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Private Jet Charter

Business Jet Traveler’s 9th annual study shares some important information, data was secured from a Reader’s Choice Survey.

Here are some of the highlights, what’s is the most important reason why you fly Private? Here are the key observations and feedback received from the Business Traveler.

  • “Save time”  — rated on top– Private Jets depart from Private Airport lounges, no long lines at commercial airports.  No waiting for checked-in baggage- advantage you as a Private Plane flyer.
  • Traveling to cities with no scheduled services.  It’s estimated that airlines serve only 900 to 1000 airports in the US.  Currently over 4,000 airports are available for Charter Services.
  • More comfort was the 3rd reason.  Time to relax before you arrive with large comfortable seats.
  • Privacy rated 4th, opportunity to prepare for your business meeting or vacation.
  • Security is becoming a critical part of the travel experience—this includes Cyber Security. 

Private Jet Charters, flying Privately:

Most travelers are focused on the Price of a charter only. In general, Charter Costs are in-line with First Class Seat Costs on Schedules long haul flights based on the full utilization of all the seats on-board a Private Plane.

Time savings, consider:

Travelers at the Las Vegas McCarran airport are instructed to arrive at least 3 hours before departure–with a Private Jet just in time means about 15 minutes before departure.

Increase this with the waiting time for baggage and you simply lost 4 plus hours of productive time for business or a relaxing time at the pool or restaurant.  Time is important when you travel during a short weekend. 

More Survey feedback:—Private Jet likes for the future, maybe not in 2020.

  1. Private Jet Flyers would like to see more availability of per-seat charter options. Brokers and Operators have experienced difficulties with this option.  Low demand and high-per seat costs have made this difficult in “low demand markets”.
  2. Potential ability to purchase a annual pass between city pairs. 
  3. They look forward to the introduction of electric VTOL aircraft which can take a vertical takeoff and landing. It’s being tested and shown at the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas. 
  4. They also envision Flying Cars in the future—will be a great option to avoid the traffic on the 405 S Curve at LAX
  5. Beyond this they look forward to space travel. This could be a pricey option. Sir Branson is introducing at Virgin Galatic visit

Private Jet Charter Costs:

How much is a Private Jet–a question raised most often by the first time Private Jet flyer. Our firm receives hundreds of requests each week.  For the seasoned Private Jet traveler this means a specific aircraft type they have flown before.  A spacious cabin with WiFi services, a  washroom is  critical. Safety ratings such as ARG/US Gold or Platinum are important.

Vacation-Leisure Travelers should consider the Very Light or Light Jets. The very best option for flights under 2.3 hours.  As a matter of fact, over 70% of all charter flights are under 1,500 miles. Charter costs for light jets range from $1,900 to $2,400 per hour*

(Excludes airport taxes and FET of 7.5%)



Sharing Multiple quotes for different aircraft types.  This is a solid option since the traveler will be able to make a budget decision.  Viewing the aircraft interior and seating plan help you determine the size of the interior. Each aircraft has a unique layout since cabins are configured by the owner of the jet. 


Feel free to ask us for a Private Jet Charter price, it takes minutes to select your preferred aircraft and select your departure points and time--for quotes.


A new way to secure support and advise,  without the need to buy memberships or purchase a costly Prepaid jet Card–some firms will charge up to $25,000.  PrivateJet-Advisor secures rates for your from,  50 Plus Alliance Partners.  It’s like an UBER or LYFT you only pay for the flight–no extra charges or fees.  Plus you will know how much you will be spending “Up Front”.

By paying the Flight Operator, a FAA Part 135 Authorized operator direct you save up to 5% with a Cash/Bank Check/Wire Payment. 

Consider your options- go ahead and ask for a quote, you may text (1) 702-336-7345 or ask for a quote.

Take advantage of Multiple quotes at PrivatyeJet-Advisor and experience a totally new way to secure the best aircraft and budget solutions for your Business or Vacation Travel.  Benefit from detailed quotes without any hidden fees or charges. Have questions please contact us via e-mail. or text us at (1) 702-336-7345.  Our Team Members are Jet and Travel Advisor Certified. Benefit from leading edge technologies to secure “Cost Efficient Rates” and options for your next journey.


Visit us at Vegas Express, Private Jet Charters– Rentals of Very Light, Light, Medium and Large Cabin Jets. From the Lear to the Gulfstream Planes with custom crafted itineraries by our Team of Air Concierges.  We are based on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor with short transfers to the Wynn-Encore, Aria, Bellagio and Cosmopolitan Hotels. Support, please text our Airport desk at 702-336-7345  for last minute departures “Wheels Up”.

Notice: All Charter Agreements are issued by FAA Part 135 Authorized Operators.  All Charters are operated by our 50 Plus Alliance Partners- Vegas Express Jet is a charter portal- the firm does not own or operate aircraft.  Please ask us for our Credentials Package, all reservations are confidential.


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