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Don’t shop for Private Jet Prices—consider your needs and options first. Airplanes and Crew Members are rated by ARGUS which partners with operators allowing you to determine safety and quality issues.

Important, do compare

The CHEQ system by ARGUS has a number of ratings:

  • Not rated- firm which do not provide information or history. You may wish to avoid.
  • Gold rating, the operator meet the current ARGUS rating requirements.
  • Gold-Plus rating, the operator meet all Gold Rating requirements and has passed an audit during the preceding 24 months.
  • Platinum Rating- The Operator meets all Gold-rating requirements and within the preceding 24 months has passed in ARGUS audit to the Platinum standards

How to select the best Private Jet option for your next journey

Before you consider prices, ensure that your bottomline is accurate. Here are some tips for a best flight and deal!

  • Did you receive a complete schedule for your flights—most operators will include flying time, distance and airport information in local times.
  • Photos of the aircraft need to show the seating plan and cabin information–will you have lounge or bench seating.
  • Your prices should be itemized for flight hours, special services, handling fees. All Private Jet Charters operated within the USA are subject to a 7.5% Federal Tax.
  • Upcharges may apply for credit card payments.
  • May we provide you with a quote?

Special Benefits, Perks you should consider

All quotes you receive from Vegas Express Jet include a 4% cash discount- you pay the operator direct via Bank Wire. Avoid the middleman and save

Special “Perks” include Complimentary Limousine Services for all flights of three plus hours. This includes planeside meet and greet services at the Las Vegas Strip Airports

Catering options for all flights by our partners at Amazon “Whole Foods” include freshly prepared sandwiches and salads. Delivered to your aircraft 30 minutes prior to departure. For details please visit your quote.

Limited time– Plane Tag from B747 Skin–for details please visit our webiste at JetNetTravelStore.


For support contact our Airport Desk at P.(1) 702-3367345. Private Airport Lounges at Atlantic, Signature, Henderson Executive Airport. Van Nuys, Burbank, John Wayne, Carlsbad, San Diego.

Our Concierge Team will contact you with upgrades at the Wynn-Encore, Cosmopolitan, Park, 4 Seasons Resorts. Please call 725-696-4012

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