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Take a Private Jet

Planning a Private Plane Charter, Rental or Lease.  We are here to help you locate the best Price and Jet which will ensure that you have a enjoyable and safe journey. Our Team Members are here to assist you, we will be able to provide you with more options, upgrades and cost efficient jets. No risk on your part when you ask for a quote!

Don’t expect attacks by hungry salesman– all our Team Members are experienced flight dispatchers. We are not in business to sell you on memberships or jet cards with high price tags—-we will help you as a first time jet flyer–or as person who is a frequent jet flyer (100 plus hours per year)

Fly like UBER or LYFT, with “On Demand Charters” you only pay for your charter flights. No on-going risks or charges.

Keep it simple- the information you need, from one source

Our Team Members will be able to provide you with “Multiple” aircraft and charter options. Deploying our in house systems and data obtained from most recent charters, allow us to share the very best cost estimates—-Private Jets constantly move about which may impact charter costs and travel time.

It’s yours to compare- ask us for a quote!

  • Receive your flight schedules in local time, plus flight time and distance traveled
  • Photos of your aircraft type, seating and special cabin enhancements. From WIFI to wash rooms and entertainment options in-flight
  • Costs are detailed and include:  Your charter hourly costs, landing fees and special costs for cre overnight stays (if applicable), Local airport taxes and parking fees. Federal Taxes of 7.5% and Local City Airport taxes and fees.  Handling fees are fully detailed with options to pay via Bank Check (with a 4-5% cash discount) or payment via Credit Card
  • Other information includes special catering provided by WholeFoods with special custom crafted sandwiches on the Las Vegas Strip, FREE night stays at Mansions when you purchase a minimum of three nights.  Upgrades at Luxury Resorts including the Wynn-Encore.

Custom Vacation and Wedding Packages

Vegas Express Jet is one of the very few Jet Portals with a State of Nevada Wedding Planner and a Team of Certified Travel Advisors. Please visit us for the latest updates on special destination programs to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion (Camping Trips). We help you with all Disney Programs, Hotels, Features and Cruises. 

You’re invited to ask us about wine packages and excursions from the Las Vegas Strip to Napa, Central California Coast. Aircraft options include the Very Light Jets with up to 6 Seats. Or upgrade to a 19 seat twin turbo for a party jet. Take advantage of the Special Party Mansion Packages for up to 14 guests.  Please contact us at P.(1) 702-336-7345 or text or email us.

Safe and Secure:

We will NOT ask you for payments—after you receive a charter agreements with Guaranteed Rates you will be able to view your payment options. You pay the operator direct- Vegas Express Jet will provide you with a Trip Ticket which confirms your flights, airport and aircraft tail number.

Your transactions are Private and Secure- no information is shared on Social Media.

Do ask us about:

Private Jet Charters, Leases or Rentals. Private Plane options which include Very Light (Phenom 100), Cessna and Lear Aircraft.  Medium Jets the Lear 60 and Large Cabin Jets. Gulfstream and Challenger Aircraft.

Large Commercial Aircraft with 68 Business Class or 160 Standard Seats for Group and Incentive Travel. For Business Class Seats at Reduced rate please visit us.


All Vegas Express Jets are operated by FAA Part operators. Our firm does not own or operate aircraft. Aircraft are sourced on behalf of our clients and depart from Private Airport Lounges on the Las Vegas Strip at Atlantic, Signature and the Henderson Executive Airport.  At LAX, Van Nuys, John Wayne and Carlsbad-Palomar Airports. Need support contact us at P.(1) 702-336-7345


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