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Private Jet Flight

Private Jet Flight

PRIVATE JET FLIGHTS ARE A MUCH APPRECIATED BENEFIT BY BUSINESS AND VACATION TRAVELERS: For the Business Traveler, time savings and the ability to flight to over 3,000 airports not served by commercial airlines is of critical importance.

Vacation Travelers often have little time and need to focus on their business and clients. Most travelers spend from 4-to 8 Hours on their average trip at airports. Waiting in TSA lines, staying in gate hold areas for your flight to arrive and a boarding process which takes very long. Some airlines have boarding options for up to 9 groups. Upgrading to a Private Jet may be a luxury for some–for you it’s a special reward for your family from a hectic work schedule.

Medium Jet, Lear 60 with 6 seats

SELECTING THE BEST PLACE AND LOWEST PRICE TO SECURE A PRIVATE PLANE: Take a moment and consider your options and steps you need to take to ensure that you selected a safe plane for your journey!

  • Operators are FAA Part 135 Certified–this means that they are under the control of the FAA. Quality Operators are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated. An extra layer of safety you should consider before you sign and fly.
  • Avoiding Charter Planes which are operated by a single pilot may be a smart move—just in case!
  • Sharing seats with other travelers on a Private Jets can be risky- unless they are your friends. Operators may offer seats through “Crowd Sourcing”–avoid the long list of disappointed flyers!
Gulfstream Jet- up to 16 seats

How to Rent a Plane

PRIVATE JET OPERATORS, JET BROKERS: Your choices are virtually unlimited when you start your Google Search—- Many will encourage you to buy Memberships or pricey Jet Cards. This may be a costly option you need to avoid and may regret.

On “Demand Charters are a Best Buy”

NO NEED TO PURCHASE MEMBERSHIPS OR JET CARDS: You can Fly Private and Charter, Rent or Leas a plane without any obligations. Like UBER or LYFT you only pay for the charter hours you fly. Vegas Express Jet is an aviation consulting firm. You receive direct quotes from 50 Plus Alliance Partners who operate all types of Private Jets—Firms compete for your business.

NO RISKS ON YOUR PART: All aircraft and operators are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated. The highest quality standards in the industry. You will be able to compare several aircraft options and qualify for special Perks.

Private Jets Worldwide Vegas ExpressJet P.702-336-7345

Ask us for a “rate quote” and receive:

  1. A flight schedule, with airport information and local flight time. Distance and hours flown
  2. Aircraft photos- images which show the interior and outside of your plane– seating, washroom and galley. Optional information such as WiFi and entertainment systems. Watch your NFL Team in-flight.
  3. Full costs-transparency with the pricing for your charter hours and Taxes. A 7.5% applies to all flights within the USA.
  4. Your quote provides you with special options and perks for transfers, hotels, car rentals.

Exclusively Yours:

Vegas Express Jet provides you with the ability to select your preferred plane, select from Twin Turbo Aircraft, Very Light, Light, Medium and Super Medium aircraft options with seating from 4-30 passengers.

Beyond great savings with Open Legs which range from 30-60%, take advantage of a wide range of “Special Perks” which are featured in your quote. This includes complimentary limousine services, upgrades at Luxury Strip Resorts which include the “Wynn-Encore”, the Cosmopolitan and the 4 Seasons.

______________________________________________________________________________Vegas Private Airport Lounges at Signature Las Vegas, Van Nuys LAX and John Wayne SNA. All flights are operated by our Alliance Partners with ARG/US Gold-Platinum ratings–“The Very Best in the Private Jet Industry. Our offices are located on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor. Reach us at or call us at (1) 702-336-7345

Our credentials—all our Team Members are Certified as Jet and Travel Experts (CTC’s)- Vegas Express Jet has served the Las Vegas Resorts for 15 plus years. All your booking records are fully confidential and never shared for marketing programs. Vegas Express Jet discloses all aircraft details with our clients and fully adheres to all FAA procedures. Rates in your “Charter Agreement” are fully Guaranteed. For aircraft options please visit our Website

Please text for a Quote- (1) 702-336-7345

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