Private Jets Vegas

Searching for a Private Jet to Vegas. Looking for a great deal on a Private Plane Rental?. We can help you with the tools you need to score a great deal. We will take you from take-off to a soft landing with the basic tools. You will discover that Vegas Express Jet is very different and provides you with the […]

Private Jet to Las Vegas

No cost to you, the tools you need to fly private at the lowest costs. You can make it happen following a couple simple step you can take to take full control of you charter flights. This includes the rental, charter or lease of your own plane. Plus you will have the tools to score a great deal on Empty […]

Charter flights and Private Jet Rentals

Looking for a Private Jet? It’s not complicated a few single steps will make it work–getting the best aircraft and great deal on a jet rental requires a couple of smart moves on your part. We will take you to the places you should avoid, such as Pricey Jet cards and will help you understand to fly private at great […]

Las Vegas Charter Flights

Discover a better way to take a Private Charter flight to Las Vegas. Discover the difference and download the steps you should take to Fly Private at a very affordable price. Steps you should take to select the   best and cost-efficient airplanes. From the Turbo jets to the newest category of Very Light Jets. You’re invited to use a few […]

Barbie Flights

Welcome On Board, take a flight with Barbie to over 4,000 destinations. It could be a Pink Jet, Barbie will be on Board, Compliments of the Team Members at Vegas Express. Please bring your whole family to enjoy and celebrate the many lady Captains and First Officers on your flight charters. We like to recognize the accomplishments by Mattel and […]

Barbie Flights

Flying Private means that many of our Cockpit Members are highly accomplished female Captain and First officers. All of us enjoyed the Barbie Movie and like to recognize the great work by Mattel and the Cast who made us focus on the great accomplishments of all our Team Members, Flight Deck Crew and ground support.  To Celebrate the Mattel and the […]

Vegas Events

You’re invited to take advantage of our complimentary Downtown Vegas Tour, enjoy the history of the Old Town and the magic of the new. Details for your tour will be available in your Charter quote. We hope you will upgrade to a Private Jet–just in case you will be arriving on-your-ow, here is the latest update on the events you […]

Vegas Jets, Rewards

Help us celebrate 20 years on the Vegas Strip.  No better way to thank you for your support than offering a reward to our current and new guests. It is our mission to introduce to Vegas Downtown, the way it used to be and the new. Enjoy bite size treats on the way. We are confident that you will enjoy […]

Eco Friendly Flights

Eco Friendly Jets with Vegas Express Jet

Jet Prices

On behalf of our Flight Tea, welcome on Board.  Arriving on the Las Vegas Strip with your very own private jet charter can be an incredibly luxurious and memorable experience. For the first time you feel that this was the very best time to partake in the glitz and glamour of Vegas. Try it for the first time and you […]

Private Jets

Welcome on Board–explore how to fly private and take full control of your budget. Take a few steps to gain big savins on your next. Discover how to rent a private jet without the need to make big investments in Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. We  hand hundreds of quote request and take care of your needs with our 90 […]


LUXURY TRAVEL EXPERIENCE Experience Luxury Flights with Jet Net Charter – Imagine a new way to Fly Private, total freedom to select your own schedule and aircraft. Full transparency and pricing. The information you need to make an informed decision. Guaranteed Pricing with no obligations or risks on your part. Jet Net Charter is here with solutions, and we won’t […]

Private Jets LA

Over 70% of all Jet Charters are under 3.2 hours. Private Jet Traffic between So.Cal and Vegas is the second busy market. The first one is between NYC and Florida. Discover why Vegas Express Jet is different and how you can fly with a Luxury Jet from Vegas to LA at big savings. Get budget freindly options for all your […]

Costs of a Private Jet to Vegas

We understand you, and we know that flying is personal. A good flight can mean peace of mind, feeling rested. As one of your flight planners, I am here to understand your preferences so that your journey is seamless, safe and efficient and meets your budget requirements. My name is Richard, one of our Flight Planners at Vegas Express Jet. […]

Jet to Vegas

Flying Private to the Vegas Strip? You need to decide which Private Airport Lounge is the best! Select from the Strip FBO’s (Fixed Based Operators) The Atlantic Airport is located on Tropicana Ave about 5 minutes away from the MGM. The Signature Private Lounge is on the strip across Las Vegas Avenue from the 4Seasons and Mandalay Bay MGM resorts. […]

Vegas Jet

Vegas Jet Costs Unbelievable low charter prices are here. Trust us, we have been here to offer many flyers with the steps they need to take to manage their Private jet Costs. It’s all about the type of plane you select and the number of seats you need. You can fly private at 30% less than jet cards and fractional […]

Private Jets to Las Vegas

Fly Private to the Vegas Strip for that special event with friends and family. We are here to understand your needs and will be here to update you on the best plane options and lowest prices for the newest Jet which includes the Hondajet, Citation M2 and the Phenom 300. Fly in the same way as you pay for a […]

Private Jets, Best planes to Rent

For first time Private Jet flyers it can be challenging, finding the best plane to charter or rent. We receive a vast volume of travelers who ask us one single question. How much does it cost to Rent a Jet. It was our decision to assist you by sharing the preferences and experiences of our customers. This may serve as […]

Small Private Jets

Over 70% of all flights are under 1,000 miles, or about 2.3 hours. The newest group of Very Light Jets will be a great choice for many travelers, this could be you and your guests on a trip from any California, Nevada or Arizona Airport. Fly to the Wine Country in Napa Valley or the California Central Coast, the San […]

Private Jets- a new way to Fly Private

Big changes are taking place in the Jet Charter industry from the costs, availability of Jet Cards to the financial resources available to some of the largest operators. This is a good time to update your plans and consider your options for your future flights. Worldwide Jet Operators have sustained big losses, operational costs have exceeded revenues. For Jet Card […]

Vegas Jet, formula 1

 Here is our latest update–demand is very strong. If you have that last minute itchy feeling that you like to experience Formula One of the Vegas Strip—-The time is getting very close for you to join the Formula one on the Vegas Strip is a very special experience for car lovers, and folks who love the Formula One races at […]

Costs for a Private Jet

Searching for Private Jet prices? We can help you and discover the secret sauce you need to get a great deal on a Jet Charter to Las Vegas, San Diego, Scottsdale or to any of the 4,000 airports in the US. Brokers and some Jet operators will push you very hard to invest in Prepaid Jet cards or Fractionals, best […]

Renting a Private Jet

Are you searching for a Private Jet Charter?—This may be a good time to avoid Fractional ownership[, like Timeshares in the air. Investing in pricey Jet Cards with up-front payments of $25,000 to $250,00 may be a thing of the past for most private jet travelers. Feedback from our clients strongly confirm that you as a Jet traveler demand full […]

Vegas Jet Charters

Private Jets are now 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership (Like timeshares in the air) Join the new Private Jet flyers who are managing their budgets and have found better and cost efficient ways to experience a Luxury Jet at Budget prices. Vegas Express Jet Leads the way with a Jet Portal. Over 80 plus Jet Operators compete […]

Jet Cards

When considering a private jet flight, you have a few options, one of which is purchasing or owning a jet card. However, it’s important to note that a jet card is not a requirement for flying privately. Let’s explore your options and address your other questions. Jet Card: A jet card is a pre-paid card that allows you to access […]

Private Jet Prices

It’s no secret, Private Jet Rentals, Charters can be pricey. Many travelers will make the mistake to buy costly Jet Cards and Memberships which will greatly increase the cost of a Private Jet. Stay here and read-on how you can manage the cost of your Private Plane and enjoy a great journey to places like Las Vegas, Disneyland or the […]

Casino Junkets

Casino Charters, we make the Casino rock! Inviting your loyal players to you resort is a win-win for your guests and the Casino Floor. For some guests the Crabs Table or Baccarat is a game of choice with lots’ of chances. For the Resort it means money in the casino cage by players who are visiting the Vegas Strip Resorts. […]

Sports Charters

Coaching a team can be a challenge–winning is great, in between all your activities you may be required to prepare for a tournament. We know that you constantly need to deal with schedule changes for your Team and your loyal followers. This is why we take some extra time to provide you with solutions that are budget friendly and provide […]

How to book a Private Jet?

Hi, “Welcome on Board” if you travel like I do, you decided to fly to Vegas with a Private Jet. This time you will be sharing your trip with couple of friends. This makes it a party of five for a trip from Carlsbad California to the Vegas Strip. As always, I did a Google Search and found a bunch […]

Places to go by Private Jet

Where do you go with a Private Jet? Vegas is on of the places where your arrival with your own Private Jet is a very special events. You will be welcomed at Royalty with a planeside welcome. Your limousine will be waiting for you to take your via the Vegas Strip to one of the Magic Resorts like the Wynn-Encore […]

Vegas Casino Jets

Private Jets on the Vegas Strip arrive at the Private Airport Lounges at the Atlantic, Signature and Henderson Executive Airports. Many visitors receive special invitations from Casino Hosts for Complimentary Accommodations. To get a great deal on a Private Jet Jet flight you will need to be a high rated and most valued player at the big name resorts which […]

Private Jets for Less

More Private Jet for Less Money, introducing you to special Perks and Prices extended to you for new bookings through December 2022. Start your savings with Private Jets, 30% less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. Plus you receive special Perks extended by our Alliance Partners when you reserve your Private Jet Rental before 11/30/2022. Experience Private Jets for less, […]

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