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Private Jet Prices

It’s no secret, Private Jet Rentals, Charters can be pricey. Many travelers will make the mistake to buy costly Jet Cards and Memberships which will greatly increase the cost of a Private Jet. Stay here and read-on how you can manage the cost of your Private Plane and enjoy a great journey to places like Las Vegas, Disneyland or the California Beaches. It only takes a few minutes and some sample steps to cut your Private Jet Prices.

Private Jet Prices, Turbo Jets

The Pilatus PC 12 has a speed of close to 300 miles per hour–this is a great option for a flight from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara, Carlsbad, Bakersfield and Carlsbad. Make it a daytrip for your business or take the trip with friends and family. Above all you can’t beet the all-in-hourly charter price of $2,500 per hour. This includes you charter time, federal Excise Tax of 7.5%. Just in case, we will be here to provide you with quotes for all types of Private Jet with seating for 4-30 passengers. Start your journey with a Turbo Jet.

Pilatus Turbo, come fly with us.

Discover all the details for the Pilatus PC12 Jet–you will be amazed with the comfort and convenience from this Turbo–great savings are yours when you are prepared to accept slightly slower speeds when you compare the Pilatus with the newest Hondajet, Citation M2 and the Phenom 300. Don’t hesitate to call our airport desk for support and pricing ay 702-336-7345. 

6-9 Seats

Aircraft sizeEnglishMetric
Length47.24 ft14.4 m
Wing Span53.4 ft16.28 m
Height13.98 ft4.26 m
Bag. Capacity34.26 ft³0.98 m³
Cabin sizeEnglishMetric
Length16.94 ft5.16 m
Width4.98 ft1.52 m
Height4.82 ft1.48 m
Area330 ft³9.34 m³

Seat Map

Max Seating9
Typical Seating6

Specifications for your Private Plane, the Pilatus PC12

IFR Range1573 nm
Cruise Speed280 KTAS
Certified Ceiling30000 ft
Rate of Climb1920 ft/m
Takeoff Distance2650 ft
Landing Distance1830 ft
Max Takeoff Weight10449 lbs
Max Landing Weight9920 lbs
Useful Weight3668 lbs
Payload with Full Fuel966 lbs
Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Private Jet Price for a Pilatus PC12

The professionals in the aviation industry give the Pilatus High performance and quality ratings- when you charter a Private Jet you will be very comfortable with the Pilatus–above all it’s a great budget option. Prices for a Very Light Jet range from $2,700 to $2,900 per hour for a Very Light Jet with seating for 5. You hourly charter price for the Pilatus PC 12 is $2,500 this represents a 30% savings when you compare the Tubo with any other midsize jets. Please learn more about the Pilatus PC 12.

Pilatus is a highly respected Swiss company which has become known as the largest single-engine turboprop manufacturer on the planet. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, Pilatus seems to have discovered the formula for producing some of the most reliable aircraft available. The original PC-12 was announced in 1989 at NBAA, first flew in 1991, and gained certification in 1994. It was a new design by Pilatus which incorporated the time-tested PT6 engine that the manufacturer had utilized in previous models. In 2006, the PC-12NG

The PC-12 NG continues the fine-tuning process which has spanned three decades and helped the PC-12 model become one of the most popular turboprop singles in existence. The improvements include increased take-off weight, more powerful engines, speed increase, range increase, noise reduction, new avionics, updated in-flight entertainment – the list goes on and on.

Private Jet Prices

When you charter with Vegas Express Jet, you only pay for the Charter Hours. In the same way you take a ride with UBER or Lyft. No need to pricey prepaid jet cards or annual membership. You save thousands. All quotes are extended free of charge. After you accept our quote, you receive a charter agreement for your consideration and approval with Guaranteed Pricing and Flight Confirmations. All Flight are subject to a 7.5% Federal Excise Tax which applies to all US flights. Payment is due and payable 24/72 hours before your flight departure. Feel free to pay by credit card or bank payment. For support, please contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345

Visit us for special rates for our start-up services from San Diego to Las Vegas. Vegas Express Jet will be here to assist you with Open Legs, a great choice for travelers with a flexible schedule. Expect most open legs to be available during weekends from Las Vegas to the LAX airports. You could save from 30-60% and only pay $300- per seat on a one-way flight. 

Las Vegas Strip
Vegas Express is based on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor. A Team of Dispatchers help you secure better options and amazing deals! P. 702-336-7345

You’re invited to experience the Vegas Experience. A Leading Edge Jet Portal with over 80 Alliance Charter operators. Our systems and technology do all the work for you–it simply lets you compare options and prices with side-by-side pricing for each Charter Plane. Check it out and ask us for help with Trip Planning, Transfers, EV Rentals and Limo Services. FREE upgrades and catering services with complimentary catering and WIFI services. It’s all here for you to enjoy.

Please visit us at Fly Private Vegas or new site. Need a special visit to Las Vegas and Nevada, please take a moment to visit us at Las Vegas Territory.

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