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Private Jet Charters I Rental I Cheap Jets Las Vegas

Private Jet Charters I Rental I Cheap Jets Las Vegas

Post Series: Private Jet Charter Rates Las Vegas

Private Jet Charters: (One stop shopping for a Private Plane)

Rent a Jet like you travel with UBER or LYFT.  You only pay for your Private Charter flight without the need to pay for on-going memberships or pricey prepaid jet cards.  Avoiding the middleman saves you $$$ and provides you with an extra security. Ask for a quote here.  Take advantage of A La Carte options, you select your preferred plane for your next flight. 

Be a responsible and environmentally friendly charter passenger- make use of all your seats and share the costs with your friends– 

Las Vegas Strip- Holiday Parties:

Visiting Las Vegas Strip–Arrive like a VIP Big Movie Star, we have your Limousine Waiting for a short ride to the Resorts. Stay at the Wynn -Encore, Aria,  Cosmopolitan, MGM and the New Waldorf.  Like to stay at a Non Gaming Resort select the 4Seasons- one of the very best at the City of Lights. Special Party Jets accommodate up to 16 travelers–we customize your stay at a Luxury Mansion with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, outside pool and spa.  Asks us about fine dining, your own special chef and tickets to the best shows in Sin City. Need support call our airport desk at P.(1) 702-336-7345. Ask for our Party planner, Wedding Consultant or our Mansion Expert!


Vegas Express Jet- FREE quotes here

Las Vegas Private Jet Charter flights 

Don’t overbuy! Over 70% of all Private Jet flights are under 1,500 miles (about 2,3 hours) consider a Very Light Jet.  This includes the Cessna, Phenom or family of Lear Jets!

Save Money $$$ with Very Light Jets.

The Cessna has seating for up to 6 travelers,  for example fly from to Santa Barbara from the Vegas Strip for $4,802- including taxes. The Phenom 100 with an interior designed by BMW is a great choice. With a cruising speed of 380 MPH you will reduce your flights hours and costs. Ask for a quote.


For Last Minute departures, “Wheels Up” fast with our Open Leg options, cost savings from 30-60% for flights within the next 13-15 days! Great options for Ski Trips and Vacations- the best choice for travelers with a Flexible flight schedule. Please text our airport desk at (1) 702-336-7345 and start with “Last Minute” we will “Rush-Rush” your request–make certain that you include your e-mail address.


Private Jets Las Vegas Strip, fly from the Strip or Henderson Executive Airport- the new home of the Raiders!

You can’t compare a Private Jet with a commercial airline trip.  You depart from a Private Lounge, great place for a pre-departure refreshment. No lines, no waiting, NO TSA. No need to arrive two hours before your flight departure.  Luxury options include special catering options with open bar and special menus. Most aircraft offer WIFI and entertainment options.


Party Jet with 14 seats- share the costs and save big


Vegas Express Jet will be here to help you with FREE quotes allowing you to compare. Receive multiple quotes and select the Best Jet for your Journey to the Las Vegas Strip.  “Flexible quotes allow you to select your own preferred Jet”.  You receive the following:

  1. Your flight schedules and airport information with local times.  The distance you to and from your destination.
  2. Interior photos and seating plans of your Private Jet, this includes information pertaining to washroom facilities, crew and options for flight attendants on the larger party jets.
  3. Full disclosure of all costs–this includes the total charter costs, landing fees, crew charges and local airport and Federal Taxes of 7.5%.  “NOTE” when you compare costs make certain that all costs and handling fees are included.
  4. Understand Private Jets constantly move—to this end we provide you with quotes which are based on most recent flights. Moving to the next step you receive a GUARANTEED rate and Charter Agreement. This includes you flight and time confirmations and payment options.

Save costs and pay the operator direct

it’s safe and secure, you pay the operator direct. All your transactions are private. We do not share any information unless we receive prior written approvals from you personally. This also applies to your flight schedules.

Unlimited support

Benefit from a team of Jet Experts and Jet Concierges. We provide you with the best options for upgrades and special perks which include “Complimentary Limo” services, special dining options provided by Whole Foods for Las Vegas flights. Stay at the Wynn-Encore and receive complimentary breakfasts, or room upgrades at the MGM, 4Seasons. Special Suite Deals at the Palms for small groups. Need a custom itinerary or party plan– Contact us at Phone (1) 702-336-7345 or email us.

You’re invited to visit us at Vegas Express Jet for visits and special offers on the famous Las Vegas Strip—or if you need some personal assistance with your Private Plane Charter at PrivateJet-Advisor.  Or drop us a line for support.

A special message for frequent flyers–Special lease and rental options are yours upon request. Form the Lear Business Jets to the Challenger 604 and Gulfstream Jets. For International flights we will include pricing for Business Class air tickets at substantial costs savings. Ask for our Concierge Desk at P.(1) 702-336-7345

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Arrivals at the Las Vegas Strip at Private Lounges, Signature, Atlantic, Henderson Executive Airports. All aircraft are operated by FAA Part 135  Authorized firms. Vegas Express Jet does not own aircraft. All aircraft are sourced from 50 plus Alliance Partners with the ARG/US Gold or Platinum Safety Ratings. None Better. All our team members are Certified Jet and Travel Advisors with CTC Ratings. Our in house RoyaltyTravel.US provides special rates and discount options for Business Class Air to Europe and Asia. For support call our airport desk at P.702-336-7345






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