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Introducing our Gold Passport with great Perks. Hopefully you will accept allowing us to make a great Private Jet “Better”. The Commercial and Private Jet companies continue to “tweak” their programs. Sadly they make it more complicated. We like you to understand and invite you to enjoy a “Hasslefree Trip”- please read on:


One of the major scheduled, transatlantic airlines introduced a new Jet with 115 different fare options–for example you would be able to book a business class seat with a lay flat option–or a economy seats if you agree to keep your bags at home. If this sounds rate, sounds extreme to you.


Consider the Private Jet industry which offer some 150 plus different jet cards. All the cards have single commonality, they are pricey and atg best difficult to compare. Just in case you in the market for a fancy embossed Gold Card understand that you will be asked to make a substantial up-front investment of $25,000 to $250,000 plus, plus. All cards basically use hourly charter fees as a base for cost comparisons. A number of operators will tweek ground time to make trips a little pricier or ask you to book far ahead to secure a plane.


Just in case you plan to proceed with any jet cards, hire a trusted lawyer and financial planner. You’re invited to explore a wide range of options which do not require pricey jet cards or memberships–the savings are yours, no strings attached.

One of the oldest plans which are still alive includes Fractional Ownership, this option allows you to purchase 1/7th or 10% of a Private Jet. This may be a viable option for a large corporate account, albeit securing the jet at the time you need it for business our personal use could be problematic. Firms like Netjets should be considered. Other firms in the same category have been posting significant losses- you have to question should you–or should you totally avoid?

If you are a risk take and look forward to offsetting your losses with Tax Write Offs, pleas go ahead and take a moment to consider and download the Gold Passport Options by Vegas Express Jet and our partner site at Fly Private Vegas.

We are a technology Jet portal, we could provide you with the solutions you need to enjoy a great Private Jet Journey- sans risks! Please explore the better options for your Journey and Wallet.

Luxury Jets, a La Carte, Gold Passport Options:

A La Carte Jets allow you to reserve a Private Jet at any time. This without the need to purchase any pricey prepaid jet cards or membership obligations. You pay like you take a ride with UBER or Lyft and pay for your flight time.

Jet prices are based on the type of aircraft you select, number of seats and operational-ownership costs. Just in case you are searching for a budget buy consider a Trubo Prop Aircraft, this includes the Pilatus PC12 with 6 seats. Hourly Charter rates start at $2,000- plus taxes and fees.

Very Light Jets with our Gold Passport

The five seat interior of the Cessna Citation M2 is designed by BMW. This plane and the Hondajet offer 5 seats with a fully enclosed washroom. The aircraft have a range of about 1,000 miles or a travel time of 2.3 hours. Our clients take the M2 from Las Vegas to Monterey Ca for a day of Golf at Pebble Beach or a daytrip to the California Wineries.

Within this same group the Vision Jet is a great choice- this plane is yours with the latest safety features which include a build-in parachute and a self landing system.

Luxury Jet, the Phenom 300 Business Jet

The overnight discovery by all the big charter company is the Embraer Phenom 300 Jet with seating for 7 travelers. This jet has a standup center cabin with a spacious interior. Business flyers will take this jet from LAX or San Diego to Chicago or from Van Nuys to Portland. The Phenom 300 is the discovery and darling of all major Charter firms- NETJETS recently ordered some 300 plus.

The Phenom 300 has a large baggage compartment and a forward bar. You will find a fully enclosed washroom in the afty of this jet. Business flyers who take this jet will stay with this plane for all future business trips. No surprisingly demands exceeds supply. A standby option is the Cessna Citation M3, a very impressive light jet which comes close the performance standards of the Phenom 300 Private Jet

Jet Prices with the Gold Passport Perks

Your Gold Passport and Perks are yours with any Jet Charter–iit’s designed for Jet Card Cutters who deserve recognition. Feel free to ask us for a quote at any time, for any plane, time and schedule with the seating you need. Get a quote–here.

You receive the Gold Passport at the time you fly as a Business Traveler with Vegas Express Jet. We understand your need to meet with business clients, franchises or builders in cities without reliable commercial air services.

Complimentary services include the set-up of presentations at airport meeting rooms. Help you schedule car and driver services at your destinations or help you with special events. We are meeting your clients for trips to Las Vegas to be recognized as one of your most valued account. We simply like to join your team to grow your business. Come join us as have many hundreds of Jet Flyers.

  • ASK FOR QUOTES: for your flights and any special services you may require. From ground services to meeting rooms and AV support.
  • ARRIVING AT YOUR INBOX: Quotes and details for several aircraft types. View interior images and seating charts. Bar, Beverage and Catering Services. You will be able to compare aircraft and detailed prices. Complimentary services such as FREE WIFI will be included.
  • GUARANTEED RATES: and Flight schedules are yours to consider. We provide you with a direct link to the Operator Site allowing you to complete all charter details. Hold your private jet and make final payment 24-72 hours before flight departure.
  • WE TAKE CARE OF THE DETAILS: Golden Passport Clients receive 24/72 support. You will be able to make last minute flight schedules and name changes. Our mission, to recognize you as a Gold Passport Client with exceptional services and support.

Gold Passport Perks

Take, enjoy — Perks are yours, free of charge with your Private Jet booking for Business, Vacation or Group Travel. You will be added to our Gold Passport list at the moment you reserve, pay for your Jet Charter, Lease or Rental. The Gold Passport Perks are yours to enjoy, no risks from your side. We like to show our appreciation and welcome you as a client.

Private Jet quotes for all types of aircraft which meet your travel needs, from Luxury Large Cabin Jets which includes the Gulfstream BBJ to the cost efficient Very Light Jets and Turbo Props. Hourly charter rates from $2,000 per hour.

O Multiple aircraft options with individual prices and options
0 Interior seating charts with bar, baggage and washroom facilities.
O Guaranteed Pricing with flight confirmations
O Special services and support for travelers with pets.
Open Legs with cost savings from 30-60. Our Flight Planners will commence a system search and update you on all available flight segments. We help you submit a bid directly to the operator- no middleman fees or charges.
One Way flights, highly recommended for travelers who stay at a destinations for more than one night. Your savings range from 10-20% since are are not responsible for overnight aircraft parking and crew costs. You will receive multiple quotes for each flight segment.
Shared Seats–Listing your flight requirements, or offering you a seat on an existing flight charter. Mostly available in high demand markets which include New York-Miami and Las Vegas-LAX during the weekends.

1) Full access to our Concierge Desk for flight requests
2) Complimentary Limousine Services for Super Midsize Jets (Roundtrip all Las Vegas Resorts)
3) Custom Crafted sandwiches and catering on all flights departing from the Henderson Airport
4) Itinerary planning for day trips to the Wineries, Golf and Disneyland
5) Resort reservations with Suite Upgrades at Las Vegas Resorts*
6) Your Genuine Skin Baggage or Key Tag–our selections continue to change. Enjoy be safe!

Your Gold Passport Perks and benefits, will be detailed in your charter quotes–availability and restrictions may apply during peak travel periods. The Perks have no cash value and may not be submitted, exchanged for any other services. For details contact our Gold Passport Desk at 702-720-2449.

(Vegas Express Jet is a Technology Company, for Private Jet Ownership and special consulting services please contact our Gold Passport desk.)
Key, or Baggage Tag form the Skin of a GII or B747 aircraft–coming you way, please allow for a 2-3 week delivery. It’s yours! As always it’s a part of your journey. Details in your charter confirmation.

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