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Private Jet, fly the newest planes!

The newest Private Jets are fuel efficient and are designed to handle up to 70% of all the Jet flights. Known as Very Light Jets are build with Carbon Fibers and include the latest navigation technologies developed by companies like Garmin. The newest Cirrus Vision Jet has a build-in Parachute just in case. Download the details for the Hondajet, the Citation M2 and the Business Phenom 300 Jet. All aircraft in this group are in high demand. Take advantage of early bookings and avoid the additional costs for Fuel Surcharges.

Private Jet Charters

Over 70% of all Charter Flights operated in the USA are under 1,500 miles. The average flight is about 2,3 hours and departs with two to three passengers. For example if you fly from LAX to San Jose, or from Santa Barbara to San Diego a very light jet is a great option. It’s very much in demand for weekend charters from Burbank, Van Nuys and John Wayne to the Vegas Strip. Let’s talk about the Jets you can Jet Rent and the price you will pay. Here are the three aircraft which you should consider.

How much is my Private Jet?

The Cirrus Vision Jet
  • The Cirrus Vision Jet has seating for up to 4 guests. This high tech jet has a range of 500 miles. It’s typically operated by one Pilot. The price makes this a great budget option. Need to travel to Santa Barbara? This should be on-top of your list. We recommend that you Rent this Jet with a second pilot. Hourly Rental Costs from $1,600 per hour. Hands down the Cheapest options.
HondaJet 6 seats, Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

The HondaJet, is one of the most preferred jets-the interior is spacious with reclining seats. Plus you will have ample space for you baggage and golf clubs. The Jet will take you on trips from Dallas to Las Vegas. It’s on top of the list for Golfers leaving the Las Vegas Strip for Monterey CA. Minutes away from Pebble Beach. Hourly Rental Prices range from $2,300 to $2,500 per hour. This Jet is all yours with Two Pilots, Complimentary WIFI and a fully enclosed washroom. This is the aircraft we use for shuttle flights to the Golf Courses at Pebble Beach via the Monterey Airport.

Honda Jet Interior
Citation M2 with seating for 5

The Citation M2 is the darling of the Very Light Jets–this plane has an amazing spacious interior with comfortable- wide seating and shown. Hourly Charter and Rental Fees of $2,300 to $2,600 include a great catering package with all types of beverages. You will enjoy Tablet WIFI and entertainment services. We suggest that you book early. Ask for a quote- no credit card needed. Unquestionably the best choice for luxury at a very affordable price.

In the same group you will be able to secure the Phenom 100 with seating for 4 travelers. This Jet has no washroom and is priced from $2,000 per hour.

Phenom 300 Midsize Jet, Range up to 4.5 Hours.
  • The Phenom 300, Most preferred Business Jet. You need to consider this Plane for longer trips, for example from Chicago to LAX or from San Francisco to the Las Vegas Strip. This is the premier jet for business travelers and is in very high demand. Rates have inched-up to $4,000 per hour. For a great buy in the Midsize Category consider the Lear 35A with 6 seats at $3,500 per hour. This aircraft is a Long Range Jet with Coast to Coast Capabilities. This plane will take you from San Diego to Miami or from Detroit to Phoenix.

Private Jet Costs

Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. Vegas Express Jet let’s you decide with better options. No middleman, no brokers. No credit card needed to get you Charter Rates. Try our Three Click process:

  • CLICK ONE= Asks for a quote, you need your flight plans and number of seats required. Vegas Express Jet will secure you quote from 50 Plus Jet operators with hundreds of plane types. Each firm competes for your business.
  • CLICK TWO= The options and prices are here for you to consider. View several aircraft with photos and seating plans. This includes Bar, WIFI services. Jet Rental fees are shown side-by-side. Prices are fully transparent and include all fees and taxes.
  • CLICK THREE= You select one of the options, the Charter Operator will provide you with a Charter Proposal-Agreement which includes your Guaranteed Rate and Flight Confirmation. Select this option and hold the Jet with your credit card. Payment for your charter is due 24/72 hours before your flight departure. Optionally you may pay via a Bank Wire Payment- directly to the Charter Operator.

Jet Prices you pay, full support. Contact us 702-336-7345.

Our Jet Concierge Team will be here to help you select the best Jet Rental for your trip. Feel free to call us at 702-336-7345 or e:mail our Airport desk.

  1. Our Team Members include Certified Jet and Travel Advisors. A Wedding Consultant and our Airport Representatives
  2. Take advantage of the special Perks which are extended in you charter quote for hotel upgrades, complimentary car and driver services (all detailed in your charter quote)
  3. Feel free to ask us for customized itineraries for visits to the National Parks. Bryce, The Grand Canyon and Zion. Day Journey or weekend trips with a Private Guide Driver or with a Helicopter Charter.
  4. Day and weekend trips to Disneyland, Sonoma, Napa Valley or Paso Robles in the center of 100 wineries.


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