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Private Jet Charter Costs- Jet Prices

Private Jet Charter Costs- Jet Prices

Renting Private Jets can be pricey. To better understand the price you will be paying let us help you.

A Very Light Phenom Jet will require an up front investment of $3.7 to $4- Million Dollars. Ownership costs are close to $1,700 per hour. This jet is very fuel efficient–however up to 30% of your charter costs are fuel related. At some airports the costs may exceed $5.70 per gallon.


Phenom 100 Private Jet- request a quote

Renting Private Jets like the Phenom 100. This is one of the newest jets build by Embraer with an interior designed by BMW. This Jet will fly up to 3,2 hours or 1300 miles without the need to refuel. The seats are spacious and comfortable. Speed is close to 390 MPH—. It’s a great plane for regional flights. Sorry this Jet does not have a washroom.

Hourly charter prices for the Phenon 100 range from $1,995- to $2,200 per hour. What’s is there to like about the Very light Jet- a large spacious cabin and baggage area. Dislikes include the lack of an enclosed washroom, aircraft operations during the Hot Summer Peaks at Las Vegas requiring you to reschedule for later or very early morning flights.  We are here to help you with the better options!

Upgrading to a Midsize Jet- Free Quotes

Upgrading your private jet with trips to Las Vegas from Dallas, Houston or New Orleans is a smart move. You need a larger cabin with a spacious washroom and galley to handle meal services. Hourly rates will range from $3,600 per hour to $4,400 for a 12 seat Challanger 604 or a Gulfstream 200. We suggest that you include the services of a flight attendant on flight of 3 hours or longer.

Midsize jets receive the highest quality ratings from our guests—the Super Midsize Gulfstream 200 receives a score of “Five Star Plus” from all of our guests.  

Finding the Best Private Jet Charter—we are here to assist, ask us for a Plane Inspection before you agree to “Sign and Fly”.  Help is here, How Much is a Private Jet.


Buy a Jet Package and Save!

If you travel to Las Vegas, you will be traveling with friends- take advantage of a bundled Jet-Mansion and Tour Packages and save big. For example Vegas Express Jet will provide you with a 4-5% Cash Savings offer. Plus receive complimentary transfer services to your Mansion. Staying at a Mansion provides you with the freedom to enjoy unlimited luxury plus options to have your own Chef for a “Welcome Dinner”.

You pay for your Mansion stay of 3 nights and 4 days—the owner will extend you stay to 4 nights and 5 days at no extra charge—All combined you and your guests enjoy big savings for more fun tours on the strip, shows or helicopter picnic flights to the Grand Canyon.

Stay at a Mansion Villa

We tailor make your Vacation Packages–for Parties, Weddings and Business Incentive Groups. What’s a party- 10 or more passengers!

Our Team Members will be here to prepare a special Jet-Vegas package which includes your Private Jet Charter, your accommodations at a Mansion plus a tours, show tickets and special events on the Las Vegas Strip. Share your wishes and we take care of all the details. Contact us.

Vegas Express Jet in Partnership with Royalty Travel US offers a wide range of destination packages to Hawaii, The Caribbean and Europe.  For “Special Perks and Offers” Contact us


Located on the Las Vegas Strip- Airport Lounges at Atlantic, No. Las Vegas, Signature and Henderson Executive Airports. Aircraft options include the Lear, Gulfstream, Citation and Challenger Jets. All Types of Jet Aircraft for Charter, Lease or Rental with 4-30 Seats. Commercial Boeing Jets with seating up to 186 passengers. E:Mail Address

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