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Private Jet Charter Rates Vegas

How much is the Price for renting a Jet in Vegas?

The costs to rent or charter a private flight are directly related to your flight time, aircraft type you select, and the rates set by the FAA Authorized Charter firms. Read-on and know how to manage your costs for your next Private Jet Charter from the Vegas Strip. Explore and download and ask for a Charter rate, no worries no up-front commitment required. Rent a Jet like you take a ride with UBER or Lyft. Discover how much you can save with Vegas Express Jet on your next Jet Rental.

Pilatus PC 12 Turbo Jet 7 seats VEJ

Private Jet Charter rates are subject to frequent changes, for example rates may be higher on peak holiday weekends such as Labor Day and New Year’s. For example, rates for the Pilatus PC 12 may be as low as $1,900 per hour. For a Very Light Jet rates range from $2,700 to $3,100 per hour. Light Jet Charter hours will start at $2,900 and peak at $4,000, Large Cabin Jets which include the Challengers, and the Gulfstream will be priced at $5,900 to $7,200 per hour. Read-on and discover how you will be able to compare rates and aircraft options.

How much are the Charter rates for a Vegas Jet?

Charter a Private Jet in the same way you take a ride with UBER of Lyft. Your hourly charges are based on the time it takes to complete your journey. You will be charged for your trip plus the time required to return the aircraft back to base. A number of operators may charge you a minimum time of 2 hours. For example a one way charter from Las Vegas to LA is about $6,000 with a very light jet!

(Remember prices are impacted by the cost of fuel and peak time pricing—use the rates below as a guide only. Do ask us for a quote without the need for a credit card or personal information. There is no up-front commitment on your part.)

Aircraft TypesThe Hourly Charter Price
Turboprops, Pilatus PC 12, 7 seats$1,200 to $1,350 per hour
Very Light Jets, Hondajet, Citation M2, 5 seats$2,700 to $3,200 per hour
Midsize Jets, Lear 35A, Lear 60 and Hawker 800$2,900 to $3,900 per hour
Super Midsize, Gulfstream 200, Challenger 604$4,600 to $5,200 per hour
Large Cabin, Gulfstream IV$5,900 and up.

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Citation Jet, Vegas Express Jet, ask for a cost estimate at 702-336-7345

How much is the cost for a very light jet

Turbo Jets and Very Light jets are well suited for flights from the Las Vegas Strip Airports to the West including Arizona, California and Utah destinations. You will be able to visit the smaller cities since the offer a range of about 3.2 hours or 1200 miles. As a matter of fact over 70% of all flights are under 2.3 hours. Most aircraft like the Hondajet and Citation M2 will have a cruising speed for 320 to 340 MPH., Expect hour charter costs from $2,700 to $3,200 per hour.

Cost to rent a Midsize Jet

Within this group you will find the Lear 60 a fast jet, the comfortable large cabin Hawker 800 and the Citation Excel. You will benefit from higher speeds which may translate into lower charter costs. Expect up to 8 seats with hourly charter rates from $2,500 to $3,900 per hour.

Cost to rent a Super Midsize and Large Cabin Jet

Gulfstream Jet 650 Vegas Express Jet

Departing from the Strip Airports, Signature, Atlantic and the Henderson Executive Airports.

Many of our clients discover the Challenger 601-604 series jets with up to 12 seats. They represent and excellent value with rates from $4,600 per hour. You will be able to fly from Coast to Coast, or from LA to Hawaii. You may fly a Super Mid from NYC to Paris to Milan. The Super Midsize Category is a best buy. For trips to Hong Kong and the Orient you will need to consider a GIV, G500, G550 or G650 Jet. All the Gulfstream Jets provide you with long range capabilities. Hourly charter prices will range from $5,900 and up.

At each of the Private Airport Lounges you will be able to take your limousine planeside or meet your flight crew 15 minutes before departure in the lounge. Experience a total relaxing experience with no lines, no TSA. Compare this to Las Vegas Reid Airport where you may be required to arrive up to three hours before your departure. You will have full access to meeting rooms before you start your business trip. No need to worry about your baggage, it will be on-board at the same time you arrive. Upon arrival your baggage is here instantly. When you fly from a Private Lounge you will be able to save from 3-4 hours—enjoy the extra time at your resort pool or at the sportsbook.

All types of Jets-4-30 Seats Vegas Express Jet, 702-336-7345

Empty Leg Cost Savings

Private Jets can be pricey! For travelers with a flexible schedule Open or Empty Leg savings from 30-60% is an option you should consider. Empty legs are flights operated without passengers after travelers have been delivered at their destination. The aircraft and crew return without any paying passengers back to base. This is an open leg- Operators are eager to sell this flight segment and will take any reasonable offer to offset crew and fuel costs. All open legs are posted and constantly updated within the Charter Systems. You will find many open leg options in busy markets between Las Vegas and LA, Las Vegas to Napa and the Bay Area. For availability, please call our airport desk at 702-336-7345. Our Team will take care of the search for you. No obligations on your part- consider your options and decide.

Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards and Fractional

You’re invited to experience the Vegas Express Jet difference. A Jet technology portal which helps you search for the best pricing from 80 plus FAA Authorized Operators. Each Jet operator with hundreds of aircraft types will compete for your business. It works as follows.:

  • Ask us for a quote, all you need is you flight plans and number of seats you need.
  • We do the work for you-arriving at your inbox aircraft options with seating charts and photos. Plus side-by-side pricing with details such WIFI, Catering, Cabin Crew and baggage spaces.
  • You select any of the options and receive a Guaranteed Rate offer with your flight confirmations. Proceed or ask for more options–your charter agreement is issued to you by the flight operator. No middleman saving you more money.
  • You never have to buy a membership or invest into pricey prepaid jet cards.

Private Jets Air Concierge 702-336-7345

Your Private Jet is yours with the full support of our Air Concierge Team. This includes our flight planners and travel coordinators. We are here to complete your trip with special catering options and delight you with special “Perks”. Feel free to ask us about limousine services, hotel-resort accommodations and upgrades. Our Vegas Resort options include the Wynn, Bellagio, Aria, 4 Seasons and the newest Fontainebleau Resort. Our in-house Wedding Consultant is Joni Moss with the LV Wedding Connection. Our Team Members will be here from the moment you start your inquiry until you arrive, rested and relaxed at your home or destination. It will be our mission to exceed your highest expectations.

The Vegas Strip Airports, our homebase for Vegas Express Jet, 702-336-7345.

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