at 5132 Tennis Ct East #101, Las Vegas NV 89120-1333 USA

All quotes are subject to change without prior notice—fully adheres to State, Federal and Overseas Regulations which may impact flight schedules and requirements for immunization and quarantine imposed on departing and arriving travelers.





















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