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Private Jets, Casino Guests

How much is a Private Jet, first time flyers and experienced Luxury Travelers are searching for the best deals. It can be complicated with a wide range of options. A search on Google will include Jet Operators, Brokers and Companies which are promoting Jet Cards and Memberships. Vegas Express Jet is a Technology Jet Portal which let’s you compare and select which options are your best choice. We provide you with the tools allowing you to make an intelligent decision. No need for Credit Cards–never any risks on your part.

Private Jets, Invitations extended by Casino

The Casino Resorts will be extending special invitations to VIP Guests and Players for the fall of 2021. Make certain that you are on the Invited Guests lists. Understand that many of the of the most influential Hosts are now working the floor at Resorts World. Don’t hesitate to contact the Resort to make new connections and benefit from generous “Comps”. Don’t delay and make certain that you name is now registered on the VIP List.

  • Contact you host and make certain that your name is on the VIP List
  • It’s a smart move to place some funds in the Cage
  • Maximize your comps such as Suites, Dining Options
  • Tickets to the biggest and most desirable shows like Celine Dion

Private Jets, special rates extended by Vegas Express Jet.

Just in case you do not receive a special VIP from your Resort. Vegas Express Jet will help you secure the very best rate and aircraft options. This includes the most desirable Super Midsize Aircraft like the Gulfstream 200 or the Challenger 604 series with up to 12 seats. We will coordinate you arrival and request a Resort Limo for your arrival and departure at the Las Vegas Strip Private Charter Airports. If you wish–our Senior Team Members will be pleased to handle you casino introductions. All your requests will be “confidential”. (Call us at 702-336-7345)

Citation Very Light Jet with 5 seats, rates from $1,900 to $2,300 per hour.

Private Jet Costs–How to control your costs, download here:

  • Did you know that over 70% of all Charter Flights are under 1,500 miles or about 2,3 hours. Most flights operate with two to three passengers only.
  • A Very Light Jet like the Phenom 100 with 4 seats, or the Citation M2 with 5 seats and a fully enclosed washroom will be great choices.
  • Very Light Jets are very affordable with rates from $1,900 to $2,300 per hour.
  • Have a larger party, need to cover more distance–it may be time to upgrade to a bigger jet. Consult with one of our flight planners and consider your options. Quotes for all aircraft types with 4-30 seats.
  • How to determine the costs of your Charter?–it’s simply based on your flying time from Point to Point–this includes the time needed to return your jet back to base. Many Travelers will Charter a Jet for a daytrip retuning home the same evening. This is a cost saver- no empty legs with cost reductions of 50%
  • Dynamic Prices may increase you charter costs up to 25%—This pricing process is based on high demand travel dates such at the 4th of July and other major Holidays. It also applies to specific sports events, concerts at your destination. Very much in place in Vegas and Orlando.
  • If possible, schedule your flights midweek- demand lower, score a better deal. Your charter costs may be reduced by an additional 20-25%.
Seating Plan for a Citation CJ3 with seating for 6 travelers.

Private Jets, save up to 30% with Vegas Express Jet

Vegas Express Jet is a Technology and Travel Portal- we are here to provide you with quotes which are submitted from 50 Plus Private Jet Operators. Each firm is ARG/US Platinum or Gold Rated, the highest quality and safety protection in the Private Aviation Industry.

Plus you receive multiple quote options with aircraft and pricing. You compare each option side-by-side. View the photos of the interior seating plans and aircraft. Understand the availability of WIFI, Washrooms of your Charter Jet options.

Compare prices and detailed quotes—after you like a quote ask for a Guaranteed Rate quote directly from the operator. Review your quotes and if you decide, sign and approve.

Choices and Options, you compare and decide- Vegas Express Jet provides you with smart technologies. Tel:702-336-7345

No need to take any risks since the quotes you receive are detailed and include a series of options. No need for a Credit Card to secure a quote. Need help, Support Tel:702-336-7345.

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