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Private Jet Costs!

Private Jets can be pricey–download and secure the costs and options for your Jet Charter. Use our tools to compare before you decide!

Hundreds of Charter Operators compete for your business—some firms have a couple of aircraft, other operate large charter fields. Our technology systems are here to provide you with better aircraft options at the lowest possible prices.

  • Get a number of quotes allowing you to compare prices and aircraft types.
  • Dynamic Pricing is here–software programs will generate different rate structure to maximize charter costs during peak demand periods. Your hourly charter prices may increase up to 20-25%.
  • Brokers and Operators will be offering Pre-Paid Private Jet Cards with up-front price tags of $25,000- such programs may work for the Road Worrier who uses a Private Jet Charter for 100-250 hours yearly.————————————————————————————————————-
  • For most travelers, the Uberized flight concepts of “On Demand Charters” are a best options–no risks no obligations you only for your charter flights. ———————————————————————————————————————
  • Plus- Vegas Express Jet provides you with Charter Agreements which are provided to you after you accept our Charter Cost Estimate. Rates are fully Guaranteed with your Flight Confirmations.
Challenger 601-04 with 12 Seats, Party Jet with Best Pricing. Tel:702-336-7345

Private Jets

We keep it simple and help you:

  • You provide us with your preferred flight schedules, dates, times and number of passengers. No Credit Card needed
  • Vegas Express Jet provides you with quotes, you compare
  • View photos of the interior and exterior of your plane options
  • Compare seating plans and costs for Charter Hours, Landing fees and Taxes
  • Prices as quoted are estimates only–Vegas Express Jet will use a in-house system to re-verify rates to improve accuracy. Expect special upcharges for Peak Holiday Weekends and on weekends. Potential cost savings are your during midweek travel days. Aircraft are constantly on the move.
  • Save big with the newest category of Very light Jets–a great solution for flights under 2.3 hours. This category of Jets is available with Hourly Charter costs from $1,900-.
Citation Jet with up to 10 Seats CJ3 Tel:702-336-7345

Your Charter Agreement is issued directly to you by the Charter Operator–avoiding the “Middleman and Broker is a Cost Saver”

The FAA Charter Operator of your Jet Rental will issue the Charter Agreement directly to your e:mail address. It’s you decision to determine which options and prices meet your needs. You approve the Charter Agreement and Pay the Flight Operator Direct. (Not Vegas Express Jet). It is our mission to provide charter buyers with the best options.

5 Seat Citation M2, Great Prices

Vegas Express Jet- full time support Tel:702-336-7345

One of our Team Members will be assist you with the services you need for a “Hasslefree” Journey:

  • The Selection of the best Jet and Pricing
  • Assist you with the completion of the Charter Agreement after you select a Jet and Pricing.
  • Complete all your travel arrangements, including car rental or car and driver services. We will be here to assist you with a customized itinerary which includes hotels, transfers and sightseeing. Asks us about the National Parks, Sports events and wine trips.

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