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Private Jet Charter in Las Vegas

Are your searching for a Private Charter Jet to Las Vegas? We are a step ahead of the Jet Industry. Redefining the way you shop for a Private Jet. Here are the tools you’ll ever need to rent or lease a jet without the need to purchase pricey jet cards or live with on-going membership fees. No cost to you, the secret sauce for any jet type is yours. And we keep you a step ahead of the Private Jet Charter industry with indispensable options. By sharing our knowledge, you will be able to score a great deal on a Private Jet for your next journey.

For individual business and leisure travelers buying a Jet Card with an upfront investment of $2,5000 to $250,00 is not a smart move. This option is best reserved for Corporate Business Travelers who fly 200 hours per your. Vegas Express is different. Charter costs are 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership (Like timeshares in the air- owning a share of a Private Jet let’s you undertake a major risk. This with less hassle from Jet Brokers who are selling your Pricey Jet Cards with prices from $25,000 to $250,000.

For leisure- vacation travelers “on demand charters”, like you take a ride with UBER or Lyft are you best solution. You simply pay for the hours you fly–no added costs for memberships. Only buy what you need for your Private Jet journey. The choice is yours, any type of jet at your schedule.

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Private Jet Prices

Here is the essential information you need. The newest group of Very Light Jets which include the HondaJet and the Citation M2 will carry a purchase price of $4.5 to $6.- Million Dollars. You charter price will include the ownership costs, salary for crew members typically from $90,000 to $120,00 plus the cost for maintenance, insurance and business administration. Expressed in hourly owner and operational the owner operator will pay $1,200 to $1,400 per hour. This is a very rough estimate. In most instance the costs of fuel will represent about 30-40% of your charter costs.

Honda Jet Prices

The HondaJet will a great option for your next charter flight. This Very Light Jet has seating for 6 passengers, is yours with complimentary WIFI and has a fully enclosed washroom. This Jet has a range of 3.2 hours–the perfect choice for a Golf Outing at Pebble Beach via the Monterey CA airport, only minutes away from the famous Course. You will be able to leave in the morning and schedule your TEE time for the mid afternoon. Hourly charter rates range from $2,300 to $2,600 per hour. A one way journey from the Vegas Strip to Monterey will cost you from $7,800 to $8,200. Sharing your journey with 6 Golfers will cost you about $1,400- per person. Double this for a roundtrip from the Vegas Strip. Standard catering includes a wide selection of Beverages, Miniatures and a Generous Snack Basket.

HondaJet 6 seats, WIFI fully enclosed washroom

Citation Jet Prices

The Citation M2 is the most preferred jet by our Leisure flyers. Consider this plane for your next vacation. The interior of the M2 is designed by BMW with a very spacious interior for a Very Light Jet. The plane has ample space for you and your furry friend. The M2 has a great table and text entertainment package with complimentary WIFI. Our guests rate the aircraft and Crew Members as Five Star Plus. The Citation will take your from the Dallas airport to the Las Vegas Strip and Henderson Executive Airports at amazing rates.

Our Vegas visitors will take the Citation for a day-trip to Napa Valley for a Winery tour. For families with younger children make it a trip to Disneyland. Hourly rates for the Citation M2 range from $2,400 to $2,600 per hour. Slight higher rates may apply for weekends and special events. Due to high demand, we suggest you book early.

Citation M2, 5 seats-Vegas Express Jet

Cheap Private Jets

Vision Private Jet is a great budget option for travelers who are searching for a great deal on a shorter flight. The Vision Jet is a great choice and option for three adults. Loaded with the latest flight technologies this Aircraft has a self landing system build-in with a aircraft parachute. The builders of this jet believe in double redundancy and safety precautions. Book this Jet for a weekend to the Las Vegas Strip leaving from the Burbank or Van Nuys Airports. Or take this jet for a day or weekend to the Santa Barbara Beaches and Wineries. Hourly charter prices from $1,600 per hour. Limited availability!

Cirrus, Very Light Jet with seating for 3 guests. Range 500 Miles.

How much is my Private Jet

Vegas Express Jet is very different. Our THREE CLICK system provides you with all the information you need to make an intelligent decision. No need for Credit Cards or personal information. This is the information you have been waiting for, share you flight dates and destination with the number of seats you need.

  1. CLICK ONE: Simply note your flight plans, from to and the number of seats you need.
  2. CLICK TWO: Hands down, here it your best solution with your flight schedule in local times. Plus several aircraft options–you will view photos of the aircraft with seating plans and details such as WIFI. Side-by-Side pricing let’s you compare prices and options. Need more information contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345.
  3. CLICK THREE: You get a Guaranteed Rate and flight confirmation directly from the flight operator. Review and opt-in with a payment with your credit card or make a payment with a Bank Wire Check. Your Credit card will be charged 24/72 hours before your flight.

In the meantime, feel free to contact our Airport Desk for any support you may require. No bots, no automated messages. Our Team Members will be here to address all your questions. Call us from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Pacific Time). Our offices are located on the Resort Corridor Strip Las Vegas.


Your flight ticket with the names of your Pilots, Aircraft Registration and phone contacts will be yours 24-28 hours before you flight departure. Your flight operator will need the names of all travelers. Use your Driver’s License or Passport as you valid ID.

Jet Concierge- Perks

Your Jet Quote will include a number of Perks: which are yours when you reserve your Private Flight. Enjoy special catering options, limousine transfers and upgrades at major resorts. Complimentary breakfast daily at the Wynn-Encore, Four Seasons Hawaii and Vegas and many more destinations. You Concierge Team will take care of your reservations with a one night credit card deposit.

Custom crafted excursions packages to Bryce, The Grand Canyon, Zion or Helicopter Charters with savings from 30-60%. One of our Team Members will be your Travel Advisor- your itinerary will be customized to meet your wishes. Feel free to visit our Concierge Site at

Vegas Express Jet is a subsidiary of Vegas Express Jet LLC.  Vegas Express Jet is not a direct or indirect “Air Carrier”.  Vegas Express Jet is a Technology Private Jet portal which provides quotes and aircraft information for aircraft operated by FAR Part 135 and 121 Operators.  Fully transparent Charter Agreements are issued by the Charter Operators in accordance with DOT and FAA Requirements.

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