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JetNetCharters, A Private Jet Store, Opening Soon

JetNetCharters, A Private Jet Store, Opening Soon

WWW.JETNETCHARTERS, a store is being build to make a the Charter Booking simple and straightforward.

Jet Net Charters is building a website which provides you with an open store for Private Jets and Rentals. It will help you select the Aircraft which is best choice and option for your next flight.

Understand the site is under construction with product details and forms which require fixes! Be safe and ask us for quotes.

Private Jet and hourly charter prices will be displayed with a wide range of Rental options. You will be able to fly to over 4,000 airports and determine the costs for different jets. You will save long road trips and have more time for your business meetings —or time on the beach with your family.

Chartering a Private Jet will be fast and convenient with detailed costs and the information you need to Click, Reserve and Pay for your Private Jet

How much is a Private Jet Charter or Rental, Jet Net Charters provides you with quotes you understand:

  • Full information and details on your aircraft options. Photos of seating and aircraft- interior- exterior with seating plan
  • Your flight schedule from your city to your destination with flight times, departures and arrivals in local time.
  • How much you will pay for the Charter Hours, Landing Fees, Fuel fees and handling fees. Your quote contains all the details. All Charters within the USA are subject to a 7.5% tax. Additionally you will notice a $4.10 fee per traveler for segment costs.
  • Chartering a Private Jet will be fully transparent since you will be able to compare costs and overlay this on several aircraft options. Compare a Light Jet with a Twin Turbo.
  • All Charter quotes include a 4% cash discount rate—you pay the operator direct via Bank Wire. If so desired pay via Credit Card, a upcharge will apply for Bank Charges.

Comparing quotes from Charter Operators and Brokers.  Make certain that your quote is guaranteed —and that your aircraft is available at the time you travel ask for a Charter Contract. Jet Net Charters will provide you with the option to pay the Operator Direct. Avoiding middleman saves you costs and time. Your rates as shown on your Charter Agreement are firm, rates you can trust.

Chartered flights with Jet Net Charters (https://www.jetnetcharters) will be a cost saver. No need to pre-purchase pricey Jet Cards–or buy annual memberships to reduce the cost of your Private Jet Charter- Rental. Please contact us at P. (1) 702-805-8877 for a Jet Net Charter quote.


Jet Net Charters, Luxury Jets at Affordable Prices with Airport Departures from Private Airport Lounges, Signature, Atlantic, Las Vegas Strip, Henderson Executive and Van Nuys, John Wayne Airports. Airport desk at P (1) 702-805-8877.

Admin: 5132 Tennis Ct Street E, Las Vegas NV 89120-1333 USA, our Strip Corridor Location

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