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Private Jet Prices, One Ways

Private Jet Prices, One Ways


Private Jet prices with special “One Ways” using Floating Fleets. This includes up to 332 Aircraft. A floating fleet with one way prices can be your cost saver. With one way pricing your are Not Charged for the flight time to return the aircraft and crew back to base. The operator keeps your aircraft at your destination.


Your operator will use enhanced search engines to secure flights bookings from all major markets. New technologies with the availability of Large, Medium and Smaller Light Jets provide you with more options. You may benefit from more discounts and upgrades.


For the Private Jet flyer the deals, options and aircraft types can be a “bewildering” experience. Make a couple of smart moves and benefit from big discounts and savings:

  • Open legs save up to 40%- most are posted and available within 10-20 days before departure. Our office will be able to provide you with aircraft options and details.
  • Consider a Light Jet or Twin Turbo King Air for shorter flights—you will save at least 30% compared to a Midsize Jet.
  • For longer flights upsize to a Super Midsize—you now will have 12 seats with an option to share the costs with your friends.
  • FREE advise is here, one of our Jet Experts will provide you with several options and quotes. You will have the tools to compare.

Avoid options which require you to pay membership fees in exchange for a one time lower rate discounts. Don’t consider pricey prepaid Jet Cards- “On demand Jet Charters” are you best buy.

Team Building at California Wineries, Napa, Central CA.

Consider us for special Gift Packages with One or Two Day Packages by Private Jet to the Wineries in Napa and Central California. Our programs are for families and groups from 4 to 19 passengers.

Our Concierge Team will be here to provide you with suggested itineraries for trips to all destinations–please share your needs and ask us for a quote.



Vegas Express Jet, Private Lounges at Atlantic, Signature, Henderson Executive, Las Vegas.  Van Nuys, Burbank, Santa Monica “Beverly Hills” John Wayne, San Diego -LAX CA.  One and Two Day Journeys by Private Jet to Napa, Wineries in Paso Robles, Templeton, Santa Barbara and Monterey CA.

Aircraft options include the King Air Twin Turbo with up to 6 seats, Phenom 100 with 4, seats, Lear 31A with    6 seats, Lear 60 with 6 seats. Super Midsize Challenger 601 with 12 seats. Free quotes


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