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Private Jet Charter- “Plane Tags” Rewards

Private Jet Charter- “Plane Tags” rewards

Yoru Private Jet

Memories, your Private Jet with Vegas Express Jet p.702-336-7345

PRIVATE JET CHARTER: Accept our Complimentary Gift your Plane Tag!

We like to extend a “Complimentary” Plane Tag for our flyers or Large Cabin Jets- we partnered with a firm which collected the skin of Boeing 747 retired aircraft which has been owned and operated across the Ocean’s for Virgin Atlantic Air.  This precious tag belongs on your keys or baggage.  Your friends will recognize you as a World Traveler. 

Please accept a “Plane Tag” for you car or home keys with the reminder that this tag is derived from the Genuine 747 Retired Jet—- we are pleased to extend this offer to our most loyal travelers—and opportunity to thank you for flying with Vegas Express Jet.

The 747 Plane Tag will be arriving at your home address via FedEx before you leave for our Journey—


CHARTER FLIGHTS- Hollywood to China in 10.4 hours.

We are here to provide you with quotes for all types of Private Jets which include the newest Gulfstream 650 aircraft with a range of up to 8,300 miles. Vegas Express provides private jets for the Movie studios in Hollywood.  We provide shorter flight and transit times for Studio Talent which travels between Hollywood and Peking China with the Gulfstream 650.  Non-stop flights of 10.4 hours with the G650 and up to 14 seats substantially reduce operational and payroll costs. Please ask us for quotes.


Time savings are important, your ability to conduct meetings in a private and confidential environment can not be matched by the commercial airlines.  Security risks are reduced since you the members of your team before you depart.

We respect your privacy and offer and extra layer of security through our relationship with “Bedrock Special Protection Services”.


Our Key Team members reside in Texas, California and Nevada to provide you with details pertaining aircraft ownership, leases and charter options. Each client has unique requirements–please consider our business support without any pre-build templates. Additional sources are available through our relationships with tax and legal experts.  Please contact us at P.702-336-7345 or ask us for a quote.


Please accept our “Complimentary Plane Tag” with your Gulfstream Jet.  Yes we are waiting for your next Gulfstream Private Jet Charter–the prestigious Plane Tag will be coming your way to remind you of a great journey!


Private Lounges at Atlantic, Signature, Henderson, Van Nuys Signature East- West, Long Beach, Newport Beach- John Wayne, Carlsbad, San Diego

Corporate offices on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor and Carlsbad P. 725-696-4012 we accept all types of payments, please contact us for payment by Bitcoin’

Bitcoin Payments

Pay for a Private Jet with Bitcoin!







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