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Look for the 6 warnings when you book your Private Jet

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1) Your Charter Agreement is issued directly to you by the FAA Authorized Charter Operator (No middleman)

Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet Portal–A technology company which sources quotes on your behalf from FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter operators. All protocols are in place to protect you with Charter Agreements issued directly to you by the Charter Operator. The Traveler approves the charter contract directly with the operator—all financial transactions are with the operator directly. For your protection Vegas Express Jet will never ask you for payments or credit card information.

2) No Jet Cards or Memberships

Jet Cards with substantial up-front investments from $25,000 up to $250,000 may be of benefit to a certain group of travelers. This includes professionals in the Sports and Entertainments industry. If you are within this group please consider a relationship with NetJets. Please secure the support from a financial planner or Lawyer before you sign any Jet Card Obligations. Fractional Ownerships require to assume full responsibility for 10% or 1/7th of the aircraft.

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Private Jets, 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership

Vegas Express Jet serves the small business flyer and the vacation traveler who spends less than 150 hours in the air. Our focus is “On Demand Charters”, Within this group you enjoy total flexibility of choice without any up-front investments. You fly private like you enjoy ridesharing services and only pay for your charter hours. Certain firms may require you to purchase a membership in order to receive Jet Prices. Sorry, we do not offer memberships and will be here to help you secure a wide range of Charter Rates.

3) How much do I pay to book a Private Jet?

No obligations or risks when you book a Private Jet. We recommend that you compare several quotes and decide which options meet your needs. Vegas Express Jet will handle you charter request without the need for any up-front commitment.

  • STEP ONE: Ask for a quote, all you need is you schedule and number of seats you need.
  • STEP TWO: Arriving at your inbox, a series of aircraft options with side-by-side pricing selected from over 80 Plus operators. View details such as seating charts, WIFI services, bar and beverage options. Complimentary dining and transfer services
  • STEP THREE: You may decide to accept one of the quotes- we will proceed and have the Charter Operator issue a Charter Proposal with Guaranteed Rates and your flight confirmations. This includes the registration of your private plane and the name of the operator. You may approve or ask for additional quotes. Final and full payment for your charter is due 24/72 hours before your flight.

4) Flight Sharing- you should know

In accordance with the FAA Rules, a person needs to approve and sign the charter agreement–this person may ask other participants to join and pay a share of the charter costs. Operators will handle much of the procedures. However, in the event that the flight does not have sufficient participants the flight may be cancelled. Meeting the FAA Requirements for Public Charters can be complicated. Concerned customers have been working with legal advisors to endure that their shared costs have been refunded. Vegas Express Jet has not offered and shared seat options–We will continue to offer Charter Options which allow you to control all the seats on your private plane charter. We will be here to refer you to operators who provide single seat options.

5) Flight Crews, your safety

Vegas Express Jet will only extend Private Jet Charter Options from FAA Part Operators who have earned the ARG/US Gold, Platinum or Wyvern Ratings. You benefit from the highest safety standards in the aviation industry. Some aircraft may be certified to be operated by a single polit. As a matter of policy Vegas Express Jet will not offer any charter aircraft with a single pilot–unless you as a charter customer have specifically requested a plane charter with a single flight officer. We simply do not compromise on your safety.

6) How far in Advance Should you Book a Private Jet Rental or Charter.

Over 70% of all our charter bookings occur between 4-6 weeks before departure. Vacation Travelers who visit Vegas during peak Holidays which include New Year’s will book very early to ensure that they have options to select a specific type of jet. Our team members are here to understand your preferences and move ahead at your pace to achieve this. You may book your private plane at any time with your credit card–the actual payment for your charter is due between 24/72 hours before your flight departure. This provides you with ample time to collect a share of the charter costs from your friends and family who will be joining your charter flight. Optionally you will be able to pay for your Private Plane with a Bank Wire Check payment. Remember you always pay the charter operator directly. Vegas Express Jet does not collect any payment.

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Most frequent questions asked this week:

  • HOW ABOUT CANCELLATIONS: Yes, cancellation fees are detailed in your charter agreement issued by the flight operator. Under most circumstances you may cancel without fees or charges within 7 days prior to flight departure. This may change to two weeks during the peak periods such as New Years. Take time to carefully read and understand your charter proposal before your sign and fly!
  • IS A TURBO JET A BETTER BUY? Not always, for instance you pay about $2,500 per hour for a turbo prop which will fly at 1,30 MPH. Flying a Citation M2 Jet will cost you about $2,700 per hour. This aircraft has a cruising speed of 320-340 MPH. Bottomline, get two quotes and compare- for very short flights the Turbo will be a great choice. For longer flights enjoy the faster speeds and comfort of a dual engine Citation Jet.
  • OUR FLIGHT PLANNERS ARE HERE TOI CHAT WITH YOU: Please contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345.

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