Las Vegas Private Jet Charter Flights

Are you considering a Private Jet? For your next trip to the Las Vegas Strip, or to Mexico or the Maui Beaches? With a Private Jet Charter you will be able to avoid the long check-in times at commercial airports. A just in-time arrival at a Private Lounge is one of the pleasures of Flying Private. Private Jets don’t have […]

How Much is my Jet

Jet Prices are lower at Vegas Jet Express We are here to assist with–Private Jets, 30% Less Than Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership. No need for Pricey Membership. Enjoy Private Plane Charters like you take a Ride with UBER or Lyft. You only pay for the flight hours. Simply ask for a quote and receive prices for several aircraft types. […]

Private Jet for Wedding

For all of us the Pandemic has taken a long time- planning a Wedding during these uncertain time is difficult. Many Wedding parties are now discovering the many benefits of flying Private–a Private Jet is one of the most Romantic Journeys and it’s one of the very best decisions you should make during these unsettling times. The “Hot Wedding Places” […]

Private Jets Vegas

How much is a Private Jet to Las Vegas You may be interested in substantial savings with special Luxury Upgrades. Explore our exclusive options for several aircraft types which you may wish to explore. You will be able to download aircraft types and view side- by- side rates. The tools to make an intelligent buying decision. The Secret Sauce is […]

Cheap Private Jet

Cheap Private Jet Rental Explore big savings on your next Private Jet Trip– – Open legs which are the Achilles heel of the Private Jet Charter and Rental firms. Operators, have no choice but to return the aircraft back to their home base airport after their deliver passengers to their destination. Charter firms are eager to make some money to […]

Private Jet Costs

Private Jet Prices Here is the information you need to manage your Private Jet Rental Costs. You should know that each operator will determine the Hourly Charter Costs by Aircraft Type. You may experience higher charter costs in each region–we have made a best effort to provide you with the current rates being charged by our 50 Plus Jet Operators […]

Las Vegas Private Jet Charter

What is a Private Jet Charter A private jet charter is the closest private jet option to buying a ticket on a commercial jet. There is no upfront financial investment as you would have if you purchased a whole aircraft or even a fraction of an aircraft. You are not responsible for aircraft maintenance, management, pilot training costs. Booking a […]

Las Vegas Jet Charter

Private Jet per hour How much will you be paying for a Private Jet flight depends on the type of aircraft and number of seats you will need for your flight to the Las Vegas Strip. Here are the tools you need to determine your best options and pricing. Most Charter flights, about 70% are under 1,500 miles. A Very […]

Private Jet

Just in case you are searching for Private Jet prices, consider your options and steps you can take to enjoy a great Private Jet Trips with a superior aircraft for less. During your search on the various websites you will encounter a vast number of options and prices. Please explore and start saving on your Private Jet flights. Many of […]

Private Jet Rental

Looking for a Cheap Private Jet Rental, explore your options and take advantage of the time savings generated by our Leading Edge Technologies. You will receive multiple aircraft options and price quotes from our 50 Plus Operator Partners who compete for your business. Rent a Jet like you take a trip with UBER or Lyft. You only pay for your […]

Cheap Jet Charters

Flying Private and searching for a Private Jet rental? We can help you score a great deal without the need to deal with Brokers or hard selling sales groups. For the experienced Jet flyers we recommend that you consider “On Demand Jet Charters” and avoid pricey memberships, on-going fees and payments. Discover the various types of aircraft options from the […]

How much does a Private Jet Cost

How much is a Private Jet? You’re invited to experience the newest technologies and support to compare charter pricing and aircraft availability. The tools you need to compare aircraft types, pricing and the “bottomline” costs. Plus you will be able to avoid the middleman and higher costs. No need to deal with aggressive sales types, we provide you with the […]

Private Jet

Private Jet Rental We help you save 30% on Private Charters & Fractional Ownerships like timeshares in the air. Vegas Express Jet let’s you secure quotes from 50 Alliance Partners and Jet Operators who compete for your business. You will be able to view and make a selection from hundreds of different Jets. All the information you needs without your […]

How Much is a Private Jet to Vegas

Private Jet Prices Explore and download the Prices for all types of jets, get quotes and start flying with three easy steps. Vegas Express provides you with the ability to handle your own Charter Jet reservations with fast pricing, airplane details, flight schedules and Guaranteed rates. No worry, no hidden fees or last minute upcharges and we will be here […]

Plane Rentals

Private Plane Rentals How much is a Private Plane Rental? Flying Private has many benefits, you and your party will depart from a Private Airport Lounge. You will be able to avoid the TSA Lines and Crowded Boarding lounges. It’s OK to arrive just in time–one of the Pilots will welcome you in the lounge. Your baggage will be waiting […]

Casino Jets

Las Vegas Casino Jets You’re invited to join us on a Casino Jet to one of the many Las Vegas Strip Resorts. You may be able to qualify from the special “Comps” extended by the Resort Executives. Major MGM, Wynn and Cosmopolitan Resorts are eager to attract VIP Players. This is a good time to visit the Las Vegas Strip […]

Private Jets, terrapass

Private Jet- terrapass calculator You’re invited to help us reduce our Carbon Footprint- Our team members are not accredited as environmental experts, however we made a best effort to look for the very best available and sustainable options for our Private Jet Flyers. As always we welcome the feedback from our clients, the Casino Resorts and the Commercial Accounts we […]

Private Jet Vegas

Fly Private to Vegas Private Jet Traffic to the Vegas Strip is no seeing a double increase since visitors like to avoid the Crowded and Airports, long TSA lines and long waits for baggage. The Private Jet experience is a big time saver and now more affordable with the introduction of the Very Light Jets. The Vegas Strip has three […]

Cheap Private Jet

Cheap Private Charters Welcome to the Private Rental, Charter and Lease options you will discover on the Web. We are here to introduce you to a number of simple steps you can take to score a great deal on a Private Jet. Take a moment to download or tips and start packing! It’s good to know that 70% of all […]

How much is Private Jet

Private Jet Las Vegas Private Jet Charter Costs when. you are considering a Charter. It’s important to know what charges are included in the pricing for your Jet flight. The major costs are related to a hourly charter rate which is variable. This includes you flight time and time required to meet you at your departure city airport. Additional charges […]

Midsize Jet

Midsize Jets are the most preferred by Business Travelers- this type of plane will fly long distances and provide you with a specious cabin with seating for up to 10 travelers–the greatest benefit of all includes a standup cabin with lots of room to spare. This is a great plane for party jets, weddings and family visits. Need to fly […]

Executive Jets, Jet Management

Traveling from LAX to New York Teterboro airport or from Miami to London or Paris–the Executive Jets provide you with overnight sleeper berth and all the Luxury Conveniences to relax, conduct a business meeting or start a European Vacation. Complete with enclosed bathrooms, lie-flat beds, full-service galley and a roomy luggage area, this segment of private jets is designed to […]

Very Light Jets

The Very Light Jet- Affordable Luxury Over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles- the newest Jets provide you with High Tech aircraft, comfort and amazingly low charter costs. Experience a Private Plane Charter and avoid long Freeway trips on weekends, More time for you and you family without the hours needed to check-in for a flight. Very Light […]

Private Jets, One way charters

How to save 30% and Beat the Costs of Deadheads FLYING ONE WAY? No need to pay for Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership, like Timeshares in the air. Now you can fly point-to-point, one way and will not be charged for extended stays for the aircraft and crew.  Availability of all types of Private Jets with seating from 4-30 passengers. […]

Super Bowl 2022, Private Jets

Super Bowl LVI, Vegas Sports Books Super Bowl LVI will be the 56th Super Bowl and the 52nd modern-era National Football League championship. The game is scheduled to be played on February 13, 2022, at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. It will be the eighth Super Bowl hosted by the Greater Los Angeles area, with the last one being Super […]

Newest Jets at the NBAA (Airshow)

Updating you on Private Jet Travel We visited the show to ensure that we provide our Casino Clients and Vacation Flyers with answers and hopefully solutions. For most our clients owning a jet is very desirable–however the ownership costs are a major obstacle. Over 73% of all travelers feel that a Private Jet is too costly. Over 23% don’t know […]

Very Light Jets- Best Buys, Explore

The newest jets, better options for flights under 1,500 miles Over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles. About 2,3 hours with a typical passenger load of 3,2 travelers. The newest Jets are designed to take you in comfort with fully enclosed washrooms and WIFI. Consider you options and fly an environmentally friendly jet and benefits from big savings. […]

Private Jets, Las Vegas

Better than UBER or Lyft! Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet Technology firm and search engine which provides you with prices from 50 Plus Jet Operators. All the work is done for you with all types of planes with all the details, you need for your Luxury Trip. Our “Three Click” getaway keeps it simple for you. Understand the […]

Flying Private, How to control your costs

Private Jets can be pricey! Before you embark on your Private Jet flights download the steps you can take to manage your costs and enjoy a great journey. Explore how you can reduce your out of pocket costs and fly like an Executive on board a Luxury Jet. Download the tools you need for a great flight for business or […]

Fly Private

Discover the Vegas Express Jet Advantage Get back to Business and Leisure Travel safely and efficiently with our all-inclusive quotes, Private Jet Charters 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. No need for pricey Memberships and long term commitments. Last Minute Availability with no blackout dates. Most effective way to Fly Private Download our Quotes, secured for your from […]

Private Jet Discounts

Private Jets, “How Much is a Private Jet?” How much will you be paying for a Private Jet? You are very much in control of the Price you pay for a Jet Rental. Explore the tools we provide which are designed to help you secure prices for all types of aircraft with Three Clicks. Vegas Express Jet is different–our Jet […]

Private Jet Prices

Prices for Private Jets You’re invited to experience our full services and leading edge technologies to Rent a Private Jet- with cost savings of up to 30%. Enjoy full transparency and the support of a Team of Jet Experts and Travel Planners to take your Private Jet flight from your home to your destination. Customized with option for Rental Cars, […]

How to charter a Private Jet

Charter a Private Jet with only three “Clicks” Private Jets, How to Rent a Jet– download and explore your options. Flying Private is made affordable with you ability to review rate quotes and options with the leading edge technologies. Follow the easy steps towards a great journey! We provide you with a special advantage to lower your Jet Charter Costs. […]

Private Jets

Private Jets, what is the Vegas Express Jet difference. We are a Jet Booking Search engine and a Jet Portal. That means, we look across the charter systems which are used by the charter operators to find options for charter flights. This means that you have access to better options for all types of Jets wit 4-30 seats Worldwide. You […]

Private Jets- Advisors

Private Jet Consultants, making a big difference for you! Providing you with solutions for your Private Jet Journey. Our Team Experts provide you with quotes from 59 Plus Alliance Private Jet Operators. Offering you with multiple aircraft options and pricing. Additionally we are here to guide you with options for Private Aircraft and Fractional Ownerships. We do not sell anything-we […]

UFC Jets Las Vegas

UFC Flight Week Las Vegas A Search Engine which provides you with quotes from 50 Plus Alliance Partners- Compare aircraft. options and pricing side-by-side. Your searches will help you select the very best Jet Charter for your Business or Vacation Journey. Vegas Express is not selling you anything–the quotes you receive allow you to compare options and prices and secure […]

Jet Program is free of charge

Jet Program options are yours at no cost The best things often come in threes- that includes the benefits of Vegas Express Jet program with an unlimited selection of aircraft and price options. You will be able to select from 50 Plus Aircraft Operators-our Alliance partners with hundreds of aircraft types. We are here to help you select from the […]

Jet Charters Commercial Planes

Vegas Express 150 Seat MD80 Vegas Express Jet introduces you to our Commercial Division and the availability of a wide selection of aircraft. From the 19 Seat Caravan which is a great option for sightseeing tours to the Grand Canyon or the California Wineries. The MD80 has a total of 150 seats with dual class seating. For sports teams we […]

Private Jet I Vacations

What are your trip and travel strategies? Are you planning to travel again, dreaming about going places and a desire to explore places during these unsettling times? May we introduce you to outdoor adventures which includes the National Parks. Each itinerary is custom designed to meet your special wishes. How about a day or weekend at the California Wineries with […]

Private Jet to Las Vegas

Jet Private Vegas is the destination most preferred for Vacation Travelers, Business Executives visiting for Conventions. Vegas Express Jet is one of the Premier Sources for Jet Rentals and Charters. The most advanced quote source for Private Jet Costs which are secured on your behalf from 50 plus Private Jet Operators with hundreds of aircraft types. If you are planning […]

Private Jet Charter Las Vegas

Private Jet Charter with Complimentary Tesla Rental on us! Dealing with the Car Rental shortage, Vegas Express Jet now provides travelers who reserve a Midsize Jet or a Large Cabin Jet with a Complimentary Tesla Rental Car for a total of 3 days. This complimentary offer is good for travelers who book a *Midsize or Large Cabin Jet. Need a […]

How to search for a Private Jet?

Searching for a Private Jet–best charter rates Explore the steps you should follow to find the best deals for your next journey. The tools you need to upgrade from commercial air to a luxury Jet Journey. Download the information you need to save time and compare aircraft, charter and rental options. Vegas Express Jet is like KAYAK displays rates for […]

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