How to Charter a Private Jet

Answering the questions we receive every day from our customers. The Pandemic has created new requests from travelers who are considering an upgrade to a Private Jet. Most travelers know that a Jet Charter can be pricey–hey simply do not know how much it will cost. Where do you go to charter a Jet, do you call a charter company or simply find the answers in Google. Go on a lifetime journey and experience a Private Jet, way different than a seat on a commercial plane. No lines at airports, no boarding #7 with a Private Plane Charter. You have full control over your schedule– depart from a Private Lounge and save at least 4 hours, time that’s yours for business or an extended stay at the Swimming Pool at the Wynn-Encore Resort. Or at the Sports Book at the CIRCA downtown Las Vegas. To place you bet, you can stay at the swimming pool at see the games life on a Mega Screen.

So go ahead and splurge and see how you can join the Jet Set on the Vegas Strip–our Team of Flight Planners and Travel Designers are here to make it work for you at “Amazing Prices”. For support call our Airport Desk at tel:702-720-2449

On Standby for your next Jet Rental-Charter

Chartering a Private Jet, need to know

Like you, all of us start a search on Google or your Favorite Social Network like Facebook or for business travelers it would be “LinkedIn”. You discover that Jet Rentals, Charters are offered by Jet Companies direct to you, Brokers and we hope that you located us. We are a Private Jet Technology company.

  • JET CHARTER COMPANIES, are here in all different sizes. Some operate a couple of jets which they manage for corporate firms, or individual owners. Some larger ones Manage a large fleet of aircraft. Prices and availability will be based on their availability—-many owners will charter aircraft, subject to owner approvals. You may learn that operators will aggressively limit quotes to their very own group of jets they manage.
  • BROKERS, this is a group of firms who will contact Charter Companies and offer you a charter—their pricing will include a markup to compensate the Brokerage for their investment in staffing and time. It could cost more to work through a Broker. Some of the largest companies are “Hybrids” which offer charters with prepaid jet cards. This may require you to make an up-front investment of $25,000 to $25,000 in exchange for lower rates and VIP Services.
  • NETJETS and other major Charter Firms are focused on the Business Flyer. Their focus is on Fractional Ownerships where the Executive purchases a 1/7 share of an aircraft—or prepays a vast number of charter hours.

This is a simplistic overview–please understand that this topic may take a small book to updated you on the options you should consider–many require the support of a Business Accountant or Lawyer to guide you.

Chartering a Jet with Vegas Express Jet. A totally different experience you need to consider! Best technology options.

Vegas Express Jet does not own or operate Private Jets. As a Private Jet Technology Portal we source Jet quotes from our 50 Plus Alliance Partners. Each firm competes for your business and provides us with the best prices and aircraft options. Our system will search for you needs:

  • You will be able to review a number of aircraft quotes with interior photos and floor plans. Other information will address the availability of washrooms and entertainment options….WIFI
  • View your flight schedules between cities, distance flown and flight time mileage.
  • Receive several quotes and aircraft options–compare rates and options side-by-side. All rates are fully transparent and include your flight costs, FET Federal Excise Tax of 7.5%, Airport and City taxes with upcharges for fuel costs etc. We include all fees allowing you to avoid hidden charges or fees when “You click and Buy”
  • Charter Agreements are issued by the Charter Operator and include “GUARANTEED” prices and confirmed flight segments. Your charter and flight crew are fully confirmed.
  • If you approve–“YOU PAY THE OPERATOR DIRECT” avoiding the middleman is a big cost saver. The Advantage is yours.

Charter Jets, select the best plane for your trip. Start saving! Very Light Jets

Need to know 70% of all Jet Charters are under 1,500 Miles or 2,3 hours. The newest group of Jets include the Phenom 100 and the Citation M2. Aircraft fly at a speed of 380 miles per hour and will take you to and from over 4,000 airports in the USA. The Very Light Jets are big fuel and cost savers with hourly rates from $1,900 to $2,400 per hour. The Citation M2 with 5 seats and a fully enclosed washroom is clearly the most preferred in this group. Take this Jet from the Orange County Airports, John Wayne (SNA) Long Beach or Carlsbad to Vegas for a weekend. With seat costs from $2,000 per person (The pro-rated costs for the total Charter.)

Charter a Midsize Jet

For Private Jet flights of 4 plus hours, it’s smart to upgrade to a Midsize Jet with a larger cabin and more comfort. Avoiding a fuel stop should be on top of your wish list. The very best solution is a Midsize Jet with seating for 7-9 passengers. This is the aircraft type most requested by Business Travelers. The highest rated Phenom 300 is new and offers an enlarged cabin, a conference table and an interior designed by BMW. The floor plan shows the generous cabin– the aircraft has seating for 9 guests. This Jet will take you from LAX to Chicago or from Dallas to Vegas. This aircraft will accommodate all types of sports equipment–great for your ski equipment. The Midsize Category includes the Lear 60, Hawker 800 and a wide selection of jets. Expect hourly rates which range from $3,400 to $3,700 per hour.

Phenom 300- forward bar setting with fully enclosed washroom aft! High Demand Business

Charter Jets–Super Midsize Jet and Large Cabin Gulfstream Aircraft. Amazing rates, no need to buy Jet Cards or Pricey Memberships.

Download this information–The Super-Midsize Category of Jet Charters is the best buy in the Jet Charter Industry. The Challenger 601-604 series and the Gulfstream 200 offer the same level of comfort and space as the Full Size Large Cabin Jets. The Challenger 601-604 offers seating for up to 12 passengers with a spacious standup cabin at rates from $4,400 to $4,600 per hour. The Midsize Jets are well suited for trips from New York. Rate for the Challenger 601-604, 12 seat Jet Start at $4,400 per hour. Compare this to a Gulfstream IV with rates of $5,900 per hour.

Charter a Jet for your vacation

The Very Light Jets are the very best choice for a Vacation day at Disneyland- a great combo with a Vegas Stay. Make it a day journey–highly recommended for families visiting the Vegas Strip.

Start your Vacation, Business Trip with a quote–we will ask our 50 Alliance Partners to extend their best rates and options. The best place for you to receive amazing prices. Plus you receive quotes for several aircraft types and compare prices side-by-side. Download rates with are 30% less than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership.

A complete Jet portal with the services of “Flight Planners and Air Concierges. Call our airport desk at tel:702-336-7345

Over 45% of our travelers will purchase a vacation package and benefit from discounts on their Private Jet and Resort package. Visit us at our concierge site—-

Private Jets, Rent a Jet

Private Jets, Explore how to Rent a Jet. Private Plane Rentals can be pricey. Here are the steps you can take to enjoy Luxury at very affordable prices and save 30% on your next Jet Charter. Take a moment to understand how a number of simple steps will provide you with big budget savings and a Luxury Jet Experience. Here to explore you options allowing you to download your side-side-aircraft types, options and pricing. Better decisions made with fully detailed rates, aircraft features and transparent costs. For support, call our Jet Team, our Flight Planners and Travel Advisors are here to assist.

Start planning, and save big.

Over 70% of all Private Jet flights are under 1,500 miles. Or about 3,2 hours. If you are flying from John Wayne or Burbank to Las Vegas you should consider a Very Light Jet. This includes the newest Citation M2 with 5 seats, or the Phenom 100 with seating for 4 and an interior designed by BMW. The newest jets are fuel savers, offer the latest technologies in the cockpit and for guests who enjoy entertainment and WIFI Services. Hourly charter rates range from $1,900 to $2,400 per hour.

Citation M2, 5 Seats Vegas Express Jet tel:702-720-2449

How to reserve a Private Jet?

Your options are unlimited! Jet brokers and Charter operators will be here to compete for your business. It’s smart to consider the pro’s and con’s before you reserve your Private Plane.

Brokers will help you shop for a Private Jet–however a vast number will sell you a Private Jet Charter and promote Pricey Jet Cards or Memberships. A great option for their cashflow. Aircraft operators will offer a limited number of aircraft which are a part of their In-House Jet Fleet.

Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet Portal. With the help of 50 Plus Alliance Charter Partners (who all compete for your business) our Jet Team will provide you with the very best, budget friendly quotes. No need to buy Jet Cards or purchase long term memberships to benefit from cost savings. Vegas Express Jet quotes provide you with the information you need to compare aircraft and costs side-by side.

Your Jet Reservation, included in your quote!

How much is a Private Jet “Insta Quotes”

Discover the tools and prices to start your Private Jet Search. Insta Quotes is a simple and way to discover and compare the different prices for private jets. Download the information you need to secure the best prices and deals for your next Private Jet Rental. No limit to your options, Explore the vey best options for your next Luxury trip with your own Private Jet Rental.

Private Jet Prices, take control and compare

Private Jets are available in a number of categories which are based on the size of your jet, seating and hourly charges. The newest category of “Very Light Jets” should be on top of your search list. The newest Phenom 100 and Citation M2 are very light jets with seating for 4-7 passengers. Over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles, about 2.3 passengers. Rates range from $1,900 to $2,400 per hour.

Our favorite is the much desired Citation M2 with seating for 5 guests. This 2016 model jet is yours with FREE WIFI and a fully enclosed washroom. Well suited for a weekend trip to the Vegas Strip from San Diego, John Wayne, LAX Van Nuys, Bakersfield or Santa Barbara. A typical weekend rate to the Vegas Strip is about $9,000 to $12,000- this is about $2,000 per seat!

Cessna Citation M2 Very Light Jet- Comforts include FREE WIFI

Private Jet Prices for Midsize Aircraft

For longer trips up to 4.5 hours, LAX to Chicago, Dallas to Las Vegas a Midsize Jet your best solution. Most preferred aircraft include the Lear 60, or the newest Phenom 300 each with 7 seats, a conference table and a fully enclosed washroom. All aircraft are late model year 2000 or later aircraft. Expect rates from $3,400 to $3,700 per hour. This category of Jet Charters is amongst the most preferred by Business flyers. Feel free to ask us for a quote allowing you to compare several plane options side-by-side.

Seating Plan for Phenom 300, aft washroom

Super Midsize and Large Cabin Jets

For Coast to Coast Travel, LAX to Miami to New York to Vegas you need to upgrade to a Super Midsize Jet. The Challenger 604 will accommodate up to 12 guests–or the Super Luxury Gulfstream with 10 seats. Lot’s of options for consideration including the Falcon 2000 with 10 seats. Great for a weekend in Maui, Mexico or the Caribbean. Expect hourly rates from $4,400 to $4,900.

Gulfstream 280

Large Cabin Jets–some unexpected savings from 30-60%

The Gulfstream IV, V and the Global Jets are designed for International Flights to London, Paris or Hing Kong. Each Jet includes a oversized forward Galley, one or two washroom and some jet include forward cabins for crew rests. Expect rates from $5,900 up to $12,000 for the G650 which will take you non-stop from LAX to the Peking Airport in China. For passengers with a “Flexible Schedule” consider Open Legs which are available from 2-3 weeks before departure. Please consult with one of our Flight Team Members at tel:702-720-2449

Insta Quotes and Prices

Private Jets are constantly on the move, this is why you may receive so many different rates. As a Jet and Technology Portal rates are secured from our 50 Plus FAA Part Authorized Charter Partners who compete for your business. Each firm is ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated. The Highest quality and safety standards in the Private Jet Industry, Vegas Express Jet offers rates 30% Less Than Jet Cards or Fractional Ownership.

Your rate request–download your savings:

Phenom 300 “Most Preferred Business Jet”

How do the world’s top athletes go from being good to being great? How do they go from being great to becoming legends?

They never stop improving. It’s in this spirit that the most successful business jet of the past decade, the best-selling light jet for eight years running, and the fastest and longest-ranged single pilot aircraft in business aviation just got better — again. That’s right. It’s even better. With even more performance. Even more comfort. Even more technology. The fastest and longest-ranged single-pilot business jet is now capable of speeds up to Mach 0.80. It’s got an even quieter cabin. And it’s the first and only business aircraft to have a runway overrun awareness and alerting system, which provides a warning advisory if the runway approach is too steep or too fast. With its next-generation avionics, generous cabin space, revolutionary interior, industry-exclusive upper technology panel and the best-in-class cabin altitude that made it so popular, plus new enhancements that reduce cabin noise, the best just got better. Leisure and Business Travelers rate this Jet as Five Star Plus *****

Where to take the Phenom 300 Jet with 7 seats

  • Fly from any California Airport for a long weekend on the Las Vegas Strip
  • Take the Phenom 300 for tour of the Wineries in Napa, Central Coast or a Golf Trip.
  • Business Travelers will take this Jet for a multiple stopovers or daytrips to meet with Key Clients
  • Custom design of trips, visit our Travel Team for custom Jet and Resort Stays.
  • For support, please contact us at tel:702-336-7345 for E:mail.
Phenom 300, 7 seats

Technical Specifications, by Vegas Express Jet LLC.

Dimensions, a large cabin for a comfortable journey. The latest technologies, WIFI and Entertainment system.


  • Exterior Height: 16 ft 5 in
  • Wing Span: 53 ft 2 in
  • Length: 52 ft 2 in
  • External Baggage: 66 cu ft


  • Cabin Height: 4 ft 11 In (Center is OK for standup)
  • Cabin Width: 5 ft 1 In
  • Cabin Length: 17 ft 2 In
  • Cabin Volume: 324 cu ft
  • Internal Baggage: 19 cu ft
  • Enclosed washroom, a much appreciated cabin item for longer flights
  • WIFI services at no extra cost to Charter Guests,


  • Crew: 2
  • Passengers: 7 (two bench seats at entrance recommended for short flights.)

Operating Weights

  • Max T/O Weight: 17968 Lb
  • Max Landing Weight: 16865 Lb
  • Operating Weight: 11783 Lb
  • Fuel Capacity: 5353 lbs Lb
  • Payload W/Full Fuel: 942 Lb
  • Max Payload: 2216 Lb


  • Normal Range: 1811 nm- Travel from LAX to Chicago. Dallas to Las Vegas
  • Max Range: 2077 nm
  • Service Ceiling: 45000 ft


  • Takeoff Distance: 3138 ft
  • Landing Distance: 3700 ft


  • Rate of Climb: 3335 fpm
  • Climb Rate One Engine Inop: 1044 fpm
  • Max Speed: 453 kts
  • Normal Cruise: 430 kts
  • Economy Cruise: 383 kts
  • Cost per Charter Hour ranges from $3,600- to $3,800
  • Hourly Fuel Burn (1st Hour):: 166 gal

Power Plant

  • Engines: 2
  • Engine Mfg: Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • Engine Model: PW535

Citation M2, Light Jet “Best Buy”

The newest 2016 Jet with all the features you expect in a much larger jet

Fast and safe, this light jet is perfect to get up in the air and down to business for your short-range travel needs.


Passenger Capacity5 + 1
Baggage Capacity46 CU FT
Maximum Range1700 SM
Cruising Speed460 MPH
Cabin Length11′
Cabin Height4′ 9″
Cabin Width5′
Year Built2013


INFLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM (IPad with WIFI GoGo services. No FEE for services.





SEPARATE & ENCLOSED LAVATORY (This makes this Jet one of the “Most Preferred Light Jet Options. This Jet is Pet Friendly with the option to bring up two pets.)

Customers, rate aircraft as Five Star PLus (*****) Rates from $2,300 per hour—-for support tel:702-336-7345

Citation M2 Seat Map–Cabin feels like you’re on a Large Jet!

This Jet should be on your “Wish List” for flights from all California Cities for a weekend journey to the Las Vegas Strip. Or for a daytrip to Disneyland from Vegas.

  • Weekend trips to the California Wineries in Napa, Templeton or Santa Barbara
  • Day visit to the Santa Monica Beach or San Diego
  • Share you wishes and we will be pleased to design a vacation package for you and your family.
  • Ask for a custom designed itinerary.

Phenom 100 Jets

Designed by Embraer this 4 seat Jet was designed as a Fuel Efficient Aircraft for flights under 2,3 hours.

The Phenom 100EV pushes the boundaries of convention. Combining the performance of a jet with the ergonomics of a turboprop, this aircraft transcends the perceptions of what an entry-level jet can do. Intuitive avionics paired with enviable thrust, superior hot-and-high performance, and an elegant cabin bathed in natural light opens a world of possibilities. 

And for executives who enjoy piloting themselves, the Phenom 100EV is designed for single-pilot operations. Boasting unparalleled performance, turboprop-grade efficiency, and both enhanced safety and beauty, it’s sure to attract a crowd on the ramp.

Phenom 100


Range:1,178 nm (2,182 km)
(LRC, 4 occupants and NBAA IFR reserves with 100 nm alternate airport.)
MMO (Maximum Mach Operation):Mach 0.70
High Speed Cruise:406 ktas (752 km/h)
Takeoff Distance:3,190 ft (972 m)
(MTOW, Sea Level, ISA)
Landing Distance:2,430 ft (741 m)
(4 occupants, MLW, Sea Level, ISA)
Maximum Operating Altitude:41,000 ft (12,497 m)

Why should you consider the Phenom 100

  • A very “Affordable Charter Jet” with hourly rates from $1,900 per hour
  • Interior designed by BMW with 4 Luxury Seats
  • Ample room for Sports Gear and Baggage
  • Consumer concerns ” No washroom options”

Private Jets, Casino Collection

Accept our special VIP presentation to the Private Jets most preferred by the guests of our Las Vegas Resorts. Visitors who are pampered and receive special incentives at the Wynn-Encore, Bellagio, Aria, Caesars, MGM, Cosmopolitan, 4 Seasons- and the newest Downtown Las Vegas CIRCA and soon to open RESORTS WORLD. Qualified guests receive special invitations for complimentary stays, fine dining and Executive play at Casino Tables. For sports fans the Sportsbook at the Circa is an amazing experience. Each property has a special process to qualify guests for complimentary suites, dining options–some extend travel vouchers which may be used for Commercial Airline seats or payment towards a Private Jet Charter flight. Ask for a quote.

Most desirable Jet Charters

The Phenom 300 is one of the newest and most comfortable jets with an interior designed by BMW- With ultra comfortable seats this luxury jet has seating for 8 guests. A range of 2,200 miles allows you to travel from Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, San Diego, John Wayne or Bob Hope/Van Nuys for a weekend stay. All flights are non-stop. For your comfort and pleasure this Jet has full WiFi Services and a fully enclosed washroom. The center isle is lowered for comfort–an unexpected feature of this midsize jet. Please feel free to ask us for a quote View the seating plan of the PH300 and pick a seat. This is the Jet Aircraft which takes you to the Vegas Strip at Signature or the Henderson Executive Airport for a downtown Circa stay. Download rates for a Friday-Sunday weekend. Need an Express Quote, click here!

Gulfstream, Private Jet 13 Seats

Visiting Las Vegas from Mexico City, Honolulu, Ft. Lauderdale or Paris France, the Gulfstream Jet is designed for Inter Continental and Trans Atlantic flights.

Gulfstream IV, Luxury Long Haul Jet featured by Vegas Express Jet

Select the best Jet- how to secure complimentary services from your Casino host. Need a quote? call our airport desk at P.702-336-7345

Over 70% of all Jet Charters are under 1,500 miles—you will be delighted to fly one of the newest Citations M2 with 5 seats or upgrade to the Phenom 300 with the luxury of a large jet. Charter rates for the very light jets range from USD$1,900 to $2,300 per hour. Rates for the midsize Phenom 300 start at USD$3,500 per hour. Asks us about weekend specials (Friday-Sunday). The Concierge Team offers special upgrades and amenities at the Wynn-Encore with a upgrade to suites, complimentary breakfast services and spa credit. Do take advantage of our Signature Rates.

Casino Host Introductions

Vegas Express Jet is well connected with the Hosts at the Major Resorts—are you planning to partake in gambling activities such as “Baccarat” or other games of choice the Casino will extend special incentives for your enjoyment. Casino’s are eager to keep you on-site and will reward you based on the funds you place in the Casino Cage (Bank) or time you spend on the casino floor. Each Casino will have their very own policies- please send us a short note with you plans and good time for the Casino Host to Contact you—-Vegas Express will forward your information to one of our most preferred resorts. All the information shared will be confidential.

Planning a visit on your own?

The CIRCA Resort- Changing Downtown Las Vegas– This will not disappoint!

With the largest pool on the 60th floor, and a mega Sportsbook the Circa is a must visit resort. Asks us for special rates, upgrades and VIP Flight option. You will be invited to partake in “Touchless flights” no lines at airports. Your limousine will meet you planeside on the Vegas Strip. Take advantage of the special services from our Team of Jet Concierges. Receive a detailed custom designed itinerary which includes all you flight arrangements, transfers and hotel accommodations——plus you receive an additional discount of 5% when you “Bundle” your Jet and Hotel/Resort Packages. Need an express quote, click here.


Protecting you

Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet Technology Portal.  Quotes are sourced on behalf of our clients from 50 Plus Alliance Partners.  All firms are FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators.

Charter Agreements are issued by the operators with Guaranteed Rates, and Aircraft-Operator Registration Details. Vegas Express Jet is not an indirect flight operator and does not own or operate aircraft.

Ground Services provided by our in-house Concierge and Signature Agency. Benefit from Special Perks such as upgrades and bar and boutique credit.

Covid-19 Protocols are followed for you safety and protection.

Updated 09/01/2020 Vegas ExpressJet LLC.

* Vegas Express Jet LLC, provides consulting services for Private Jet FAA Part 135 Authorized operators. Vegas Express Jet does not own or operate aircraft. Charter Contracts are issued by the Operator and submitted to the Private Jet flyers for review and approval. Rates in Charter Agreements are Guaranteed with flight confirmations. Vegas Express Jet conforms to all FAA and DOT regulations. Ground Services, Hotels are provided by

Resort Accommodations by:

Las Vegas I Henderson Executive Airport

Vegas Express Jet, our Home Base for our VIP,Guests


Our VIP Private Jet flyers continue to request the #Henderson Airport for their visits to the Las Vegas Strip. The Henderson Airport is only 12 minutes from the Strip and the very best place for travelers who stay at Red Rock, The “M”, Green Valley or the Resorts at the Lakes. It’s a short ride to the Wynn-Encore or Venetian and Cosmopolitan Resorts.  The Henderson Airport is here to accommodate the needs for the Executive Flyers, Aircraft Owners and serves the Greater Las Vegas and Henderson communities. Our Customers rate the Henderson Executive Airport as FIVE STAR PLUS.  


Pilots and Operators directly benefit from lower fuel prices and no lines for take off’s or arrivals. The Henderson Airport is adjacent to new home of the Las Vegas Raiders and close to the Golden Nights facilities.  Las Vegas is the newest “Sports” destination in the West!

Parking at the airport is spacious and free–the lounge is spacious and great place for you and your friends to meet an relax.  The restaurant on the second level for burgers and breakfast.

Our “Meet and Greet” services at the Henderson Airport include ramp access with plane-side transfers with your limousine. Our Concierge Team takes care of the details.  Support, please text or call us at P.(1)702-336-7345


Leaving from a Private Lounge is a big time saver and is “Hasslefree”, no TSA, no lines this is a place to relax and meet the Crew Members of your flight before departure.  The staff at the executive desk will be here to assist. One of our Concierge Team members will be on site to ensure that all your needs are addressed before your flight—-or when you arrive in our Home Town.


You’re invited to ask us for a Charter or Rental quote–fly like UBER or LYFT, you only pay for the Charter hours with no long term obligations. You do not need to provide us with Credit Card information when you take advantage a “Flexible Quote”.

Expect a Fully Transparent rate quote which includes the following information–designed to allow you to compare and make an intelligent buy and benefit from cost savings:

  • RECEIVE A DETAILED flight schedule with your departure and arrivals in local times with distance and flight times.
  • PHOTO’S of the aircraft options with interior and exterior views. Compare seats and floor plans. Washroom facilities and WiFi!
  • HOW MUCH IS YOUR PRIVATE JET? Compare the costs for several aircraft types for the Charter Hours, Airport Taxes, Handling Fees at the FET at 7.5%.
  • DISCOUNTS—all quotes include a 4% cash discount–plus our open legs (Hitchhiker Fares) include discount from 30-60%.  Open legs are a great buy for travelers with a flexible schedule. Rates are included in your quotes with departures in the next 3-13 days. 

Take advantage of quotes, extended by 50 Plus FAA Part 135 Operators who compete for your business.  You compare and decide without a “Pushy Salesman” are selling memberships or pricey jet cards.  All our options are limited to “On Demand Charters” a best buy and best value for Private Flyers. 

New for 2020, All our International quotes will include special offers for Discounted Business Class Air on schedules airlines. Please ask for our Concierge Department at P.702-336-7345. For updates on travel visit us at Royalty Travel US


Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet Portal which provides Luxury Jets for the VIP Traveler. Take advantage of a team of Jet Experts and Air Concierges with leading edge technologies and inventory management systems. Please ask us for a “Detailed Quote” and update us on your preferred schedule and number of seats you require.
Please text for a Quote- (1) 702-336-7345