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Private Jet Prices

Private Jet Prices

Gulfstream 200 Series, 10 seats

Know your options, before you buy!

Helping you understand your options, before you buy and fly Private Jets and Aircraft Charter options. Special offers and Pricing for the Gulfstream III with seating for 14 guests.

  • On Demand Charters do not require you to purchase “Pricey Jet Cards” or Memberships. You will be able to save from $25,000- to $50,000 and not required to make long term commitments in exchange for a one time flight deal. You will be able to determine your own flight schedules and select the aircraft. Our flight support team will provide you with several quotes allowing you compare aircraft and your costs.
  • Some brokers will offer shared seating options—or crowd sourcing on specific flight schedules. Brokers will entice you to accept a scheduled flight charter in exchange for memberships—-be aware this type of offer has generated a series of “Fraud Reports”. Above all your flight will be occupied by a group of consolidated travelers without TSA oversight. Before you consider this option consider a safe flight on-board a commercial airline.
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Turbo Props, Light Jets

The King Air Twin Turbo is the top choice for flights under 5000 miles, this covers departures from San Diego, John Wayne, Long Beach, LAX (Burbank Bob Hope) and Van Nuys to the Las Vegas Strip. Hourly charter costs range from $1,400 to $1,700 per hour for the 8 seat aircraft. Planning a weekend visit the Las Vegas Strip—budget from $6,800 to $7,400 for your trip—this includes your taxes and fees. Please ask us for a quote

Phenom 100 Light Jets

The Phenom 100 is a light Jet with seating for up to 4 travelers. You will enjoy a spacious interior with comfortable seating designed by BMW–this aircraft has a range from of 1300 miles. Hourly charter costs will rage from $1,995- to $2,100 per hour. Most trips to and from the Las Vegas Strip will be priced from $9,600. Depart from Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Santa Barbara or San Jose. The Phenom 300 (Picture Above) is a mid-sized jet with seating for 6 travelers.

Upgrades to a Lear 60, Midsize Jet

The Midsize Jets provide you with a fully enclosed Washroom plus larger seats which make this aircraft you best option for flights up to 4 hours. Most aircraft in this group provide you with WiFi data and entertainment options. Consider this Jet for flights from Chicago, Dallas, Houston to the Las Vegas Strip. Budget from $18,000 to $21,000 for your trip from Dallas for an extended weekend on the Las Vegas Strip.


Limited time options include the following–first come first served:

  • Gulfstream III with 14 seats, weekend trip (Friday-Sunday) from San Diego, Bob Hope to Las Vegas for $19,950-. Includes all taxes and fees. Limited direct lease option. (You save up to $10,000)
  • Lear 31A with 6 seats–this is a 6 seat aircraft now available for a Friday-Sunday weekend flight from San Diego, John Wayne for the low price of $9,950-.
  • Open legs, one way specials are available between 10-14 days before departure–expect cost savings from 30-60%. For example a one way from LAX to Hong Kong for a 14 seat Gulfstream jet will be discounted from $135,000- to under $100,000-. Please ask us for open leg options and include “Open Legs” in your request for a quote.

Flight support:

A team of dispatchers who are here to provide you with the very best options for flights to over 4,000 airports and destinations world wide. Vegas Express Jet has the resources from over 50 Plus Alliance partners. All the rates quoted in the Charter Agreements are fully guaranteed for up to 72 hours. Please contact support at P.702-336-7345


Departures from Private Lounges at Atlantic, Signature, North Las Vegas and the Henderson Executive Airports. LAX Atlantic and Signature East West Van Nuys.

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