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Private Plane Rentals

How much is a Private Plane Rental?

Flying Private has many benefits, you and your party will depart from a Private Airport Lounge. You will be able to avoid the TSA Lines and Crowded Boarding lounges. It’s OK to arrive just in time–one of the Pilots will welcome you in the lounge. Your baggage will be waiting for you planeside at the time you arrive. Our Team Members will take care of your needs- fly with with 100% More Peace of Mind.

There is nothing like a pandemic to highlight the advantages of flying Private. Large corporations are now moving away from aircraft ownership and are now the biggest charter clients. Business Jet travel is up 45% – compare this to a downturn in commercial air of 24% only one year ago.

The Pandemic has changed the way we travel, privacy and safety distancing on Large Commercial aircraft can be stressful. Fly with your own jet charter with friends and family, no strangers—Your flight operator will ensure that all the latest protocols are in place. Take a moment to download the personal comments from one of our Travelers and Compare a Commercial flight with your own Jet Charter- Rental.

Early bookings are a smart move, aircraft availability exceeds demand on peak holidays.

Uber, Charter Rentals

The Private Jet Rental, like an Uber ride is the most preferred option. You only pay for your flight without any long terms obligations or risks. You will be able to fly to over 4,000 airports and select from hundreds of airplane types. Before you start your search for a Private Jet Rental, consider and download:

  • Over 70% of all Jet Rentals are under 1,500 miles–the longest about 2,3 hours. A typical flight leaves with 2-3 passengers. Prices for Very light jets range from $1,900 to $2,300 per hour.
  • The Aircraft Industry is addressing the demand for shorter flights with the newest Very Light Jets, this includes the Honda Jet, The Phenom 100 and the Citation M2. Aircraft have seating for 4-5 passengers, offer WIFI and the Citation has a fully enclosed washroom. The M2 is one of our clients favorites.
  • For very short flights, up to 500 miles, the newest Cirrus Vision Jet is a budget friendly choice with rates from $1,600 per hour.
  • Fly the Very Light Jets from Burbank, Van Nuys and Long Beach to the Vegas Strip, a roundtrip weekend Jet Rentals is priced from under $9,000 plus taxes and fees. Or take a very light jet to Santa Barbara and tour the wineries.
  • Ask us for a quote–no need for credit cards or personal information.
Very Light Jet
Cirrus Jet- The Newest and the very Safe Jets are now available for Private Jet Rentals at amazing hourly rates. Fly and Charter like you take ride with Uber and only pay for your flight. Our team members are here to assist at 702-336-7345. Ask for a quote, no risks or obligations.

Plane Rentals & Charters at 30% Less

Jet Charters 30% Less than Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership- No need to buy pricey membership with long term obligations. Take advantage of the Uber Experience featured by Vegas Express Jet, and only pay for your charter flight. Vegas Express Jet will secure your quote from 50 Plus Alliance Jet operators–each flight operator will compete for your business- when you ask us for a quote.

Plane rentals

The options and prices can make it tough to decide. We follow a three click process which provide you with all your options and transparent prices. Above all, you will be dealing directly with the charter operator–avoiding the Middleman-Brokers is a step towards lower rates and security.

Vegas Express Jet has served the Strip Mega Resorts for over 14 years-we are here to exceed your expectations, please download our flight details:

  • View a the vey best aircraft for your trip with photos of the interior and seating plans. This includes special services such as WIFI and washroom facilities
  • Fully transparent costs with side-by-side rental rates for different airplane types. The information you need to make an intelligent decision.
  • Like to proceed?–receive an e-mail message and “Guaranteed Price Quote with your flight confirmations”– Approve or ask for additional quote–or hold the aircraft with a credit car. Pay your final payment with your credit card or bank payment check. By paying the operator direct your avoid the middleman and benefit from the lowest charter costs.
  • Your Team of Flight Planners and Travel Planners is always here to answer your questions, for support P.(1)702-336-7345.

Jet Rentals–Or Fly Commercial?

One of our frequent jet flyers who visits the Vegas Strip on a regular bases made a “back of the envelope” comparison which we like to share. This is not intended as a highly scientific document- it’s the information gathered by one of our Vegas Casino groups–they visit the Strip several times per year and like to stay at one of the MGM resorts–Their casino hosts take care of the comps and Golf Outings—it’s the best side of Vegas for those who are well connected.

The numbers below are based on one of the Largest Luxury Jets, the Gulfstream 500 with oversized luxury seating, a full galley and a large oversized washroom. Enjoy unlimited entertainment and WIFI options.

Sharing the views of 13 Travelers who visit one of the Vegas Strip Casinos- a typical stay is from 4-5 nights. The party travels from Ft Lauderdale to Las Vegas. Total passengers 13, 4 Golf bags with a Monday departure and Friday return:

Gulfstream Jet
Gulfstream Jet with up to 14 seats, Vegas Express Jet.
Compare Pricing 13 passengers
It’s twice as expensive to fly Private
Commercial Air First Class FLL/LAS
Total $37,310 or $2,870 per seat
Charter Costs Gulfstream 500-14 seats
$86,000. The Gulfstream provides ample space with your ability to move about and socialize. Flight attendant services included. Wine, Liquor and Snacks are offered at no extra charge.
Time required for check-in at FLL and LASAirports require arrival 3 hours before flight departure- total lost time 6 plus hours
No early check-in required, no lines, no waiting for departure. No TSA. The Private Jet saves time, up to 7 hours (almost one full day)
BaggageTypical time 30 minutes, 1 hour totalInstant baggage delivery
BoardingBy group (up to 9 groups)Planeside-within minutes. Trip from the Private Jet airport to most resorts under 10 minutes. Allows you to avoid crowded airport and waiting time for limo staging.
Comparing Commercial with Private JetYou double your costs when you fly private–it could be a stressful and time consuming journeyThe Private Jet is a big time saver, up to 7 hours on a typical flight from Miami to Las Vegas. The Private Jet provides you with a spacious cabin and a relaxing journey. You can’t socialize with your friends on a Commercial flight—Flying Private is a experience unmatched by Commercial Air.

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