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Private Jet Charters, Budget, Fast Or Luxury

Private Jet Charters, Budget, Fast or Luxury

Luxury Jet by Vegas Express Jet


We help you connect with over 50 Alliance Partners. All types of Private Planes are yours to meet your budget, schedule and seating arrangements. Take advantage of the Budget friendly Twin King Air Turbo. Or move up to the fast light Lear Jets- big time savers. Or upgrade to Luxury with the Super Midsized Jets with 9-12 seats.


Great Value and Budget Buy Get a Quote Now P.702-336-7345

The King Air Twin Turbo is a great choice for flights to and from airports with short runways–you can avoid long road trips or visit smaller communities not served by the commercial airlines. Select the King for flights under two hours. Prices range from $1,7000 to $1,900 per hour.  Ask for a quote which will include a federal Tax of 7.5% which applies to all US Air Charters. Most operators will include a minimum charge of 2 hours.


Phenom Light Jet 4 seats, FREE quotes at 702-336-7345

The Phenom 100 Light Jet with 4 seats is a great option for flights under 3.2 hours. The interior is designed by BMW providing you with a large spacious cabin. The Phenom has some limitations during very hot or cold conditions. This aircraft is not equipped with a washroom—– Expect hourly rates from $1,1995 to $2,100 per hour. A two hour minimum applies. Fly from Burbank to Las Vegas for under $5,400- (seating for up to 4 passengers). Asks for rates from Van Nuys, Long Beach, John Wayne, Carlsbad and San Diego.

Big savings are yours- downgrade from the Lear 60 to a Lear 35 and save $800- per hour.

The Lear 31 is a light- this include the extended range version with a range of 4.5 hours. You will be able to fly from Chicago to Miami. Las Vegas to Seattle or Dallas to the Las Vegas Strip. Hourly rates will start at $2,700 per hour for this very fast jet.  Call us for a chat and quote at P.702-336-7345

For a larger and spacious cabin with an enclosed washroom consider an upgrade to the Lear 60- this jet ahs a mini bar, enclosed washroom and the availability of WiFi. Hourly rates from $3,500 per hour for this 6-7 seat jet.


The Gulfstream 200 and 280 are Super Mid Jets with seating for up to 10 travelers. The cabin is very spacious and will accommodate the needs to any NFL player. Hourly charter rates range from $4,600- to $4,750 per hour. The cabin layout includes lay flat seats, a forward galley, a luxury bathroom and a large baggage compartment. This Jet includes the services of a Flight Attendant. This aircraft is available with special One Way Charters–please chat with our Airport Team at P.702-336-7345. No risks or obligations!

For International flights to Hawaii, Mexico, Europe and China we recommend the Gulfstream 650 and Global 6000 aircraft which hourly charter rates of $10,000 per hour. Visit our sample rates

Vegas Express Jet connects you directly with 50 plus Authorized FAA Private Jet Operators. Benefit from fully transparent quotes. Please take a moment to request a customized quote—-or contact our Airport Desk at P.702-336-7345.

No request is too small, we help you select the very best aircraft and pricing options for your journey. From the twin turbos with seating from 8 to 19 passengers or Private Jets with seating for 4, 6, 9, 14 or up to 160 seats.


Vegas Express Jets, Private Aircraft Charters, Rentals, Leasing. Our Jet Concierge Team will help you with all air and land arrangements. Take advantage of our special Perks which include Complimentary Limo Services and Hotel Upgrades.


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