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Private Jets LA

Over 70% of all Jet Charters are under 3.2 hours. Private Jet Traffic between So.Cal and Vegas is the second busy market. The first one is between NYC and Florida. Discover why Vegas Express Jet is different and how you can fly with a Luxury Jet from Vegas to LA at big savings. Get budget freindly options for all your charter needs. We do not sell pricey jet cards, no need to pay for quotes or services. There is NO UP FRONT COMMITMENT required to secure Charter rates for your trips between LA and Vegas.

You can avoid the crowded airports and freeways to and from the Vegas Strip to LA. Arriving at your Private Airport Lounge 15 minutes before departure is OK. Compare this with commercial airports and long lines requiring you to arrive 2-3 hours before your flight departure. A good flight can mean peace-of-mind, feeling rested and your ability to spend more time at your resort. Vegas Express Jet is located on the Strip Corridor. We understand and know that flying is personal. We welcome your call and are here to address any last-minute flight requests. For flights to and from LA call us at 702-336-7345.

The Hondajet is a Very Light Plane with seating for 5, for rates contact us at Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Private Jets LAX

Fly Private from the Vegas Strip and discover how open legs may save you from 30-60%. Gain better understanding of Private Jets to any of the LA airports and purchase an empty leg. This is the way to enjoy a weekend in LA on the Beaches or at Disneyland. The choice is yours–we have the options for a Private Jet to LA.

1) The Hondajet has a total of five seats, the flight to most LAX airports takes about one hour. During your flight enjoy WIFI entertainment and a wide variety of drinks and cocktails. The interior is specious for a small jet with a washroom located in the back of the plane. 

2) The Cessna Citation is one of the most preferred Very Light Jets, depart from the Vegas Strip and enjoy the lounge with a wide selection of drinks and coffee drinks. This plane comes with a generous snack basket and a wide selection of drinks. 

Discover the benefits and Costs of all Private Jets–check here for prices.

Private Jets LA Disneyland

Big savings are yours with open leg pricing. For example a weekend trip from Las Vegas to Bob Hope will be reduced from the regular price of about $14,000 to $7,000. That’s half price. This includes all your taxes and fees. You will be able to leave on a Friday afternoon from the Vegas Strip and return Sunday Evening or early Monday Morning. 

You should know how Open Legs work, and why you receive big discounts. Firstly open legs are flights which are operated after the aircraft and crew have delivered their client to their destination. For example- Many flights on weekends will operate from Las Vegas on a Friday to meet passengers at one of the LAX airports. The aircraft will fly without any paying passengers to LA–this is the flight which will be an open leg. The same applies to the return on weekend when passengers fly from the Strip to LAX returning from a weekend stay on the Strip. Bottomline Open Legs are a great way to save for Vegas Passengers who plan a weekend at the Vegas beaches, Santa Monica, Disneyland or the Hollywood Studio. This is the way to experience Luxury and avoid a long road journey of the 15 Freeway. Need more prices, give us a call at 702-336-7345

Private Jets Disneyland

For Las Vegas Visitors planning a weekend to Disneyland, we suggest a flight to the John Wayne (SNA) airport. Rent a Car or take UBER or Lyft to Anaheim. You will find a wide variety of room options at Disneyland. You will have a total of five seats on your Private Charter Flight. Visit Disneyland here.

Private Jets bookings

Our Team Members will be here to assist your with Private Jet flights to all California airports, this includes Van Nuys, Bob Hope, Long Beach, John Way, Carlsbad, Sad Diego, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara and Monterey. Please call our airport desk at 702-336-7345

Private Jet Prices and bookings

Vegas Express Jet is located on the Las Vegas Strip. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary with special catering offers for all our guests departing with their private jet charter from any of the Las Vegas Airports including the Henderson Executive Airport. The details are included in your Charter quotes—This is a limited time offer. You enjoy handcrafted sandwiches and a delightful luncheon experience with our compliments. Each of our Flight Planners, Tarvel Advisors and Air Concierge Team are here to connect with your and ensure that you have a great private jet experience.

Airport desk, support 702-336-7345

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