Gold Passport Perks

You’re invited to experience a better way to Fly Private. No need to make investment in pricey prepaid jet cards and venture into fractional ownerships. Let’s us introduce you to a safe and secure process which offers total flexibility and full transparency. Our customer feedback strongly confirms that the industry needs to respond with information and options which are fully […]

Luxury Private Jets

Avoid Pricey Jet Cards and Memberships, you’re invited to use the Gold Passport services by Vegas Express Jet. No risks or obligations

Casino Jets, Las Vegas

You’re invited—Securing an invitation from a Las Vegas casino resort to receive a complimentary charter flight on a private plane operated by MGM, Venetian, or Caesars typically requires building a strong relationship with the casino and meeting certain criteria. While I can provide you with general guidelines, please note that specific invitation criteria and processes may vary between resorts. Here […]

Vegas Jet Charters

Private Jets are now 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership (Like timeshares in the air) Join the new Private Jet flyers who are managing their budgets and have found better and cost efficient ways to experience a Luxury Jet at Budget prices. Vegas Express Jet Leads the way with a Jet Portal. Over 80 plus Jet Operators compete […]

Jet Charters, Card Cutters are welcome

For those who have invested in the purchase of jet cards and are now enduring pains with high prices, limited availability and more restrictions by the Jet Operators we here you! You can’t hold the Pandemic Responsible for the new rules which are designed to fill the deep pockets of certain firms. The news media frequently indicate that firms like […]

Jet Charters, Best Prices

Jet Charters, Warning: Pricey Jet Cards with on-goin monthly payments are becoming a thing of the past as new travelers are not prepared to make big investments for a single travel experience. Likewise business travelers are no longer willing to pay 30-40 more for Jet Charters. Take a moment to discover how you will be able to lower costs with […]

Jet Cards

When considering a private jet flight, you have a few options, one of which is purchasing or owning a jet card. However, it’s important to note that a jet card is not a requirement for flying privately. Let’s explore your options and address your other questions. Jet Card: A jet card is a pre-paid card that allows you to access […]


Bigger savings for you Las Vegas Resort when you take a Private Jet to The Circa Las Vegas, located downtown Vegas–it’s famous for the big screen and the pool to view NFL Games and all types of Sports. The Sportsbook should be a highlight of your visit. Vegas Express Jet will take you to the Circa with a short transfer […]

Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

. Our clients and leading the way, thank for sharing your mission and offering a solution for cost-effective business travel in the current environment. Combining charter flights with commercial flights to hub cities is indeed a strategy that can help reduce expenses while still allowing for efficient travel. By utilizing commercial flights to major hub cities and then connecting with […]

PC 12 Turbo Prop Charters

Private Jets Las Vegas, are you searching for a Private Plane Rental, don’t overlook the Pilatus PC12 Turboprop. Best compared to the same engineering as a Swiss Watch. this plane has earned a reputation as one of the vey best Single Turbo Props. It’s pricey to purchase, however low fuel consumption make this plane a very economical aircraft for charters. […]

Casino Junkets

Casino Charters, we make the Casino rock! Inviting your loyal players to you resort is a win-win for your guests and the Casino Floor. For some guests the Crabs Table or Baccarat is a game of choice with lots’ of chances. For the Resort it means money in the casino cage by players who are visiting the Vegas Strip Resorts. […]

Sports Charters

Coaches, we are with you. Your in the middle of your players, owners and families who are here with here to help you plan all your trips. We share the pain and are here to assists. We have access to charter companies in the air and the ground. We are here to work you schedule and provide you with the […]

Private Jet Weddings, a $1000 Gift Certificate*

Save $1000,- with Private Jet Charters and Weddings!

How to book a Private Jet?

Renting or Chartering a Private Jet can be a simple process. We can help you with the steps needed to ensure that you know how to navigate the types of airplanes with are best for your trip. Should you consult with a broker or contact the Charter Operator direct. Private Jets can be pricey, download the information you need. Above […]

Places to go by Private Jet

Where do you go with a Private Jet? Vegas is on of the places where your arrival with your own Private Jet is a very special events. You will be welcomed at Royalty with a planeside welcome. Your limousine will be waiting for you to take your via the Vegas Strip to one of the Magic Resorts like the Wynn-Encore […]

Vegas Casino Jets

Private Jets on the Vegas Strip arrive at the Private Airport Lounges at the Atlantic, Signature and Henderson Executive Airports. Many visitors receive special invitations from Casino Hosts for Complimentary Accommodations. To get a great deal on a Private Jet Jet flight you will need to be a high rated and most valued player at the big name resorts which […]

Private Jets for Less

More Private Jet for Less Money, introducing you to special Perks and Prices extended to you for new bookings through December 2022. Start your savings with Private Jets, 30% less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. Plus you receive special Perks extended by our Alliance Partners when you reserve your Private Jet Rental before 11/30/2022. Experience Private Jets for less, […]

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