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Private Jet for Wedding

For all of us the Pandemic has taken a long time- planning a Wedding during these uncertain time is difficult. Many Wedding parties are now discovering the many benefits of flying Private–a Private Jet is one of the most Romantic Journeys and it’s one of the very best decisions you should make during these unsettling times.

The “Hot Wedding Places” are now on the Vegas Strip, the Beaches at Malibu and Maui and in the Napa Secluded Wineries for classy elegant and intimate places. One of our Wedding Consultants will be here to guide you and take care of all the details—-savings you time and unexpected surprises. We included a list of the most frequent questions we receive–please read on.

Secluded Winery Wedding by Private Jet- Vegas Express Jet “Romance in the Air”

You are invited to discover and download the most memorable Private Jet Wedding Journey–We are here to custom craft “a very unique” Private Jet Wedding. Last year was a difficult time for weddings- we provided the solutions for Couples who had postponed their wedding plans for over two years- With the expertise of our Partner Wedding Planners and the many benefits of Flying Private we have been able to exceed the highest expectations of our Bridal Parties.

You’re invited to:

Experience the perfect Private Jet Experience. Our Wedding planners are here to assist you with Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Weddings and Honeymoons. Or if you with a “Elope” intimate escape program.

Las Vegas, World Wedding Capital, Vegas Express Jet

We know that planning a wedding can take a lot of time—you will be able to share all your wishes and receive a detailed proposal for your travel arrangements and wedding—You will be able to benefit from cost savings since most of the vendors are competing for your business. Above all, you need to know that you will not encounter and last minute surprises during these difficult times.

Our Wedding Experts will be here to coordinate all the details. For everything wedding-related, including proposals, destination weddings, in-air weddings, and unforgettable honeymoons. 

Private Jet Wedding planner:

Start with a casual rendezvous with one of our Team Members. Sorry no “Cookie Cutting” programs since each Wedding is unique and customized for you. One of our clients hosted an informal cocktail reception at the Private Airport before their flight to Hawaii and enjoyed a Beach Wedding at Maui. One of our parties enjoyed a Ceremony in the air and rented a Villa on the Strip–No risks or obligations on your part.

Simply explore your options, download our page and ask for a plan and budget—Private Jets can be pricey, however all our Wedding Parties shared the costs of the plane making the journey very affordable.

Before you plan your journey, consider:

Start with with the Great Surprise:

Take your partner and friends to that very special place–or meet your friends on the Las Vegas Strip—or at a Vineyard in Napa. One of the pleasures of flying private, no need for TSA lines and need to arrive hours before your flight departs.

Once you arrive at your destination– Private Limousines will be waiting planeside, within minutes “After Picture Takings” you will be on your way. Your baggage will be transferred instantly.

Honeymoon Jets.


Start by sharing your vision with our friendly, knowledgeable account managers, just like you would with any other charter. You can start the process by sending us a short E:Mail message– we are here to create a gorgeous experience including floral arrangements, photography, cakes, champagne, officiants.

We will be able to arrange for multiple stopovers allowing your friends and family to join at other airports. You receive a detailed itinerary and a fully transparent quote for all your wedding arrangements and your Private Plane Charter.  Compare charter costs for several aircraft types.  View seating arrangement and special services on board.

Gulfstream Jet
Gulfstream G650 with seating for 14 Guests, full Galley for Dining Options- Oversized Washroom- Maui Beach Weddings

Download, and share your needs with our Wedding Team, call us at P.702-336-7345.

  • Let your partner know how you feel by surprising them with a sunset departure, surprise destination, and dinner in their favorite city. With our culinary partnerships, we can even manage your reservations and serve treats from your favorite restaurant, chocolatier, or bakery.
  • The Private Jet will make it a most memorable journey, if desired you will be able to destination a secret and have limousines meet you Jet planeside for a short trip to your Resort or Wedding Chapel.
  • Over 70% of all Weddings are at Romantic Destination, the Las Vegas Strip is one of the Premier Destinations with Luxury Resorts such as the Wynn, Bellagio and Cosmopolitan or the 4Seasons.
  • After the Ceremony make include a series of events such as a Chocolate tour or visit to the Desert. Make certain to include a photographer allowing you to return with lifetime memories.
  • 100% More Peace of mind, no need to look for items which may be out of stock- share your wishes with your Wedding Consultant or one of our Team Members.
  • If you wish, your ceremony will be conducted “On Board Your Private Jet” before you arrive at your destination. Share the costs of you Jet Charter with all your guests and decide to fly with a Gulfstream or Global Jets with seating up to 14 travelers.  Make it a luxury flight with fine dining and open bar. Select from a wide range of menu and catering options.
  • Your anniversary is an excellent time to surprise your partner with a trip to your wedding venue, honeymoon destination, or even the place you met. We can work with you to conspire to keep all the arrangements secret until you land, have your wedding video on the in-flight entertainment system, and cater the flight with treats from your wedding day. After your wedding ceremony, we can ensure that your private jet is a welcome respite on the way to your honeymoon destination. Private jets can also be tremendous time savers if you choose to get married on a hard-to-reach destination such as the most stylish Caribbean islands, and honeymoon in another, equally beautiful but isolated destination.
  • Renewing your wedding vows, relive your anniversary with this very special person in your life Your anniversary is an excellent time to surprise your partner with a trip to your wedding venue, honeymoon destination, or even the place you met.

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions:

  1. How much is a Private Jet (ask us for a quote at P.702-336-7345) or E:Mail us.
  2. Can I collect money from my Wedding party and pay later. (Yes you may hold you charter with a Credit Card–payment is charged 24/72 hours before departure on you card.)
  3. Will the Wedding Consultant provide me with a plan and pricing? (Of course–never a charge for the initial consultation the Wedding Consultant will understand your needs and budget plan.)
  4. The Places I can go with a Private Jet. (No restrictions as long as each member of your group has a valid ID or Passport)
  5. How many days is a Wedding Charter (Mostly from 3-4 days).
  6. How about a single one way charter? (Not many, but we recently handled a one way Wedding Charter from Ft. Lauderdale to Las Vegas–since many members of the Bridal group extended their stays and visited the National Parks and Disney this worked our great. Keep it simple and have each member handle their own return reservations.
  7. How much will my Wedding Cost? (Wedding packages at a Luxury Hotel will start at $1,500- our Wedding Team and Advisors will help you with your budget–we work with Vendors who extend special discounts and amenities.

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