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Private Jet Cards- Compare

Private Jet Cards- Compare

Guranteed Pirces

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If you are like most folks, having a prestigious Private Jet Membership is a very enticing option. Seeing your name on a gold plated stainless steel gives you the feeling of Luxury and classy lifestyles. The Marketing folks at JetNetCharters and XO Jets and many more have discovered the magic. This is a good way to build loyalty and generate cash-flow.

Prepaid Jet cards will be available to travelers who are willing to prepay from $5,000- to $250,000 for the special benefits extended by the various Operators and Brokers. It’s  great source for funds and provides resources for technologies and in some cases aircraft.  For the charter operators and brokers this is a “Sweet Deal”. May not be a smart option for you.

Owning and operating a fleet of Private Jets can be a risky business. The ownership is only a small part of the aircraft costs. Insurance, Maintenance, Hangar spaces and costs for Crew Members only represent a small part of the ownership costs. Investing in this business may not be your best choice and option!

Before you sign the dotted line, before you write a check consider some of the following issues and simply charter a “On Demand Charter”—after this experience consider your options and the hours you will fly private. Remember it’s not wrong to combine commercial with a private jet charter options. Do compare the costs of various jet options and the use of the time you save flying private. 


Rent, Hire, Lease a Private Jet are options you need to consider. Before you hire a expert consider a Chat with a team of Jet Experts and Concierges who will be pleased to provide you with options and suggestions. Most services are FREE of charge. Enjoy the private jet experience and compare it to your commercial flights. You will be the expert who will have the tools to compare and decide which options work for you and your business.


How much is a Private Jet Charter?–for many travelers the Jet Card is a solution. Operators and brokers offer a wide range of products. Before you decide consider the following:

  • The ownership of the provider, is this a broker or operator (the firm which supplies the aircraft?
  • Is your money kept in a escrow account, is this money refundable or will the funds expire at a certain date/time
  • Will the card allow you to make short notice reservations–or is a minimum advanced period require.
  • Are you subject to a minimum hours at the time you reserve—
  • Are you limited to a certain type of aircraft?–will you be required to pay fees for other upgrades/downgrades to smaller aircraft
  • How about WIFI and other services, in flight catering?
  • Do you receive detailed quotes and options to track your expenses?


Consider this, operators and brokers will continue to release a wide range of jet cards–the moneys and memberships provide the firms with an on-going revenue stream. For the travelers the programs offer a great deal of “Prestige and rewards” which may come at a hefty price.

Some firms will provide you with complicated spreadsheets with allow you to compare options, costs and risks. As a matter of fact each program deserves an overview by your Legal Team or Financial group.

“On Demand Charters”– a zero risk proposition

Following a business plan which is fully transparent is a mission we follow to ensure customer satisfaction. To meet this goal we provide our guests with:

  1. Full transparency with no hidden prices or costs- devoid of last minute upcharges when you “Click and Buy”
  2. Each rate quote allows the guest to select a specific aircraft type, no restrictions or time limits- we offer “Wheels Up in minutes” no hours
  3. Quotes are supplied with a specific aircraft and interior and exterior seating plans.
  4. Schedule and flight times are in local times–you will be able to modify the time schedule at any time as a part of your quote
  5. We encourage you to compare prices, the costs for Charter Hours, Fees, Taxes are fully detailed. A 7.5% FET applies for all air travel within the USA
  6. No charges for memberships or prepaid cards at any time. You savings for prepaid cards range from $5,000 to $25,000.

Memberships and prepaid cards may a be an acceptable option for Travelers who fly at least 100 plus hours per year in a private jet.  The choice is your.

We are confident that the “On Demand Charter” option is a best buy and better option for 90% of our Business and Leisure Travelers. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a competitive quote.

Our firm recently included a Total Care program with planeside transfers to your hotel, business and convention meetings. You driver will take your destination within minutes of arrival. One of our Team Members will be on site to assist. No need to worry about waiting for cars and cabs.  View this option in your quote.

Our Team of Jet and Travel Experts will be here to answer any questions you may have–feel free to call our Airport Desk at P.702-336-7345.


Vegas Express Jet, Departures from the Las Vegas Strip private lounges at Signature, Atlantic and Henderson Executive Airports.

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