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Las Vegas Weddings

Celebrate with us-We take your Wedding Plans to a “Higher Level” with you very own Jet Charter or Helicopter Journey. Our in-house Wedding Planners takes care of Marriage Nuptials, Elope Programs or Vow Renewals. Your Private Jet will take you and your friends to the Maui Beach or to the Las Vegas Strip—or take your experience an outdoor Wedding at the Grand Canyon or Red Rock–Unlimited choices are yours.

Or Make it a Private Jet Wedding with your Wedding Celebration in the air on your way to your reception on the ground—whatever your dreams we make it work for you.

Each of our Weddings is unique, make it a Jet flight Celebration or a Helicopter to the Grand Canyon. Or Celebrate at one of the many Wedding Chapels of the Vegas Strip.

Vegas “The World’s Wedding Capital” Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Vegas Weddings by Private Jet

For that very special moment and lifetime memories, you may start your informal get-together with a reception at the Private Airport lounge, before you take to the air with your own Private Jet. No TSA, No lines- you crew members including you flight attendant will meet you in the lounge and welcome you on Board. Select you very own Jet with 4-14 seats. Like most Wedding Parties share the costs of your plane with your friends who will be able to enjoy ultra luxury at First Class Rates. Open Bar and Fine Dining options are yours to select—our Wedding Consultant and Flight Planners will coordinate all the details, your flight, transfers, resort stay and wedding chapel. Joni is our in-house Wedding Consultant, she will call you to plan your entire visit. You can tie the Knot at Las Vegas the World’s Wedding Capital.

Vegas Helicopter Ceremonies

Celebrate you wedding at the Grand Canyon with one of the newest 7 Seat Helicopters and bring a photographer to capture these magic moments—This is why you should make this your own Vegas Wedding. Our Wedding Team helps you Custom Craft your entire journey, from the moment you leave home until you leave for your Honeymoon. Nothing compares to a Helicopter Landing and a Ceremony on top of the Grand Canyon–you decide and we make it work for you!

Wedding Planners

With the help of our Travel Team you will be able to secure multiple suggestions and options for your Vegas Wedding– simply share your wishes and Vegas Express. Each Wedding Expert will include a series, we help you secure all the services you need in one single place with the Help of our In-House Wedding Consultant Joni—this is a good time to take advantage of the services provided by our partners, all included in a budget friendly package—we do it all. And Lynn Marie Goya The Clark County Clerk’s office is here to assist you with all the Wedding documents to make you Knot official. You’re invited to share your wishes with Joni at 702-336-7345.

Prices for Private Jets start at $2,000 per hour, for a four seat jet the seat costs are $500- per person. Larger party Jets with 12 seats will have an hourly charter costs of $4,400 per hour or $370- per person. Party Jets with 12-14 seats are a great buy and let’s you invite you wedding party. You share the costs and your Luxury Jet is now very affordable.,

Gulfstream Wedding Jet with 14 seats, Services of a Flight Attendant, Full Bar and Dining Options in the Sky!

Vegas Jet Prices

Private Jets are 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership, with multiple quotes you will be able to compare Rental options and select the best Jet for your journey:

  • Ask for a quote, all you need is your flight schedule, dates and number of seats you need. Over 50 Jet Operators will submit bids, Vegas Express will help you select the best aircraft and pricing options
  • Your quote includes interior and exterior photos of your aircraft options with seating plans. You will be able to determine the availability of in-flight entertainment, WIFI and Mini Bars, Washrooms and Baggage Spaces
  • Side-by-Side Pricing lets you compare rates for each aircraft–you select the best options and receive a Guaranteed Charter Agreement directly from the operator confirming your flight schedule and aircraft registrations of the FAA Authorized Operator.

Private Jet Vegas

Celebrate with us, Wedding Ceremonies, Receptions, Celebrations of Life, Elope Packages, Birthdays & Anniversaries we are here to assist with the help of our Team Members, our in-house Wedding Consultant and the Magic Resorts on the Las Vegas Strip—minutes away from the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion.

Wedding Jets, awaiting your arrival.

For the ultimate wedding, take the Private Jet from your Hometown airport to the Vegas Strip–or take a Helicopter Charter with seating for 7 to the Grand Canyon, Red Rock, Bryce or Zion. The choice is yours! . You will be able to set you own schedule and fly to any of the National Parks from the Vegas Strip. Rest assured, each and every Ceremony is custom crafted for you–this includes our exclusive Elope Package which are a dream come true–Our in-house Wedding Consultant is here to assist and will help you with all the details–No request is too small.

Las Vegas, Wedding Capital of the World?

We are homebased on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor–our Private Jets are more affordable by 30%, plus you will be able to take a larger Jet to Party to and from Vegas or the Beaches in California, Hawaii or the Caribbean. We take care of all the details–you simply need to invite your guests. Make a smart move and share the costs for your Private Jet and Helicopter Charters—We help you with invitations which include photos of your Private Jet and Helicopter. Share your wishes!

With each quote you will be able to take advantage of Suite Upgrades at the Wynn, Bellagio and 4Seasons. Our travel team will be here to assist with all the rooms and group rates- details are fully detailed in your quotes. Enjoy Complimentary Breakfast services, special hotel group rates and much more.

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