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Las Vegas Private Jet flights

Private Jet Charters can be pricey. Let’s introduce you to a number of simple steps you can take to enjoy the luxury of a Private Jet Rental and fly from Private Jet Lounges. Without long lines and TSA checkpoints. Above all, we like you to save. Fly Private at 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. Fractional ownership is best compared with Timeshare in the air–this you should avoid unless you are a Golf Pro with big winnings or a Corporate Executive. Most of our clients fly Private Jet Rentals under 100-150 hours per year. If you are in the group, please read-on, you will appreciate the options we share. Make your Las Vegas Private Jet Rental affordable—read-on

Private Jet to Las Vegas Charter Costs

The newest jets are cost and fuel efficient, you will be amazed how much you can save and still enjoy the benefits and luxury of a Private Jet. Don’t overbuy on a bigger jet for trips under 2.5 hours. This includes flights from Bob Hope or John Wayne to the Vegas Strip or a daytrip to the Vineyards in Napa Valley or Santa Barbara. Others will fly to Phoenix via the Scottsdale Airport.

Over 70% of all Private Jet Charters (Jet Rentals) are under 1,500 miles. A typical flight is under 2,3 hours and operates with 2-3 passengers. The rates for the Very Light Jets range from $1,900 to $2,400 per hour.

The Hondajet has seating for 6 travelers- this plane has a spacious interior and has complimentary WIFI services. Ask us for a quote.
Honda Jet- 5 Seats Vegas Express Jet
Hondajet Interior designed by BMW, A Spacious cabin much preferred by Business Flyers. Take this jet to Napa Valley and play Golf at Pebble Beach via the Monterey CA Airport.

How much is my Private Jet to Vegas?

You’re invited to use our THREE CLICK system. All the work is done for you, save hours and days. Compare several aircraft side-by-side and view images of the aircraft interior and seating plans.  Details such as Bar Services, Entertainment and WIFI are included in your quote. Get your quote in total privacy, no need for Credit Cards or Personal information.

  • CLICK ONE:  Get your quote, share your flight schedule and number of seats you need.  Our system will connect with over 50 FAA Authorized Charter firms.  Each firm competes for your business.  We do all the work for you with our Leading Edge Search Technologies.
  • CLICK TWO:  View your quotes and photos of your aircraft options. Aircraft details, seating and catering services are submitted for your review. All Hourly Charter prices are detailed, plus taxes and fees.  You will be able to compare aircraft rentals and prices side-by-side. You now will be able to select a plane that meets all your requirements. (Full transparency no hidden fees or charges)
  • CLICK THREE:  Receive a e:mail message from the operator direct to you with a Guaranteed Quote and Flight Confirmations.  Simply follow the link in your message to proceed with your flight confirmation. If you wish- confirm and accept and submit your credit card to hold your reservation.  Optionally you may pay via a Bank Wire Check and save 4%. Your credit card is actually charged 24-72 hours before departure.

SUPPORT:  Contact our Airport desk at 702-336-7345.  Our Air Concierge Team will be here to provide you with Aircraft Options, Catering Request and special ground services.

Circa Las Vegas Summer Sales- Circa Las Vegas Midweek Specials from $300- for two nights. Fly to the Henderson Executive Airport for a Fast Trip to Downtown Las Vegas—

Private Jet Perks—you are the winner!

  1. Custom Crafted Vacation and Wedding Packages with visits to the Grand Canyon, Bryce or Zion with a Helicopter Charter or Private Car and guide.
  2. Wine Excursions for day or weekend trips to Napa Valley, Paso Robles or Santa Barbara
  3. Family packages for Disneyland via the John Wayne Airport.
  4. Our Team Members will be here to help you design any vacation journey. From a trip to the Maui Beach to a trip to Italy for a special family event.
  5. Midweek 2 night stay packages at the Circa from $300-, plus a great package with special offers- yours from Sunday night though midweek. Call, visit the Circa direct for your reservations.
  6. You will be delighted with the support of our Flight Planners, Travel Advisors and our in-house Wedding Consultant Joni–we are always available for a consultation. Please provide us with a good time and contact us.
  7. Call our Airport desk at 702-336-7345 for last minute flights or any questions you may have.

How a charter flight cost is determined

One of the things to look for is the hourly rate of the aircraft and the total flight time. You charges will include your trip plus the return time of the aircraft and crew back to base. You will be able to reduce you flight time in the following manner:

  • Simply make it a daytrip, leave in the morning and return late PM. Many small business travelers use a day trip to visit accounts, handle site inspections and meet with the team members off-site. Families use the daytrips for excursions to the Wineries and California Beaches.
  • Make it a one night stay–the aircraft and crew will overnight and take you back the next day.
  • Our Team Members will be here and introduce you to “One Ways” with special rates or “Open Legs” with price reductions from 30-60%. Consider this choice when you have a flexible schedule!
  • Take a moment to explore all the plane types and seating options. We make it easy since your quote includes aircraft photos of the interior. Take some time to explore the seating chart, availability of WIFI and Washrooms.
  • We are here to help you with Pet Travel and any special needs you may have—our Team Members will be here to address all your needs.

Private Jets and your journey

Over 95% of all our Private Jet flyers rate their Vegas Express Jet journey as Five Star Plus—our team members will take care of all your needs from the moment you ask us for a quote, until your arrival back at home. It’s the little things, your ability to make last minute changes. Or your special menu options from Pepper Steak to Hand Crafted Sandwiches. Our Partners at the Panera Bakery and Whole Foods Markets know how to prepare your dining options just-in-time for freshness and great taste. That’s why one of our Team Members is always at your Las Vegas departure to ensure that you are totally satisfied with the Crew and your Private Jet Charter.

Over half of our Las Vegas guests prefer a stay at the Wynn-Encore or the 4Seasons Las Vegas. We will be delighted to introduce you to the Casino Hosts, you will be able to enjoy the greatest Casino Experience and all the facilities at this fine resort.

For our Concierge Team, please call at 702-336-7345

Wynn-Encore Las Vegas


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Vegas Express Jet is a subsidiary of Vegas Express Jet LLC.  Vegas Express Jet is not a direct or indirect “Air Carrier”.  Vegas Express Jet is a Technology Private Jet portal which provides quotes and aircraft information for aircraft operated by FAR Part 135 and 121 Operators.  Fully transparent Charter Agreements are issued by the Charter Operators in accordance with DOT and FAA Requirements. Ground and Concierge Services Provided by RoyaltyTravelNV.  Registration TRUE #99901760

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