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Private Jet Flight

Planeside Boarding with Vegas Express Jet

Please take a moment to discover the Vegas Express Jet difference, we are here to address your needs and make your visit a very special “Experience”. As a technology portal we do not deploy a group of aggressive salesman who are eager to sell you all types of services, from Jet Cards to annual Memberships. We simply share our Leading Edge Technologies to save you lot’s of time and confusion.

Cutting your Jet Card- you are learning that the rules and options make it difficult to benefit from your Jet Card. Consider your options.

We welcome First Time Private Jet Flyers, Card cutters Jet flyers who are trying to cancel their cards and may have hefty investment in up front payments. Discover total flexibility, no need to stay with airline schedules and last minute cancellations.

Atlantic Private Lounge at LAX- no lines, no TSA simply no waiting.

Flying Private is a totally new experience. It takes from a crowded commercial airports to the comfort of a Private Lounge. Also known as a FBO for Fixed Base Operator. You will notice a check-in counter, here is the place you will be asked to share the Tail Number of your flight. That’s all. Simply pick a comfortable seat and relax.

No worries, the lounge has no TSA check-in, no lines and no waiting. It’s a refreshing reset from the Commercial Airport facilities.

Allow us to take you on your Private Jet Journey. Arriving 15 minutes before your Private Jet departures is perfectly OK. No need to be at the airport 3-4 hours before departure. The reception desk will ask you for the Tail Number of your aircraft. Within minutes a member of the crew will meet and greet you in the lounge. Have your ID- Driver’s license ready for a check. You will be invited to take a short ride with Airport Van to your plane–or optionally you may arrive with your Limo and take advantage of a Planeside Boarding. Luxury at it’s very best!

Private Jet, Planeside Boarding

A number of passengers will be arriving by limousine and enjoy the extra benefits of a “Planeside Boarding”. Your Private Car will be cleared at the entrance of the tarmak and take you directly to your plane—your baggage will be on-board in a matter of minutes.

Experience Planeside Boarding at the Vegas Strip Lounges at Signature, Atlantic and the Henderson Executive Airport.

Midsize Jet with a Flight Attendant. Experience Dining at 35,000 ft. Our Concierge Team will handle the details for you.

Private Jet flight costs to Vegas.

Enjoy the very same Planeside Experience when you arrive on the Vegas Strip. You will be at your resort in minutes. Optionally you may ask for a Rental Car. Rent a Tesla.

Private Jet Experience

Your crew members will welcome you on board–remember the entire jet is yours to enjoy. Select your own seat, or agree to move about during your flight. For flyers who booked a Super Midsize or Large Cabin Jet, your crew compliment will include a flight attendant.

On light and Medium sized Jets one of the crew members will ensure that you have discovered the bar, beverages and a generous snack basked. Optionally you may have ordered Cheese Platters or Sandwiches- do enjoy. The entertainment is here for you to enjoy! Or check your messages on your phone, IPad to Laptop. Most WIFI systems are connected with WIFI with ground to air services from Cell Towers.

Feel free to use the WIFI services when available, no worry they are complimentary on all domestic flights.

Private Jet Arrival- you are at your destination

No need to wait for baggage, it will be outside your plane for transfer to you car. Help is on the way in case you need an UBER, Lyft or Taxi. Hertz and Avis will have cars at your FBO in case you need a rental car! No waiting in lines to recover your baggage.

Signature Private FBO Lounge at Reid Las Vegas Airport

Can’t compare this with a Commercial Boarding Lounge–Flying Private is a better experience.

Private Jet Concierge Services

Take advantage of the support from a Team of Air Concierges. One of the Team Members will be assigned to you personally to address any services you may require. Ask us to arrange for all the ground transfers, hotel accommodations and special catering you may require. For longer flights you will receive a full menu with special dining options. The Super Mid and Large Cabin Jets have a full galley for meal preparation.

Private Catering option:

Celebrating our 1,000 flight departure, for a limited time all charter flights receive complimentary catering services for departures from the Vegas Strip Airports. This offer is extended through 11/30/22.

  • Complimentary Catering. Selection of Miniatures, Soft Drinks, Juices and Coffee
  • Hand Crafted Sandwiches prepared by the Panera Bakery and Fruit and Seafood Platters from the Whole Foods Markets.
  • Breakfast options include a Continental Breakfast, Omelettes and Bagle specials for the Einstein Bakery.
Dine your way-take advantage of our wide range of menu options, from Hand Crafted Sandwiches, Sea Food Platters and Generous Snack Options. Contact our Concierge Desk at 702-336-7345. Here is a First Class AA option–

Visit your Private Jet–we make it happen

Maybe- just in case you’re considering a Private Jet and made you booking, you’re invited to make a visit. Visit our fleet—Our Team will coordinate your flight and schedule a pre-visit-inspection.

Flying Private, the better “Experience”

Start saving and determine you very own Private Jet Experience. You may determine that comparing the two options is not a smart move–we do agree and apologize. In the meantime the challenge is yours!

Commercial AirCompare with the Private Jet Experience
COSTS/PRICING The Private Jet can be pricey however-using all your seats on a Super-Midsize
with up to 12 seats allow you to determine the
best price options
Jet Charter costs may be the very same
when you compare with a larger jet.
Use all your available seats

All the seats are yours–invite friends and family
Aircraft options with 4-30 seats.
You simply need to adhere to the schedule
published by the airline. This may require stopovers at hub cities such as Atlanta, Dallas, Denver.

No stopovers, fly to airports not served by
commercial carriers.

Most airports require an early check-in, from two to
four hours before flight departure. TSA Lines and up
to 12 Boarding groups.
Arrive 15 minutes before departure
No TSA, No lines the crew members will
be waiting for you in the lounge–or use Plane
side boarding with your Private Car
You need to line-up for baggage check-in, upon arrival at your destination is may take 20-30 minutes to reclaim you bag
Upon arrival, you bag will be on-board within minutes. Upon arrival you bag is here instantly

Commercial Airlines are doing a great job in
handling large volumes of travelers. The Private
Jet option is for you to explore. We know that you personally will make the very best decision.
Fly Private and save up to 6-8 hours a day-
More time for business, or with your family.
100% More Peace of Mind.
The Benefits of Flying Private- You need to Experience the Private Jet

Private Jet Advisor

  • FREE quotes are yours, discover aircraft types and pricing side-by-side. Simply share you flight schedule and number of seats you needs. We do all the work for you
  • Your inbox will receive direct quotes and charter agreements from the Charter Operator. Rates and flight schedules are Guaranteed! No hidden costs or fees. The process is fully transparent
  • Are you considering Jet Ownership and plan to offset your expenses. Discover our Jet Advisor program which will be customized for you. Visit us here.

We are here to assist: 702-336-7345

No request is too small, connect with one of our team members:

  • Flight Planners, here to help you with aircraft selections and flight schedules. Rate quotes.
  • Support Team, will assist with Open Legs and One Way flights. We will continue to update you on availability and pricing- save from 30-60%
  • Travel Advisor, Wedding Planning, Elope Packages and custom Crafted Vacations. This includes Winery Journeys and Golf Trips to Napa Valley and the Central California Coast. Ask for special catering options.
  • Traveling with Pets–we are here to assist.


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About Vegas Express Jet LLC, A Jet portal which provides Travelers with quotes from 70 Plus Alliance partners with a side range of aircraft and side-by-side pricing. Guaranteed rates and flight confirmation, directly to the consumer by 135/121 Authorized FAA Jet Operators. Vegas Express Jet is not a direct or indirect flight operator. The firms does not own or operate aircraft. Ground Services are provided by RoyaltyNV TRUE Registration 99901760.

All Aircraft operated by ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated Jet firms.

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