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Private Jet Prices to Fly

Welcome on Board- All Aircraft Types 4-30 seats

You may be looking to upgrade to a Private Jet–or you may have a Jet Card which requires a big payment. You’re invited to explore the newest options and fly at 30% less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership, compare this to timeshares in the air. No need to worry about a hard selling sales group- we simply do not memberships and encourage you to fly like you take a ride with UBER or Lyft. You only pay for your Charter Hours- simply no ongoing risks or obligations. Take a moment to explore your quotes and download your Jet Costs. We take care of all the details—start saving.

Fast track pricing–Navigate the Jet Market!

Vegas Express Jet has provided our Guest Flyers with the tools and options to save big on Luxury Jet Rentals and Charters. You will be able to enjoy VIP flights without the need to assume long term risks and obligations—you will have the freedom to select the best aircraft and pricing. No need to adhere to restrictions associated with Jet Cards and Memberships. Over 1000 flights with customers who give is Five Star Plus ratings. We anticipate all your needs from the moment we receive your request for a quote.

How to fly Private Jets at Airline Prices

We value your privacy— no need to share your personal information-or credit card data required. We simply provide you with quotes from 50 Plus Jet Operators with hundreds of aircraft options–Vegas Express Jet is different. No Memberships, or Pricey Prepaid Jet Cards which cost you form $25,000 and up. Explore and download our rates and compare. We help you avoid the Broker Middleman and you keep more money in your pocket–select from Hundreds of Jet Types and seating plans.

  • Simply share your flight schedule and number of seats you need. Over 50 plus FAA Jet Charter Companies compete for your business. You can’t make this work without our technologies.
  • A quote will be yours via a short e:mail message with several plane types and options, a Vegas Express Exclusive. Take a look at photo-images of the interior seating plan and special services like Free WIFI and Entertainment. It’s like taking a test flight.
  • Compare Jet prices, view aircraft types and costs side-by-side. All costs for flight hours and special services are fully detailed. No hidden charges or last minute surprises.
  • After you accept any of the quotes, receive a Guaranteed Charter Agreement for your review and approval. This includes your confirmed flight schedules and Operator and Aircraft Registration.
  • Here is the information you need to make an intelligent booking. Our Jet Team is here to address any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to ask for more options— Don’t hesitate to call our airport desk for support at 702-336-7345 one of our Team Members will be here to answer your questions.
Gulfstream Jet
Gulfstream G650 at Signature Las Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

How to enjoy luxury Jets at budget prices

Your Private Jet comes with a wide range of benefits and Perks which are yours to enjoy. This includes upgrades and bar, credit and catering options. Details in your quote:

  1. Complimentary limousine services with a 7 seat Escalade with Medium and Large Cabin Jets
  2. Catering services, this includes Custom Crafted Sandwiches, Fruit-Cheese and Fish Platters
  3. Open Bar services with Generous snack baskets-ask us for selections.
  4. Team Services from our Air Concierges include Suite Upgrades, Resort Credits and Complimentary Breakfast Services at all 4Seasons Resorts, Wynn, Bellagio, MGM Aria Las Vegas.

Your Private Jet and Helicopter flights to, Zion, Bryce and the Grand-Canyon.

Vegas Express Jet- Helicopter Charters P.702-336-7345

How much is a Private Helicopter Tour

Compared to individual seat pricing, you will save up to 50%, plus the entire 7 seat Helicopter is yours.

The Private Helicopter will take you to places without the long lines at all National Parks–Guaranteed to be an experience you will never forget, our Helicopter flights and charters include the astonishing beauty of the canyons. This is the tour of dreams—

Wedding Planners use our Helicopter flights for Elope Packages, Wedding Ceremonies, Renewal of the Vows— Landing you on the top of the Grand Canyon.

You will have the support from one of our Team Members who helps you schedule your own Helicopter Charter and helps you plan your tours and schedules. Your Helicopter Charter has a total of 7 seats, invite friends and family and use all the available seats. Ask us about individual seats on scheduled Helicopter tours to Zion and the Grand Canyon from the Vegas Strip Resorts. Please connect with one of our Air Concierge -Travel Advisors. Reach our Airport desk at P.702-336-7345.

You are safe and secure, all the Helicopter aircraft and Pilots are ARG/Gold Platinum Rates- amongst the highest safety and quality standards in the Aviation industry. All operators are FAA Part 135 Authorized

6 Seat Great Views
6 Seats “Great Views”

Vegas Express Jet LLC is a Private Jet Technology Portal.  Quotes are sourced on behalf of our clients from 50 Plus Alliance Partners.  All firms are FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators.  In partnership with Vegas Express Jet LLC.  Full disclosure of Aircraft and Operator data in accordance with DOT and FAA Regulations. Vegas Express Jet LLC  is not an aircraft operator or a direct air carrier and is not in operational control of aircraft. Your Charter Agreement is issued by the FAA Part 135  Charter Operator direct to you with Guaranteed rates and flight confirmations. – Travel Team Services provided by Royalty Travel, Registration TRUE #99901760

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