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Private Jet Prices

Private Jet Prices

Private Jets Worldwide Vegas ExpressJet for support contact us at P (1) 702-336-7345


Private Jets can be pricey, we are here to help you select the best options and prices for your Private Charter or Rental. Save money on Private Plane flights. You are invited to ask us for multiple quotes and compare aircraft. Take advantage of our Limousine Services and special Perks. For support contact our Airport Desk at P.(1) 702-336-7345. No request is to small.


You select your own schedule and cities you plan to visit. As a next step you may search the websites for prices, deals and aircraft options. We are your best buy since aircraft are sourced from our 50 Plus Alliance partners- more competition means better rates for your charter flights.

Leading edge technologies plus our relationship with the Major Resorts help us generate more traffic for our partners. Plus we help you with your aircraft requirements and provide you with the bids you can compare.

Charter Agreements are yours with Guaranteed costs, we also offer deep discounted one way charters. Select this options for your departure within the next two weeks. Save from 30- 60% on the Large Cabin Jets with 9-14 seats.



ROYALTY AVIATION CONSULTANTS provides Vegas Express Jet with direct quotes for over 50 Alliance Partner FAA Part 135 Jet Operators. Jet Flyers benefit from net/net rates and pay the operator direct–saving the costs and markups for the middleman. Ask us for a quote

Quotes you receive are fully detailed and transparent flight schedules are displayed in local times. Photos with the aircraft interior will provide you with the seating details. Compare the costs for your flight hours and landing fees. All quotes include the Federal Tax of 7.5%

How much is your private jet?—you may need side by side pricing options to compare a Turbo Twin Engine with a Light Jet. We will be here to display your costs, seating and options for each aircraft.


Our Concierge Team will be here to help you select a cancellation insurance package which covers to the flight costs for your private jet and medical coverage. For frequent flyers we offer annual packages at lower costs. Please call P.702-336-7345


All aircraft operated are FAA 135 Authorized and provide you with the knowledge that each firm is ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated. One of our Team Members will review your quote request. Whenever applicable we provide you with cost and upgrade options. Some of our client options include:

  1. Nonstop flights without the need to make scheduled fuel stops
  2. Cabin Sizes and seating which are comfortable for longer trips
  3. Payment options with a 4% discount, use of Bitcoin and Credit Card payments
  4. Special catering to meet the dietary requirements of your personally and your guests
  5. Take advantage of our Total Care program with and extra layer of security provided by Bedrock Special Projects.


Lear 35 Seating- for support call 702-336-7345

Compare several aircraft options side by side- view the seating and aircraft from the inside and outside. Consider the Budget options by selecting a King Air Twin Turbo or the very light Phenom Jet.  The King has seating for 8 passengers. The Phenom with an interior designed by BMW offers 4 comfortable seats.

Charters at lower costs– don’t overbuy on planes which have too many seats. Make certain that you have selected a jet which will operate non-stop. Avoid fuel stops whenever possible.

Keep it simple, you can reach our Airport Desk at P. (1) 702-336-7345. One of our Team Members will be here to help you select a cost efficient Private Jet Charter. You receive a quote with schedules in local time, aircraft photos interior and exterior plus your cost detail. This will show your charter hours, landing fees- overnight fees and all charges. Federal Taxes of 7.5% apply on all domestic US flights.


For a limited time take advantage of complimentary limousine transfers with your Super Midsize flights. This includes the Challenger 601 with 12 seats or the Gulfstream 200 with 9 seats.

Our  Concierge Team offers upgrades, spa credits and free breakfasts at most Las Vegas Strip Resorts–for help call P.(1) 702-696-4012.

Ask for a quote and start your journey—-




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