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Experience Luxury Flights with Jet Net Charter – Imagine a new way to Fly Private, total freedom to select your own schedule and aircraft. Full transparency and pricing. The information you need to make an informed decision. Guaranteed Pricing with no obligations or risks on your part. Jet Net Charter is here with solutions, and we won’t flood your inbox. Instant cost estimates at 702-336-7345.

Luxury Jets all types, Jet Net Charters

Welcome to the world of Jet Net Charter, where luxury flights take on a whole new meaning. We understand that flying is a deeply personal experience, and we invite you to embark on a journey that’s tailored to your preferences and desires. Our commitment is to provide you with not just a flight, but a seamless, safe, and efficient. Enjoy the Luxury Travel Experience with your own Private Jet.

  1. Fractional Ownership and Jet Cards: Fractional ownership and jet cards allow individuals or businesses to purchase a portion of an aircraft or pre-purchase a certain number of flight hours. This approach is traditionally followed. Best compared to timeshares in the air- major corporations who are moving away from aircraft ownerships may consider this option. It’s rarely a cost-efficient solution for a small business firm or induvial Luxury Travelers.
  2. Over 150 Jet Cards are in circulation. Each firm will establish the rules and regulations for booking transactions, availability and hourly fees. Typical up-front investments are based on charter hours. The pre-purchase of flight hours commences at $25,000 to $250,000. Some firms offer Jet cards with 6 hours. In exchange for availability and potentially lower charter costs the Card Holder must agree to follow pre-set rules for aircraft types, booking procedures and refund policies if any. The value of Jet Cards is highly problematic–50% of all card holders perceive the Jet Card as a benefit. Others have been disappointed. A number of firms have posted serious financial shortfalls like “Wheels Up” the firm received a major infusion of funds from Delta Airlines. The industry strongly agrees that Jet Card ownership is not a wise investment for traveler who fly private 100-150 hours per year.
  3. Jet Charter Marketplaces: Jet Net Charters online with new platforms and apps have emerged that connect private jet operators with potential customers. The owners of Jet cards and memberships with “Wheel Up” recently experienced the financial shortfalls at “Wheels Up” the firm simply could not cover the costs for flights hours and funds collected. The firm was bailed out at the last minute with a loan by Delta Airlines. Jet Net Charter will not ask you to make any up-front investments. You only pay for your charter hours and complete the transaction directly with the FAA Authorized Operator. No need to take any risks with on-demand-charters. You Charter Payment is due 24/72 hours before your flight.
  4. Empty Leg Flights: Empty leg flights occur when a private jet has to reposition itself to its next departure point without passengers. Operators often offer these flights at significantly reduced prices, making private jet travel more economical for those who can be flexible schedules. Travelers from Las Vegas to LA on a weekend trip may see Charter rate reductions up to 50%. Rates on a Citation M2 for a Friday- Sunday journey may now be at $6,000. With a 5seat jet the cost is now only $1,200 per person—a great price for a weekend at Disneyland or stay at Newport Beach.
  5. Membership Programs: Some brokers will encourage you to buy a membership in order to secure rate quotes and charter proposals. As a Luxury flyer with Jet Net Charter your quotes and services are free of charge. This includes your ability to have discussion with one of our flight planners. You deserve answers and solutions which address your needs. Discover what it’s like to secure the answers you need to make an intelligent decision.
  6. Shared/Private Shuttle Services: Similar to ride-sharing UBER or Lyft services, shared shuttle services allow passengers to share the cost of a private jet flight with others traveling on the same route. This approach brings down the cost per seat and makes private jet travel more accessible. Costs for “On Demand Charters” are 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. All Charters offered by Jet Net Charter are On Demand Charters, you only pay for the Charter Time- no hidden fees or charges.
  7. Technology and Efficiency: Our Flight Planners have direct access to the latest, leading-edge technologies. This includes the inventory of some 80 plus operators with hundreds of aircraft types. Your Flight Planner will be sharing a series of aircraft and charter options which detail the services and prices with each jet option. This will include the special concessions granted by the operator such as Catering, Free WIFI and Catering options. Expect a full disclosure in your charter proposal.
  8. New Market Entrants: The private aviation industry has seen the entry of new players offering innovative business models that aim to disrupt traditional pricing structures. These newcomers often focus on cost efficiency and streamlined operations. They are eager to sell costly jet cards, an option you should avoid.
  9. Evolving Consumer Preferences: Fractional Ownerships are no longer a consumer preference, the same applies to Jet cards which greatly limit your freedom of choice. Consumers who look for quality standards and personalized services continue to share concerns about late, poor services and lack of accurate proposals. Jet Net Charter invites you to talk to one of our Flight Planners to see if Jet Net Charter is right for you. No risks or obligations!
  10. Our research and customer feedback: Industry research confirms that the lack of transparency is a major customer concern. All Jet Net Charter Transaction fully detail all the costs for charter hours, taxes and fees. Beyond this, you will have the ability to compare the hourly charter costs for several aircraft types. The Charter Agreements are directly issued to you by the operator. All rates are fully Guaranteed with the Registration and Ownership of your Private Jet. For your safety, all operators are WYVERN, ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated.
  11. Extending an invitation to contact Jet Net Charter: You’re invited to reach us at 702-336-7345 for a casual discussion of your travel requirements. It will be our mission to understand your preferences and special needs you may have. Our Team Members are out up-front with the solutions that work for you and your budget. No request is too small!
Casino Jets with seating for up to 18 guests.

Jet Net Charter, the luxury flight experience.

Jet Operators are regulated by the FAA and Authorized to perform Private Jet Charters under Part 135 rules and regulations. Charter brokers are focused on the sale of private jets which may include the option for you to purchase jet cards and other services. Jet Net Charter is a Technology Jet Portal. For your protection all charter agreements are issued by the Operator Directly to you. Avoiding the Middleman is a safe and cost savings measure. No risks or obligations on you part–all transactions are fully transparent and risk free. Our Jet Operators provide the aircraft, Jet Net Charter makes the difference with a Team of Flight Planners and Air Concierges. We are the Consultants for the Aviation Industry.

Jet Net Charters, Luxury Flights

At Jet Net Charter, we believe that every traveler is unique. That’s why we’ve designed our services to be completely transparent, based on feedback and recommendations from our esteemed Private Jet Flyers. Our advanced technologies, including AI-driven systems and in-house Private Jet Charter solutions, ensure that every aspect of your journey is meticulously planned.


Unlike traditional commitments, Jet Net Charter offers you the freedom to fly without any up-front commitment. We value long-term partnerships and are dedicated to moving at your pace. With us, you’re not just a passenger; your part of a unique travel experience crafted exclusively for you.


Our Flight Planners are your advisors who will seek your preferences for your specific flight schedules and number of seats you require. Takes us up on an aircraft inspection before your flight. This applies to all Super Mid and Larger aircraft. Having experienced the aircraft prior to your departure provides you with peace of mind to ensure that you and your guests will be pleased with the interior, seating, dining and entertainment options. Let’s schedule a convenient time and place now. Please contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345


We- move- at- your- pace, anticipate a number of aircraft charter proposals which are based on your needs. We encourage you to consider the best options for your journey and budget requirements. We will never ask you to pay for membership fees.


Our Air Concierge Team will contact you to take care of all your ground transfer needs. Whenever permitted we will provide you with planeside boarding on the tarmac or assist with conference rooms at the FBO. A menu will be shared with you and your guests for longer flights. Optionally our Air Concierge Team will provide you with options for Fuit and Seafood Platters or hand-crafted sandwiches. 

On the day of your departure–one of our Team Members will be awaiting your arrival and call you to confirm that the aircraft and crew are awaiting your arrival. Our Team Members will have been on-board your plane to ensure that all catering supplies have been boarded. It will be perfect!

Commercial Air Seating C Class International

Compare First Class air with your own Private Jet

Comparing Private Jets to commercial airlines, the distinction is clear. Both offer luxury experiences, but only Private Jets provide unparalleled comfort, personalized service, and freedom from the hassles of traditional air travel. Say goodbye to long wait times, security queues, and baggage carousel stress. With Jet Net Charter, you’ll arrive at private lounges, experience quick check-ins, and enjoy immediate and secure baggage handling.


Full flexibility is key. You can determine your own schedule and choose to ad or remove passengers until the very last moment. Your dining options are tailored to your needs and your guests. Our Air Concierge Team will be contacting you to order whatever choices you may have. Commercial airlines may require you to arrive two to three hours before departure. Arriving just in time for your private jet is one of the major jet benefits allowing you have more time for your business or vacation time.

Net Jet Charter, Pricing

Discover cost-effective solutions with Jet Net Charter. We provide detailed cost comparisons between First Class Air and Private Jets. While First Class may suit individual passengers, Private Jet costs are based on hourly charter rates. For smaller groups, the use of an entire aircraft can lead to significant cost savings, reducing travel expenses, overnight stays, and payroll costs. We also offer exclusive cost-saving opportunities through One Ways and Open Legs, with potential savings ranging from 30% to 60%. Whenever viable we will update you on SAF fuels (Bio Fuels) and options. 

Net Jet Charter, Jet Costs

Cabin Large Jet with seating for 12 guests. Jet Net Charters

Experience the Jet Net Charter process firsthand:

  1. Discuss Budget and Preferences: Collaborate with our Flight Planners to find the perfect aircraft based on your preferences and budget.
  2. Receive Aircraft Options: Get a range of aircraft options with details such as seating, amenities, and services, all tailored to your needs.
  3. Complete Concierge Services: Our Air Concierge Team will manage ground transportation, lounges, and even conference room arrangements.
  4. Easy Payment and Communication: Make secure payments via credit card or bank wire. Receive a comprehensive flight ticket with crew information, tracking details, and contact information for assistance.

Jet Net Charter comparing the difference between a Private Jet and a commercial airline.

Both are considered the ultimate luxury experience. You enjoy comfortable seating and personalized seating. You can’t avoid the stress of the airport and sometimes long waiting times at the gate, queues for security and waiting times at the baggage carousel.  Flying Private will take you to and from a FBO (Fixed Based operator) with a private lounge. A typical check-in for a commercial flight ranges from 2-3 hours. For a Private flight your arrival is minutes before you board—or your car delivers you planeside on the Tarmac.  You could be on your way to one of the Vegas Resorts like the Wynn in minutes. Discover the luxury experience with Jet Net Charter. 

Gulfstream Jet Jet Net Charter
Gulfstream 14 Seat Aircraft Jet Net Charter



01. Discus Budged & Preferences for preferences. Together with our Flight Planners, we will help you identify the most suitable aircraft based on your personal preferences and budget. We will be here to schedule a time for a phone call. No worries, we do not sell Jet Cards or any other type of services. Get to know us.

02. Providing you with aircraft options and pricing. Expect a series of aircraft options arriving at your mailbox. This includes details such as seating charts, WIFI, Catering and Bar Services. We will consider your needs for Pet Travel and baggage requirements. 

03. Our Air Concierge group will address your ground transportation and close-by Airport Lounges. You may need a conference room before or after your flight. Whenever possible we will have your car and driver take you planeside upon arrival and departure. We will update you on catering options and offer you a wide range of healthy choices. 

04. Your charter payment is due 24/48 hours prior to flight departure–use your Credit Card–optionally feel free to pay via a Bank Wire. Your flight ticket is issued with all the names of you and your guests. It includes the address and phone contact information of your Airport Lounges. Names of the Crew Officers and phone numbers.  Plus, tracking information, you can share with family and friends. Just-in-case you need to make last minute changes our Team Members will be here to assist. 


Introducing you to the aircraft most requested, we compiled a short list of the most requested aircraft. In the meantime, hundreds of aircraft are available:


Aircraft TypeSeatingRangeCruise SpeedBaggageVisit Here
Challengers 604123400nm520mph115cu.ftdetails
Phenom 30072010nm458mph84cu.ftdetails
Hondajet Elite61223nm422mph57cu.ftdetails
Citation M26694nm465mph46cu.ftdetails
Pilatus PC 246-81525nm505mph90cu.ftdetails
More options, please ask your Flight Planner at Jet Net Charter.

Aircraft options with Jet Net Charter

Bombardier XR Light Jet, Pilatus PC 12 Turbo with all in prices from$2,500 per hour. Hawker 800,Gufstream 200,Gulfstream IV and Gulfstream 650 Heavy Jet for flights to Europe, Hong Kong and Japan. Expect fully detailed quotes and flight options with Visa Requirements and Transfers. 

Custom Crafted Menu options. Our Air Concierge Team is here to assist.

Your Luxury Travel Experience by Private Jet

We understand you, we know that a private plane is very personal. A flight experience includes peace-of-mind and an opportunity to relax and anticipate your events at your destination. Starting a relationship with any of team members does not require you to share any personal information or make any up-front commitments. All of our Team Members will be here to share their expertise as Certified Jet Experts who will anticipate all your needs. With a wide variety of options we will never hesitate to introduce you to some very options. This may include the availability of open legs or special one way rates.

About Jet Net Charter

A better take-off with a soft landing for Luxury Travelers who are searching for Private Jet Rentals or Leases. Jet Net Charters partners with 80 Plus Jet Operators and is a Vegas Express Jet technology portal. Jet Net Charter is focused on personalized services for Luxury Travelers who expect the highest standards in customer services on the ground and in the air. You are invited to visit us at Fly Private Vegas.

Global Jet for Inter- Continental Flights. Please ask us for details at 702-336-7345.

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